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Judicial Watch • Islamic Rights Promoted At CPAC

Islamic Rights Promoted At CPAC

Islamic Rights Promoted At CPAC

Judicial Watch

A panel sponsored by sympathizers of a radical Islamic group that advocates terrorism against the west was among the more interesting events at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday in Washington D.C.It stood out because the annual gathering is a sort of powwow for conservative issues and figures, including many high-profile Republicans seeking the presidency. Among this year’s participants are 2012 hopefuls Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Haley Barbour and Tim Pawlenty.More on that later. In an afternoon seminar, Muslim Brotherhood supporters and sympathizers promoted Islamic tolerance in a two-hour event called “The Importance of Faith and Religious Liberty.” The Muslim Brotherhood is an influential group that advocates terrorism against Israel and the west and is known as the parent organization of Hamas and Al Qaeda. Just last fall a bipartisan group of military, terrorism and national security experts determined theMuslim Brotherhood presents a threat to the nation’s security.       Yet there it was at the nation’s largest gathering of conservatives. The session wassponsored by Muslims for America, which advocated building the Ground Zero mosque in New York. The religious liberty panel’s moderator, Suhail Khan, is a controversial figure with connections to Middle Eastern radicals. In fact, Khan received an award from an Al-Qaeda operative (Abdurahman Alamoudi) and the event was recorded in a video.Khan snapped back every time a conference attendee challenged him on the connection between Islam and terrorism, assuring that “Islam is a religion of peace.” He chastised one man for referring to Muslims as “them” and Americans as “us” and refused to enter into details about his ties to terrorists.In nearby ballrooms, top Republicans delivered passionate speeches that pumped up the estimated 11,000 attending the three-day event. Romney, who created a disastrous state health insurance system as Massachusetts governor, took the podium in the morning, delivering a witty speech littered with jokes mostly aimed at President Obama. Hours later Pawlenty, Minnesota’s former governor, took the stage with a few good lines of his own, also directed at the commander-in-chief.The conference concludes Saturday with a closing speech by Florida’s newly elected congressman, Allen West. Judicial Watch will host two panels in the morning focusing on government transparency.

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