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Judicial Watch • Obama DOE: America’s Progress Depends On Latinos

Obama DOE: America’s Progress Depends On Latinos

Obama DOE: America’s Progress Depends On Latinos

Judicial Watch

America’s progress is “impossible” if Hispanics keep lagging in education because their success is of “immediate and long term importance” to the U.S. economy, according to a new Obama Administration report that vows to enhance opportunities for the “Latino community.”Published this week by the Department of Education, the enlightening document (Winning the Future; Improving Education for the Latino Community) says that the success of Hispanics in education and in the labor market is crucial to the nation’s economy. The information comes as the president launches a full-throttle campaign pandering to immigrants and their liberal advocates. It was also conveniently released to coincide with Obama’s junior college commencement speech today in Miami Florida, which has an immense Hispanic population that includes many illegal immigrants.Tragically, Hispanics have the lowest education attainment level of any group in the country, which means that the nation’s economy is at stake if you believe the Obama Administration’s argument. That’s because Hispanics face “persistent obstacles to educational attainment.” Those include low enrollment in early learning programs, dismal high school graduation rates and the fact that few Hispanics complete graduate or professional degree programs.This is unacceptable since Latinos (the report uses Hispanics and Latinos interchangeably) are by far the largest minority group in the American public education system, according to the DOE. More than 12.4 million Hispanics are enrolled in U.S. elementary, middle and highs schools, which accounts for about 22% of all students in the taxpayer-funded system.“Hispanic students have graduated at lower rates than the rest of the population for years, making America’s progress impossible if they continue to lag behind,” according to Juan Sepulveda, the community activist Obama appointed to run the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. “Strengthening and improving educational excellence in this community isn’t just a Hispanic problem,” he added. “It’s a challenge to the entire country.”Sepulveda, who claims that Latino education attainment is important in the global contest for jobs and industries, was rewarded with his cushy DOE job after serving as chair of Obama’s presidential campaign in Texas. Truth is that the DOE, created by Jimmy Carter, is largely viewed as an unnecessary federal agency that interferes with public education, which is supposed to be run by states.Before joining the Obama Administration Sepulveda ran a well-funded Texas nonprofit that works to reduce “cultural tensions” by doing things like creating a “bi-national community”in the San Diego/Tijuana border area. Part of his education initiative includes developing the next generation of Latino teachers with “minority-serving institutions.”

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