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Judicial Watch • Michelle’s Childhood Obesity Plan Targets Infants

Michelle’s Childhood Obesity Plan Targets Infants

Michelle’s Childhood Obesity Plan Targets Infants

Judicial Watch

Michelle Obama’s White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity has teamed up with yet another federal agency—the Department of Health and Human Services—to launch a costly national initiative, this time targeting infants and toddlers.Young children in day care centers across the nation will eat healthy foods that include fish, fruit and salads and they will participate in 1-2 hours of exercise daily under the plan (Lets Move Child Care). The goal is to promote healthy eating and exercise habits early and prevent childhood obesity.It’s part of the First Lady’s $4.5 billion measure (The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act) to revolutionize the inner-city diet by providing fresh produce and grilled lean meats as alternatives to greasy, fried foods that tend to be more popular in low-income neighborhoods. The Obama Administration has labeled these area’s “food deserts” and has so far dedicated tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to provide them with affordable healthy fare.The primary targets are poor and “at-risk” children who will get free nutritious meals fromU.S. taxpayers, with the government deciding what exactly constitutes healthy cuisine. Michelle Obama’s latest initiative, announced this week at a bilingual daycare center inWashington D.C., targets babies that can barely crawl.“If our kids get into the habit of getting up and playing, if their palates warm up to veggies at an early age, and if they’re not glued to a TV screen all day, they’re on their way to healthy habits for life,” Obama said during a media event at the center, called Centro Nia.Her new plan has five key elements that go from “infancy through preschool.” They include 1-2 hours of physical activity, no television for children under 2, fruits and vegetables at every meal, no sugary drinks and breastfeeding. Uncle Sam will, of course, subsidize the program, which Obama assures is a “building block for an entire generation of healthy kids.”

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