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Judicial Watch • Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Blown On Failed Clean Energy Co.

Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Blown On Failed Clean Energy Co.

Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Blown On Failed Clean Energy Co.

Judicial Watch

A “clean energy” company that got nearly $60 million in taxpayer money from a governor famous for his costly leftwing policies is closing shop and laying off hundreds of workers.The scandalous deal was sealed a few years ago by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who promoted it as essential to the state’s economic future in clean energy. Patrick also assured that the doomed multi million-dollar accord would help the state become a hub for the emerging clean energy industry, according to a Bostonnewspaper report.Instead it milked taxpayers to the tune of $58 million and contributed further to the already-high unemployment rate with the layoff of 800 local workers. The company, Evergreen Solar Inc., claims it’s “no longer economically feasible” to operate inMassachusetts but it will keep plants in Michigan and China. The company lost $54 million in the first nine months of 2010 and accumulated a deficit of more than $630 million since it opened in 1994.Massachusetts taxpayers should be outraged that their money would go to such a company in the first place. Patrick, who was in charge of civil rights in Bill Clinton’s Justice Department, actually offered Evergreen more than $76 million but the company only took $58 million which came largely in the form of grants, tax incentives and loans.Asked by a local newspaper columnist if was a mistake to bet millions on the unstable firm, Patrick said “no, no” and pointed out that he’s “delighted” the state had hundreds of jobs while Evergreen’s plant was open. He went on to dismiss the severity of the scandal by saying; “I think we did what we could have and should have.”Recently elected to a second term, Patrick has come under fire for many of his wasteful liberal policies, including spending $430,000 to give welfare recipients free cars as an incentive to find work. He also created a special council to help illegal immigrants integrate into society by offering them discounted tuition at public colleges and universities, state services, housing assistance and driver’s licenses. Deval also backed a law to protect convicted criminals by concealing their records from potential employers and landlords.

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