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Judicial Watch • $1 Billion Obamacare Initiative Will “Keep Patients Safe”

$1 Billion Obamacare Initiative Will “Keep Patients Safe”

$1 Billion Obamacare Initiative Will “Keep Patients Safe”

Judicial Watch

Among the more clever provisions of President Obama’s healthcare overhaul is a billion-dollar initiative the administration guarantees will “save lives” by putting an end to “millions of preventable injuries and complications in patient care.” This, in turn, will improve care and lower costs.How exactly will this be accomplished? The administration isn’t offering those sorts of details, but this week it proudly announced that it has allocated the first half—$500 million—of the funding for the innovative project (Partnership for Patients) that will end up saving $50 billion in healthcare costs, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.The taxpayer dollars will be distributed through the Community Based Care Transitions Program (CCTP), a quasi agency created to help execute Obama’s hostile takeover of the nation’s healthcare system. The other $500 million will go directly to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Innovation Center. Both chunks of cash will be used to accomplish the same goals, according to Obama’s Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.“Americans go the hospital to get well, but millions of patients are injured because of preventable complications and accidents,” Sebelius said in a press release announcing Partnership for Patients this week. “Working closely with hospitals, doctors, nurses, patients, families and employers, we will support efforts to help keep patients safe, improve care, and reduce costs. Working together, we can help eliminate preventable harm to patients.”Around 60,000 lives will be saved by stopping millions of preventable injuries and complications in patient care, she said. The money will keep hospital patients from getting “injured or sicker” and help patients heal “without complication.” Already more than 500 hospitals as well as doctors and nurses groups and even employers and consumer groups have pledged their commitment to the new initiative, the Health Department points out.After reading the government’s lengthy announcement, it’s still quite difficult to grasp what exactly this costly program will do and how it will accomplish its rather vague goals. What is crystal clear from reading the Health Department’s information packet is that it will cost U.S.taxpayers a huge chunk of change, $1 billion.

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