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Judicial Watch • Obamacare Defense Initiative Secretly Funded

Obamacare Defense Initiative Secretly Funded

Obamacare Defense Initiative Secretly Funded

Judicial Watch

A top Democratic adviser convicted in a major political scandal as a legislative aide will help lead a new initiative to defend President Obama’s highly unpopular healthcare overhaul.Despite her shady past, the consultant (Tanya Bjork) was hired by Obama to head his 2008 presidential campaign in Wisconsin. Now she’ll join forces with another one of the president’s top campaign strategists (Paul Tewes) to fend off Republican criticism of Obamacare through the 2012 elections.Although the president has filled many sound bites chastising special-interest money in politics, funding for the new group is being kept secret. It’s fair to assume however, that the payroll will be quite exorbitant considering the players involved in the new Obamacare defense initiative are high-profile Democratic “political consultants” who command big bucks for their work.Organizers assure they’ll operate independently of the White House and Democrats in Congress, though they acknowledge that they will “be in communication with them.” This may be difficult to swallow considering the cause and who’s running the momentous new enterprise, which is expected to be headquartered a stone’s throw from the Oval Office.The healthcare law defense initiative will be largely headed by Tewes, a key figure in Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and the man credited with his shocking Iowa Caucus victory. In fact, Tewes is touted by his Washington D.C. consulting firm (New Partners) as the guy who launched “Obama’s historic campaign” by building the “largest grassroots organization in caucus history.”Bjork is also expected to be an important player Obamacare’s defense, despite her corrupt past which has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media. In 2005 she was convicted for her role in the largest political scandal in Wisconsin history. As chief of staff to a state senator from Milwaukee, Bjork altered records and illegally solicited campaign funds in the capitol. The senator, Brian Burke, eventually got convicted as part of a widespread investigation into the illegal use of taxpayer resources for political campaigning.After working on Obama’s presidential campaign Wisconsin’s former governor, Democrat Jim Doyle, awarded Bjork with a six-figure job to lead the state’s federal lobbying effort. The move ignited fury among government watchdog groups that claimed corruption was still prevalent in state politics.

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