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Judicial Watch • Lawmaker: Islamic Radicals, Pro Lifers Alike

Lawmaker: Islamic Radicals, Pro Lifers Alike

Lawmaker: Islamic Radicals, Pro Lifers Alike

Judicial Watch

A Texas congresswoman who introduced legislation to eliminate the southern border and voted against several anti-terrorism laws claims Islamic radicals are like “Christian militants” who oppose abortion.Famous for introducing controversial bills in the U.S. House and demanding to be treated like a queen, Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee actually made the comparison at an official hearing this week.The abrasive and flamboyant congresswoman likened Christian militants to Islamic radicals at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing where legislators and experts addressed the “Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. prisons.”As an example, Lee contended that Christians who have bombed abortion clinics in the U.S.pose a threat comparable to the one created by Islamic extremists. Because Christians interfere with the constitutional right of women to choose, they also “undermine” the country, according to Lee’s testimony at the hearing.A California congresswoman (Laura Richardson) embroiled in a corruption scandal a few years testified that the hearing was “racist and discriminatory” because if focused on a particular group. In 2008 Richardson, who represents parts of Los Angeles County’s poorest black neighborhoods, got busted for funding her political campaigns with more than $200,000 borrowed against three homes whose loans she later defaulted on.Lee’s headliners have featured her eccentric and often over the top acts, both on the House floor and away from it. A few years ago she sponsored a law to essentially eliminate the southern border and legalize virtually all undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.The veteran lawmaker has also voted against several anti terrorism measures, including one to allow the government to use electronic surveillance to investigate suspected terrorist operatives and another requiring states to verify the authenticity of every driver’s license applicant by 2011.In 2009 Lee introduced legislation to honor Michael Jackson as a global humanitarian and noted leader in the fight against worldwide hunger, even though the drug-addicted pop star was for years dogged by accusations of child molestation.

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