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Lobbyists Keep Chemical Off Fed Hazard List

A household chemical banned in several states after hundreds of scientific studies deemed it unsafe has been kept off a federal agency’s hazard list by powerful lobbyists who swayed Obama Administration officials to keep quiet about its dangers.  Used to make hard, clear plastic Bisphenol A (widely known as BPA)…

NASA To Focus On Muslim Outreach

A few weeks after killing the U.S.A.’s world-famous moon-mission program, President Obama has ordered the space agency that operates it to focus on reaching out to Muslim countries. Indeed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) mission will shift from space exploration to Muslim diplomacy, as per the commander-in-chief’s orders.…

News Flash: Report Says Marion Barry Is Corrupt

In the latest of numerous legal problems for one of the nation’s most corrupt politicians, investigators have determined that the District of Columbia’s renowned crack head mayor—now a councilman—illegally steered a bogus $15,000 city contract to his girlfriend and took a cut for himself.  If only this didn’t involve Marion…

Ariz. Sen. Passes Bill Outlawing Sanctuary Cities

Fed up lawmakers in a Mexican border state plagued with huge numbers of illegal immigrants are increasingly taking matters into their own hands by passing laws to control the crisis long neglected by the federal government. Weeks after an Arizona State House panel approved a pair of measures intended to…

All-Dem House Caucus Makes Millions Selling Influence

The all-Democrat Congressional Black Caucus is a shady enterprise that skirts federal fundraising laws by using unregulated “charities” and “nonprofits” to raise tens of millions of dollars from corporations and industries seeking to influence members.  Extremely powerful and influential, the congressional caucus is a fund-raising juggernaut that essentially sells

Iowa Law To Reward Illegal Immigrants

A Midwest state that saw hundreds of illegal immigrants arrested in the nation’s largest workplace raids wants to offer undocumented aliens a precious taxpayer-financed benefit by passing a controversial law previously defeated in its legislature. A bill in the Iowa House (Iowa Opportunities and Workforce Act) aims to give illegal…

Harry Reid’s Latest Tantrum Targets Fed Judges, ABA

Federal courts need more judges without bench experience since those currently serving view themselves as people “who walk around in these robes in these fancy chambers,” according to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  The solution, according to the embattled Democrat who is seeking a fifth term, is to “get…

DHS Admits Improper Scrutiny Of Abortion Foes

The Department of Homeland Security has admitted that it inappropriately investigated Wisconsin pro-life groups that the Obama Administration had previously determined were likely to engage in extremism or terrorism.  The unwarranted federal probe was simply part of the administration’s leftwing agenda to pursue conservative organizations that oppose abortion and

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