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Military To Monitor “Self-Radicalized” Personnel

In an earth-shattering revelation, a Defense Department investigation into the Ft. Hood massacre has concluded that U.S. military facilities must protect from internal threats and better monitor “self-radicalized” enlisted personnel. The in-depth probe also warns that protection measures focused solely on external threats are no longer sufficient to keep

Court Says Taxpayers Must Keep Financing Illegal Aliens’ Education

States cannot be prevented from giving illegal immigrants public benefits that aren’t extended to all American citizens, according to a California Supreme Court ruling that’s likely to have nationwide impact. The case involves discounted tuition at public colleges and universities in the Golden State. For eight years illegal immigrants have…

Bribe Flushed, Stuffed In Bra

In a desperate and somewhat creative effort to conceal their crimes, a husband-and-wife team of elected officials in Maryland flushed a $100,000 bribe down the toilet and hid nearly $80,000 in cash in underwear. The story brings to mind the scandal of a veteran Louisiana congressman (William Jefferson) nicknamed “Dollar…

Public School Bans U.S. Flag To Avoid “Racial Tension”

  A public middle school student in central California was forced to take an American flag off his bike because administrators feared Old Glory would ignite “racial tension”among Hispanic students. The enraging violation of the teenager’s First Amendment right took place this week in Stanislaus County’s Denair Unified School District,…

Sanctuary City May Recognize Mexican IDs

  As local governments across the U.S. find ways to battle illegal immigration, a North Carolina city is working to help undocumented aliens by becoming the nation’s first to accept an easily forged Mexican card as a legal form of identification. The controversial “Matricula Consular” cards have been around for…

Obama’s 21st Century International Migration Policy

The Obama State Department official responsible for admitting third-world refugees into the U.S. has delivered his boss’s International Migration Policy for the 21st Century and it largely focuses on “human rights diplomacy,” protecting “vulnerable migrants” and a “common sense” immigration reform. The administration will also focus on “respecting the

N.Y. Mayor’s Salt War Costs Taxpayers $370k

The big-city mayor who wants government to control the American diet has launched a widespread anti-salt campaign that’s costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s simply New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest effort to dictate what the public should consume. The millionaire mayor, a self-professed salt and junk-food lover…

Women’s Rights Judge Blocks Oklahoma’s Shariah Ban

A federal judge who as a senator took pride in sponsoring women’s rights legislation has blocked a voter-approved measure banning Shariah law—which calls for the beating and murder of women who don’t comply with its oppressive mandates—from Oklahoma courtrooms. Earlier this month voters in the Sooner State overwhelmingly approved (by…

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