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Judicial Watch • $17 Mil For “High-Risk” Adults’ “Meaningful Job Training”

$17 Mil For “High-Risk” Adults’ “Meaningful Job Training”

$17 Mil For “High-Risk” Adults’ “Meaningful Job Training”

Judicial Watch

Weeks after handing out nearly $76 million to help low-income juvenile delinquents find work, Obama’s Labor Department is dedicating an additional $17 million to provide “high-risk” adults with “meaningful job training.”The first allotment covered underage criminals and the second applies to adults, ages 18 to 24. The goal is to “support underserved young adults looking to improve their lives and join the workforce,” according to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. A majority of the “young people” participating in the taxpayer-funded program dropped out of high school or served time in jail, Solis confirms.Two leftwing nonprofits will each get $8.5 million to assist more than 1,400 individuals in “high-poverty, high-crime communities,” throughout the U.S., according to the Labor Department announcement. Solis assures that it’s a worthy investment that’s not limited to the individual but rather benefits the entire family and community.Weeks earlier her agency dedicated nearly $76 million to give low-income juvenile delinquents a “second chance” by helping them get high school diplomas and jobs. That money went to an alternative education program (YouthBuild) that offers training in occupational skills, academics and other important areas such as “life planning, healing from past hurts” and “overcoming negative habits and attitudes.”A former California congresswoman, Solis has come under fire for launching a program at her agency to protect illegal immigrants. Under that project, 1,000 field investigators enforce labor and wage laws in industries that typically hire illegal aliens without reporting anyone to federal immigration authorities. Solis even set up a special Spanish hotline where illegal aliens can report wage issues “regardless of immigration status.”

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