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Judicial Watch • Congress May Finally Cut U.N. Funding

Congress May Finally Cut U.N. Funding

Congress May Finally Cut U.N. Funding

Judicial Watch

It seemed as if the day would never come, but U.S. lawmakers are finally working to slash the billions of taxpayer dollars sent annually to the famously corrupt and severely managed United Nations.As the U.N.’s top donor, Uncle Sam has for years provided a huge chunk of its operating budget and funded many of its laughable, multi million-dollar “peacekeeping” and “human rights” projects. Just last year the U.S. gave the scandal-plagued world body $517 million for its “operating budget” and $2.68 billion for peacekeeping, more than any other nation.The cash has poured in over the years despite rampant fraud and abuse within the organization that was founded six decades ago to supposedly maintain international peace and security. Several high-ranking U.N. officials have been criminally convicted for bribery and fraud and more than a dozen others have been exposed for soliciting bribes and rigging bids in the last few years alone.Among the biggest U.N. scandals is the $64 billion oil-for-food program that allowedIraq to sell oil through the U.N. so that the proceeds could be used to purchase “humanitarian” goods for the Iraqi people. Instead, thousands of companies paid Saddam Hussein illegal surcharges and kickbacks as U.N. officials stood by.The U.N.’s so-called Human Rights Council (HRC) is also a huge joke since its best known for the oppressive regimes that comprise it. Among them are the world’s worst human rights violators, including Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, China andRussia.No wonder the new head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Florida’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, says funding the HRC is a waste of taxpayer dollars. A few weeks ago she referred to the U.N. as a monster and beast, which is why she’s leading the effort to slash its funding. Her committee will hold a hearing today to begin the process, which the veteran lawmaker hopes will ensure that “U.S. taxpayer dollars are being well-spent” and “advancing our nation’s interests.”Predicting that the gravy train is about to end for the U.N., one national newspaper asks what the U.S. gets in return for the billions it pays to an ever-more bloated, corrupt, insolent bureaucracy carrying on as it always has, stuck in an entitlement mentality.

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