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Judicial Watch • Another $30 Mil For A “Green” Project

Another $30 Mil For A “Green” Project

Another $30 Mil For A “Green” Project

Judicial Watch

Rife with fraud and corruption, President Obama’s ill-fated green jobs initiatives keep receiving large amounts of taxpayer money on the heels of failed projects that have already seen hundreds of millions of dollars go to waste.This week, for instance, the administration doled out $30 million to train the next generation of energy efficiency experts at dozens of universities around the country. It’s part of the president’s continuing effort to make the U.S. environmentally friendly and marks the latest of many costly, publicly-funded projects required to transform America into a leader in “green” technology.Administered by the Department of Energy (DOE), the allocation to train future efficiency experts could not have come at a worse time; days after a fly by night solar panel company stiffed the government out of $535 million. The abrupt closure of the northern California firm (Solyndra) has ignited fury among federal lawmakers because its politically-connected owner had deep ties to the White House. In fact, President Obama touted Solyndra during a visit before Uncle Sam cut the check and Vice President Joe Biden appeared in a ceremony to celebrate the deal once it was sealed.Also this week, the chief financial officer of a Knoxville, Tennessee group (Southern Alliance for Clean Energy) that promotes renewable energy confessed that he skimmed $400,000 in federal funds. In a plea agreement the crooked green energy guru, Cameron Potter, admitted committing fraud and money laundering, according to a local newspaper report.The green projects that are still operating with government funds have also been plagued in scandal. Earlier this year an investigative news report revealed that many of the so-called “green energy plants” actually infest the air with a “toxic brew of pollutants” while the administration promotes them as environmentally friendly generators of electricity and showers them with hundreds of millions of dollars.Obama has also become a cheerleader of expensive green causes overseas. Earlier this year he forked over$5 million to join a new Arab-based organization dedicated to promoting renewable energy worldwide. The U.S. already gives similar international “renewable energy” initiatives, operated by the famously corrupt United Nations, billions of dollars.

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