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Judicial Watch • Report “Fishy” Speech Part II

Report “Fishy” Speech Part II

Report “Fishy” Speech Part II

Judicial Watch

Two years after the White House activated a highly controversial internet account for Americans to report“fishy” speech about President Obama, the nation’s fearless leader has launched an equally contentious website to handle gossip, smears and attacks against him.It’s a lot like a bad Hollywood sequel only it’s a real-life dose of big government watching your every move, or at least, recruiting your neighbors to help out much like communist regimes do. Announced with great fanfare this week, the new website ( will be dedicated to countering “misinformation” and “false claims” against Obama as his approval rating dips to an all-time low and reelection comes knocking.The site has several different sections, including one where the public can “donate money to fight the attacks.”It points out that “the smears didn’t end with the 2008 election” and that Obama’s “opponents are still using false claims against him and his record” in an effort to “derail” his “momentum.” Money is needed to help fight back with the facts, the donate section points out. With a click of the mouse, you can contribute to the cause.There is also an “attack wire” that intercepts negative stories about the president before they spread and provides truthful facts that can be shared with “friends and family.” One section encourages people to report attacks and another lists a variety of false “attacks” on the president involving areas such as gun control, healthcare and immigration. The immigration section is especially comical because it proclaims that the “Obama administration has strengthened our borders while making our immigration system smart and fair.”This new project is reminiscent of the 2009 web account set up for Americans to report what the administration deemed “fishy” speech from those who opposed the president’s policies. Amid public outrage, the White House eventually killed that brilliant electronic tip box, which was launched mainly to collect information on opponents of Obama’s healthcare overhaul.The goal was to keep track of disinformation and rumors that often travel “below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.” Saying it couldn’t possibly keep track of all of it, the White House recruited the public to report anything “fishy” regarding Obama’s health insurance reform.

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