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Judicial Watch • Hire Minorities Or Lose Govt. Contracts

Hire Minorities Or Lose Govt. Contracts

Hire Minorities Or Lose Govt. Contracts

Judicial Watch

The Obama Administration has threatened to strip a large Colorado cheese producer of its lucrative federal contracts if more minority workers aren’t hired pronto.Word came via a Department of Labor (DOL) notice accusing the company of “discriminating against qualified African-American, Asian and Hispanic applicants.” The agency, headed by a former California congresswoman (Hilda Solis) who has launched several initiatives to protect illegal immigrants, is also demanding back wages and job offers for minorities who were rejected for employment.Here is how the DOL determined that the company, Leprino Foods, is biased against the previously mentioned ethnic groups; only 49% of “otherwise qualified minorities” passed its jobs skills assessment exam compared to 72% of “non-minority” applicants. That means the test “adversely impacted minority applicants,” according to the DOL’s reasoning.If more minorities don’t get hired quickly the Denver-based producer of mozzarella cheese will be stripped of its lucrative government contracts and banned from entering any future deals with Uncle Sam, according to the feds’ ultimatum. It’s safe to bet that Leprino will oblige since the company stands to lose north of $5 million in government contracts. That’s a lot of cheese!The action against Leprino is part of a bigger effort by the Obama Administration to end workplace tests that top officials claim “discriminate” against minorities. A few months ago the Justice Department’s bloated civil rights division formally announced the administration’s commitment to eliminating written tests that discriminate against minorities in the workplace.Obama’s Assistant Attorney General in charge of civil rights, open borders advocate Thomas Perez, claims the exams have a “disparate impact” because they disproportionately screen out people of a particular race even though the tests “present the appearance of objective, merit-based selection.”

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