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Judicial Watch • Global Warming Will Make Food “Dangerous”

Global Warming Will Make Food “Dangerous”

Global Warming Will Make Food “Dangerous”

Judicial Watch

In the latest government alert on the ills of global warming, a group of esteemed scientists from several public universities warn that climate change will make food “dangerous” and add to the malnourishment of millions worldwide.The determination comes on the heels of two separate government evaluations revealing that global warming causes mental illness and cancer as well as national security threats by spreading disease among people and animals.Published last spring, the mental illness/cancer report says global warming is one of the “most visible environmental concerns of the 21st century.” Scientists from several agencies—including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State Department and National Institute of Environmental Health Science—determined that “higher ambient temperatures” caused by global warming will increase cancer rates and catastrophic natural disasters as the world warms will create stress and anxiety that lead to mental illness.Last month intelligence and health officials asserted that climate change willthreaten national security by spreading disease among people and animals. Because governments worldwide aren’t prepared for the outbreaks, they will develop into national security threats that can destabilize developing nations as well as the U.S.economy and military.If those alerts didn’t seem wacky enough, take a look at this week’s climate change warning du jour. Researchers at renowned taxpayer-funded universities—including Michigan State and the University of California Los Angeles—say the American diet will forever be altered, and not in a good way. What we eat will, not only be “more dangerous,” it will also be more expensive.That’s because global warming will provoke increased levels of food contamination from chemicals and “fungal pathogens” as well as diseases like cholera and shellfish poisoning. Some foods will become scarce, prices will increase and civil unrest will ensue, according to the scientists who presented their case at a Washington D.C.gathering this month.As an example they offered a story involving lettuce linked to 56 cases of salmonella poisoning. Farmers in Spain used untreated water for irrigation because a drought restricted their access to clean water. Here is where the global warming part comes in. The drought was likely produced by climate change, according to the scientists.

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