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Judicial Watch • U.S. To Give Arab-Based Renewable Energy Agency $5 Mil

U.S. To Give Arab-Based Renewable Energy Agency $5 Mil

U.S. To Give Arab-Based Renewable Energy Agency $5 Mil

Judicial Watch

As if wasting exorbitant amounts of money to support the corrupt United Nations wasn’t bad enough, President Obama has joined a new Arab-based “international organization” dedicated to promoting renewable energy worldwide.That means U.S. taxpayers will supply a big chunk of the group’s funding in addition to the billions of dollars that already go to the U.N. each year for programs that, incidentally, already address renewable energy. As the largest contributors to the U.N., American taxpayers forked over $6.3 billion last year and billions more will be allocated this fiscal year, despite promises from some lawmakers to slash the cash flow to the scandal-plagued world body.With the U.S. national debt topping $14 trillion the last thing the country needs is a costly membership to yet another world agency promoting a leftist agenda. Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, the new International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will get a chunk of change from Uncle Sam—around $5 million—to promote renewable energy technologies that meet the challenges of sustained economic growth, energy security and climate change. At least that’s how the State Department explains it.The Obama Administration is especially excited that IRENA is the “first truly international organization based in an Arab country.” With its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the group claims that it will act as the “global voice for renewable energies” by facilitating access to all relevant renewable energy information, economic data and “renewable resource potential data.” So far 65 countries have officially joined IRENA, which also has offices in Austria and Germany.Two big events are coming up in April at the group’s headquarters; the “First Session of the Assembly” and the “Fifth Session of the Preparatory Commission.”Those who may wonder what exactly happens at these very important gatherings should be able to get an idea by clicking on the agenda, but it’s not quite ready yet and simply says “coming soon.” Maybe they’re just making it up as they go along. Travel and hotel information for “delegates” who plan to attend the powwow are up and running, however.

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