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Judicial Watch • Public Housing Gets $9.9 Mil “Green Makeover”

Public Housing Gets $9.9 Mil “Green Makeover”

Public Housing Gets $9.9 Mil “Green Makeover”

Judicial Watch

As President Obama’s disastrous and costly green energy agenda becomes the focus of a congressional investigation, the administration celebrates the multimillion-dollar “green makeover” of a public housing facility in Washington State.The festivities come on the heels of a major scandal involving a California solar panel company that folded after receiving more than half a billion dollars from the government. The White House helped the bankrupt manufacturer (Solyndra) get the money over the objections of federal budget analysts and news reports have identified one of the company’s major investors as an Obama fundraiser.The Solyndra scandal has ignited fury among congressional leaders who are chastising the commander-in-chief for responding to an economic recession with a failed “green energy subsidy experiment.” In fact, this week a House committee released a special report (How Obama’s Green Energy Agenda Is Killing Jobs) blasting the president for wasting nearly $100 billion to create “green jobs.” Undue political influence has determined how much of the money has been disbursed, investigators found.The administration has distributed the money through various federal agencies in the last year as part of the president’s mission to make the U.S. environmentally friendly. This week the government celebrated the $9.9 million “green makeover” of a public housing facility in Bellingham, Washington. Thanks to Uncle Sam the building now has a new, 6,200 square-foot roof with 90 solar panels.Earlier this week the administration dedicated $30 million to train the next generation of energy efficiency experts at dozens of universities around the country. A few months ago it allocated $6.2 million to train low-income residents for “green jobs” in one city alone. Obama has also become a cheerleader of expensive green causes overseas, forking over $5 million to join a new Arab-based organization dedicated to promoting renewable energy worldwide.The green madness has even hit public education. Last year Obama’s Department of Education launched a costly school program to make students “good environmental citizens” by teaching them about climate change and green jobs. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has dedicated hundreds of millions of dollars to “environmental education” that he says will begin in kindergarten and prepare children “to contribute to the workforce through green jobs.”

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