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Judicial Watch • Billions To Make Public Housing Decent, Energy Efficient

Billions To Make Public Housing Decent, Energy Efficient

Billions To Make Public Housing Decent, Energy Efficient

JUNE 27, 2011

To justify yet another exorbitant social welfare program, the Obama Administration has published a creative, in-depth study that says public housing needs a $25.6 billion overhaul to make it “decent” and energy efficient.The money will come from American taxpayers, who already subsidize the 1.2 million public housing units that are often occupied by delinquents and illegal immigrants. Just last year, President Obama’s fraud-infested stimulus financed the $4 billion renovation of nearly 400,000 “affordable homes.”But the administration has long pushed for the overhaul of all government-funded housing, arguing that it’s long overdue for “large-scale improvements required to make the housing decent and economically sustainable.” As examples Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development says plumbing and electrical systems must be replaced to increase “energy efficiency.”This week the agency published a rather lengthy report (Capital Needs in the Public Housing Program) making a case for the funding. HUD officials brag that the analysis includes the “first extensive look at the estimated cost of energy and water conservation projects” in public housing.Under Obama the agency has already created a number of “new initiatives” to address public housing shortages and conditions of existing units. Among them is Choice Neighborhoods, which last year received $65 million to “transform distressed neighborhoods” into “sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods.”Another Obama-era HUD program, Rental Assistance Demonstration, will spend $200 millionto make “standard, life-cycle improvements” in more than 250,000 public housing facilities nationwide.

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