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Judicial Watch • Obama Donors Get Top DOJ Jobs

Obama Donors Get Top DOJ Jobs

Obama Donors Get Top DOJ Jobs

Judicial Watch

In a scandal ignored by the mainstream media, President Obama quietly stacked the Department of Justice with campaign donors, issuing key posts to supporters who raised big bucks for his 2008 presidential campaign and are expected to collect more cash for his reelection.Additionally, the commander-in-chief rewarded dozens of big donors and fundraisers with lucrative federal contracts, stimulus cash and premium government jobs and ambassadorships. The chilling details were revealed this week in the expose of a journalism nonprofit that sorted through mountains of government records and campaign finance databases related to Obama’s “mega donors,” their businesses, employers and relatives.It reveals that, more than two years after taking office, nearly 200 of Obama’s top donors have landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, multi million-dollar federal contracts for their businesses or attended elite White House meetings and social events. This certainly contradicts the president’s main campaign promise of eradicating the powerful forces of special interests in his administration.While this practice is rampant in politics and certainly quite common among U.S. presidents of both parties, Obama deserves extra scrutiny because he virtually guaranteed Americans that he would end it as part of his “change” revolution. Just enter the key words “special interests” on the White House web site and check out the president’s ongoing rhetoric about reducing such damaging influences in Washington “on behalf of the American people.”Among the more alarming examples listed in the investigative piece involves the DOJ, the agency that enforces the law, ensures public safety against foreign or domestic threats and defends the nation’s interests. Obama appointed seven campaign bundlers to the DOJ, including Attorney General Eric Holder who raised $50,000 in 2008.A George Washington University law professor (Spencer Overton) who bundled at least half a million dollars was appointed principal deputy attorney general in the DOJ’s Office of Legal Policy. Five other donors also landed jobs at the agency, including a Harvard buddy of Obama’s who got the No. 3 DOJ policy job and a Georgia bond lawyer who became a deputy associate attorney general.At the Department of Energy, four fundraisers who gathered around $1.6 million have held staff jobs or advisory posts, according to the probe. A telecom executive (Donald Gips) who raised more than half a million dollars for Obama in 2008 became his White House hiring director before moving on to an ambassadorship in South Africa. His company also received millions of dollars in government stimulus contracts, according to the investigative news report.The story includes a number of other examples and a break down of information by donor. It also points out that many of the “Class of 2008” donors and bundlers are, of course, expected to gather more contributions for Obama’s re-election, which could cost around $1 billion.

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