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Judicial Watch • Fed Judge Embroiled In Stripper, Drug Scandal

Fed Judge Embroiled In Stripper, Drug Scandal

Fed Judge Embroiled In Stripper, Drug Scandal

OCTOBER 05, 2010

A veteran federal judge known for handing down tough sentences has been arrested for engaging in a wild drug and sex escapade with an exotic dancer he met as a patron at a strip club.

The Reagan-appointed judge, 67-year-old Jack T. Camp, looks more like a loving grandpa with round glasses, thinning white hair and a warm smile. For more than two decades he has presided over cases in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, where he was chief judge before retiring last year to hear cases as a senior judge.

It turns out that the respected jurist’s extracurricular activities have kept him quite busy away from the courtroom. Judge Camp, who is married, likes to party hard with illicit drugs and hookers, according to an FBI affidavit linked by the Atlanta newspaper that first reported the scandal.

The salacious 10-page affidavit says Camp bought cocaine, marijuana and prescription painkillers and shared them with his stripper girlfriend. The judge met the exotic dancer last spring during a lap dance at an Atlanta nude bar called Goldrush Showbar. He returned the following night and purchased another dance and sex then began a relationship with the stripper, according to the feds.

Sometimes Camp bought drugs from his exotic dancer gal pal and other times he would accompany her to purchase them from dealers. The judge, a Vietnam veteran, often packed a semi-automatic handgun to protect himself and his girlfriend during the deals.

Camp got busted because the stripper girlfriend became an FBI informant who provided most of the juicy details for the arrest affidavit. He was freed on a $50,000 bond this week and his defense attorney compares the case to a “Shakespearean tragedy” because Camp is a well-read man who sometimes quoted the famous English poet and playwright from the bench.


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