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Judicial Watch • NAACP Lawyer Alleges “Pattern Of Racketeering Activity”

NAACP Lawyer Alleges “Pattern Of Racketeering Activity”

NAACP Lawyer Alleges “Pattern Of Racketeering Activity”

Judicial Watch

An attorney at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which annually receives big chunks of taxpayer dollars, claims “a pattern of racketeering activity” prevails at the renowned civil rights group.The allegations, outlined in a federal lawsuit this week, come a year after an NAACP executive in Georgia got criminally charged with embezzling more than $275,000. In that case, the branch director and her top assistant used the nonprofit organization as their personal piggy bank for at least six years, according to authorities.Now come accusations that the longtime director at the NAACP’s Houston branch misused grant money so blatantly that it’s funding was cut off, according to the whistleblower’s complaint. Officials at the NAACP’s national office in Maryland ignored the wrongdoing and reinstated the director amid evidence that she was cooking the books, the complaint says.The corruption has spanned more than ten years, the former NAACP lawyer asserts, and seems to involve a major cover up. False financial reports were provided to grant agencies, a computer hard drive containing pertinent financial data was removed and subordinates were instructed to doctor financial reports. Additionally, grant money was not spent in accordance with the grant’s purpose.This is of concern because Uncle Sam is very generous when it comes to funding the NAACP’s causes, which aim to “improve the political educational, social and economic status of minority citizens.” As the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights group the influential NAACP also strives to eliminate racial prejudice and keep the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination.These campaigns are costly and the politically-connected group is constantly seeking private and federal grants to fund them. Just take a look at NAACP allocations on the government’s spending website. NAACP branches throughout the nation have received tens of thousands of dollars for a variety or programs, including aeronautics and space minority outreach, housing assistance and alcohol abuse programs.

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