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Judicial Watch • IMF Scandal Highlights U.S. As Largest Contributor

IMF Scandal Highlights U.S. As Largest Contributor

IMF Scandal Highlights U.S. As Largest Contributor

Judicial Watch

Since U.S. taxpayers are the biggest contributors to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) it’s not unreasonable to wonder how the socialist “public servant” who heads it paid for a $3,000-a-night hotel suite and a first-class transatlantic airfare that runs about $11,000.After all, the Washington D.C.-based IMF aims to reduce poverty around the world by, among other things “enhancing the voice of low-income countries.” Much like the famously corrupt United Nations, which is also largely funded by Uncle Sam, the IMF pushes to redistribute wealth. With $340 billion in its coffers—18% of it from the U.S. government—the organization “assists” countries in need with handouts from thriving nations.It may seem like a noble cause, but now that IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn is in a New York jail on sexual assault charges many questions have come up. For instance, how does the French socialist—promoted as a “public servant”— finance his lavish lifestyle? Local news reports reveal that the luxurious Manhattan hotel suite where Strauss-Kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a housekeeper costs $3,000 a night.When authorities arrested him, he was on a Paris-bound flight at John F. KennedyInternational Airport. As he always does, Strauss-Kahn was traveling first class on Air France, which lists the one-way New York-to-Paris fare at a tad over $11,000. As head of the IMF Strauss-Kahn, a former member of the French National Assembly, makes $420,930 a yearand an additional $75,350 for expenses.In France he’s known as a “champagne socialist” because he lives an extravagant lifestyle that includes driving an expensive imported sports car, travel between multi million-dollar homes in the U.S. and Europe and wearing designer suits that cost thousands of dollars each. Technically, U.S. taxpayers are financing some of it while he works to redistribute the wealth of others.

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