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Govt. Says Credit Checks Are Racially Discriminatory

  Bragging that it’s filed a record number of workplace lawsuits on behalf of minorities this year, the Obama Administration is suing a private company for discriminating against certain racial and ethnic groups by checking the credit history of job applicants. The practice is unlawful and violates a decades-old civil…

Ethics Comm. Chair Derails Probe To Help Maxine Waters

  A few weeks after the House Ethics Committee mysteriously and abruptly cancelled its high-profile trial of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, evidence has surfaced to indicate that the panel’s chairwoman has been unscrupulously steering the investigation to help her fellow California Democrat. Ethics Committee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren has indefinitely suspended

Border Officials Let Millions Enter U.S. Without Proper ID

  While the Obama Administration is busy controlling the American diet and bringing “environmental justice” to the inner city, it’s failing miserably to protect the nation from terrorists by allowing millions of travelers to enter the U.S. without proper identification. For more than a year and a half, the Homeland…

Congress Approves Private Bill To Help Illegal Immigrant

  A rare private bill recently approved by the United States Congress will allow an illegal immigrant living in southern California to remain in the country and become a permanent resident. The secret law on behalf of one individual appears to be a growing trend among some pro-amnesty Democrats who…

TSA Misses Guns, Bombs In Tests

  While the government agency responsible for securing the nation’s transportation system harasses honest citizens with invasive, genital-groping personal searches, guns and bombs regularly get past inept Homeland Security screeners. At major airports throughout the United States undercover agents have slipped a shocking number of weapons through security

U.S. Ignores Serious Threats Along Northern Border

While the U.S. failure to secure the Mexican border is a perpetual headliner, serious national security issues also prevail along the northern border and some of the alarming details are featured in a new government report that’s been redacted to avoid disclosing sensitive information. It says that the U.S. Border…

Feds Take Over School Bake Sales

The far-reaching tentacles of the bloated U.S. government will control a cherished public school fundraiser—the bake sale—under Michelle Obama’s precious new law to combat childhood obesity. Signed this week by her husband, the $4.5 billion measure (The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act) is expected to revolutionize the inner-city diet by providing…

Obama’s Stimulus Funds Dinosaur Egg Study In China

Just a few months after coming under fire for dropping $700,000 to produce a play about climate change, the federal agency that funds science and research is in hot water for allocating a substantial chunk of stimulus money to study dinosaur eggs in China. While this may sound like a…

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