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Judicial Watch • Obama’s Czars In Trouble

Obama’s Czars In Trouble

Obama’s Czars In Trouble

Judicial Watch

President Obama’s unconstitutional czar-fest may come to a screeching halt now that the U.S. House has voted to block funding for the officials—many of them radical leftists—he assigned to run government without congressional approval.In all, the president has appointed 41 czars who have enormous power to regulate and control the American economy and government without any sort of oversight. The czars answer only to the president even though they manage crucial areas of national policy and that violates the constitutional system of checks and balances and its separation of powers, according to the longest serving U.S. Senator in history (Democrat Robert Byrd).Before passing away last summer Byrd, a nine-term senator who twice chaired the powerful Appropriations Committee, blasted the president’s czar appointments as unconstitutional and a clear attempt to evade congressional oversight. He referred to Obama’s “czar strategy” as an unprecedented power grab centralizing authority in the White House.Obama has appointed czars to oversee everything from healthcare to energy, science, terrorism, education, diversity, AIDS, Medicare, technology and cyberspace, among others. The president even assigned the family’s personal cook from Chicago (Sam Kass) to be Health Foods Czar. The Windy City gourmet chef’s official title is actually “Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives.”Judicial Watch has been a frontrunner in probing Obama’s czars and has requested public records on all of them in an effort to reveal their actual mission and how much taxpayer money and government personnel they have at their disposal. As part of the ongoing investigation, last fall Judicial Watch uncovered U.S. Treasury Department documents that revealed “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg got a six-figure salary to establish executive compensation at bailed out companies even though the administration said Feinberg was performing his duties for free.Czar compensation is a big issue because the House amendment (Sunset All Czars Act) that passed Thursday night defunds their offices and, as we all know, none of them are working pro bono. The measure passed 249-179 with the support of 13 Democrats. The Louisiana Republican who introduced it says its time to end Obama’s practice of creating a “shadow government” run by officials with cabinet-level powers who circumvent the accountability and scrutiny that comes with Senate confirmation required by the Constitution.

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