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Judicial Watch • Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Has Valid SS, Driver’s License

Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Has Valid SS, Driver’s License

Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Has Valid SS, Driver’s License

Judicial Watch

The mainstream media’s love affair with President Obama has apparently led to the omission of a few crucial details involving the recent arrest of his illegal immigrant uncle, who was caught driving drunk after running a stop sign in Massachusetts.It turns out that Uncle Onyango Obama, who is actually mentioned in the president’s infamous memoir “Dreams from My Father,” has for nearly two decades had a valid Social Security, a valid Massachusetts driver’s license and had previously been deported to his native Kenya. Yet he lived in a quaint New England town called Framingham and worked at a local liquor store.We know this because the area’s “conservative-leaning” newspaper reported it this week while the big “mainstream” publications—both local and national—conveniently ignored it. Here is another interesting tidbit that seemed to slip by most of journalism’s big guns; after getting booked, Uncle Obama did some name-throwing, telling police that he would call the White House to arrange bail.Uncle O got arrested after nearly crashing into a Framingham police officer when he ran a stop sign. In thepolice report, the arresting officer says the president’s uncle was moderately unsteady on his feet, smelled like alcohol and slurred his words. The incident took place just days after a drunken illegal immigrant ran over and killed a young man in nearby Milford.The question now is what will the commander-in-chief do about his uncle? Will he grant him the same special treatment afforded to Aunt Zeituni Onyango, who happens to be Uncle O’s sister. After two rare secret court hearings, Aunt Zeituni was granted political asylum by the same judge who had previously deported her. The judge’s abrupt reversal will remain a mystery because it all took place behind closed doors, even though the Justice Department’s immigration court manual—as well as a federal appellate court—says such proceedings should be open.What’s public knowledge is that Auntie Z essentially flipped the finger at U.S. immigration laws for years, twice ignoring deportation orders (in 2003 and 2004) before getting busted again in 2008. Adding insult to injury, the First Aunt lived in a South Boston public housing facility for years, which means taxpayers were supporting her while she was in the country illegally.Illegal immigrants like President Obama’s aunt and uncle love Massachusetts because the state has long offered them sanctuary. In fact, Governor Deval Patrick, a former Clinton Administration official, even created aspecial council to help illegal aliens integrate into society by offering them access to state services, housing assistance, education and civil rights protections.

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