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Judicial Watch • Mexican Gang Charged With Terrorizing Blacks

Mexican Gang Charged With Terrorizing Blacks

Mexican Gang Charged With Terrorizing Blacks

JUNE 07, 2011

To demonstrate its loyalty to the notoriously violent Mexican Mafia prison gang, an affiliateLatino street organization has worked to cleanse a southern California city of black residents by terrorizing, threatening and intimidating them.Details of the decades-long genocide operation in the Los Angeles County city of Azusa are laid out in a huge grand jury indictment issued by the Department of Justice this week. More than 50 Latino gang bangers, many of them surely in the U.S. illegally, have been charged for targeting blacks by beating, robbing and threatening them.The goal was to drive blacks out of the predominantly working-class Latino city of about 46,000. The crimes were committed by members of the Azusa 13 gang, which runs a sophisticated criminal enterprise financed with lucrative drug-trafficking proceeds. The gang also taxes the area’s drug dealers and shares some of the money with the Mexican Mafia, according to the 112-page indictment.Latino gangs have for more than a decade targeted blacks in the sprawling southern CaliforniaCounty, which is an illegal alien hotbed that has long offered sanctuary. In the last few years alone, dozens of Latino gangbangers have been charged with murdering, harassing or attacking blacks in the area, the feds say in their indictment.As far back as 1999 the Azusa 13 was targeting blacks in the area, prosecutors say. That year a 17-year-old member named Ralph “Swifty” Flores murdered a black teenager and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. In 2008 an illegal immigrant from a different gang murdered a Los Angeles high school footballs star shortly after completing a prison sentence for a separate felony.

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