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Dem Donor Gets $25 Million No-Bid Govt. Contract

Although President Obama has repeatedly vowed to end the unscrupulous practice of awarding no-bid government contracts to politically-connected firms, his administration has just given a multi million-dollar sweetheart deal to a Democratic donor without considering competitive bids.  The $25 million federal contract for work in Afghanistan was awarded a

Lawmaker’s Public Actions Enrich Law Firm Clients

In a public corruption scandal that has spanned decades, the most influential politician in Illinois—House Speaker Michael Madigan—has made a fortune by using his legislative clout to financially benefit his private clients at one of Chicago’s most successful property tax law firms. The veteran Democrat lawmaker has enriched clients of…

Top ICE Official Defends Ariz. Immigration Sweeps

Amid a Justice Department racial profiling investigation and colossal protests by Latino rights advocates, a top Obama immigration official is defending an Arizona program that once allowed a county sheriff to arrest illegal aliens. The immigration sweeps, conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, have apprehended dozens of illegal immigrants…

Intel Chief’s Ignorance Displayed In Senate Hearing

In yet another indicator that incompetents are handling national security, the U.S. government’s top intelligence official told a senate panel that the Al Qaeda operative who recently tried to blow up a passenger jet should have been questioned by a special interrogation unit that doesn’t even exist. If this sounds…

Hillary Clinton Welcomes Banned Islamic Radicals

In an effort to pursue a better relationship with Muslim communities, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed special orders to allow the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties have for years banned them from the United States. Clinton chose to exercise her exemption authority as the…

Court Favors U.S. In Muslim Scientist Firing

In a victory for national security, a federal appellate court has ruled that the U.S. government had the right to fire a Muslim nuclear physicist who designed military warships and doubled as an Imam denouncing America’s war against Middle Eastern terrorism. The Egyptian-born physicist (Abdel Moniem Ali El-Ganayni) worked for…

Guatemala Blasts U.S. For Deporting Its Nationals

The government of Guatemala has publicly accused U.S. immigration officials of violating basic diplomatic protocols for deporting three of its nationals living illegally in south Florida.  In an official public protest, the impoverished Central American country claims that the U.S. government improperly disrupted its dealings with Guatemalan citizens living

American Ex-Convicts Join Al Qaeda In Yemen

While the Obama Administration insists that the nation is not engaged in a war on terror, dozens of American convicts who converted to Islam in prison have joined Al Qaeda in Yemen in the last year, indicating that Muslim extremism is stronger than ever on U.S. soil. Weeks after counterterrorism…

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