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Judicial Watch • U.S. Covers Pervasive Corruption In Immigration Courts

U.S. Covers Pervasive Corruption In Immigration Courts

U.S. Covers Pervasive Corruption In Immigration Courts

Judicial Watch

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has for years “grossly understated” statistics to conceal “inherent flaws” in U.S. immigration courts that have allowed more than 1 million removal orders to be ignored and droves of deportable aliens to evade hearings without consequences.In fact, pervasive corruption has long plagued the nation’s immigration court system and the DOJ, which operates them, distorts figures to hide the truth from Congress. The alarming details are outlined in a lengthyreport authored by a former immigration court judge (Mark H. Metcalf) in south Florida, which is considered a hotbed in the scandal-plagued system.The veteran jurist reveals that the nation’s immigration courts are ruled by deception and disorder and are at the heart of a system that nurtures scandal. About 250 overwhelmed judges preside over hundreds of thousands of cases annually and rarely are their deportation orders enforced against aliens who skip court or remain in the U.S. after being removed. In many cases aliens remain free before trial and a chunk of them vanish.Even after the 2001 terrorist attacks, 50% of all aliens who were free pending trial disappeared, according to figures provided in the judge’s report. Between 2005 and 2006 the number of aliens who failed to appear at their court hearing grew to 59%. The DOJ deceptively reported the figure as “only” 39% by combining aliens who were free pending trial with those in custody who were forced by authorities to appear in court. That allowed the so-called bail-jumpers to appear as a smaller part of a bigger overall figure.Additionally, federal statistics analyzed in the probe show that from 1996 through 2009, the United States allowed nearly 2 million aliens to remain free before trial and 770,000 of them – 40 percent of the total – disappeared. This certainly creates a substantial national security threat since it’s unlikely that the feds know the whereabouts of these illegal immigrants.Referring to President Obama’s backdoor amnesty plan, the report also mentions that enforcement of deportation orders is now “nearly non-existent.” Unexecuted removal orders have skyrocketed from 602,000 in 2002 to well over 1 million, according to government statistics cited by the judge. This is even more appalling considering that U.S. immigration courts rule in favor of aliens 60% of the time, the investigation found.As if all this weren’t bad enough, U.S. taxpayers finance the multitude of appeals filed each year by illegal immigrants deported for criminal convictions and fraudulent marriages. From 2000 to 2007 alone, Americans doled out $30 million for aliens’ court costs, according to Metcalf’s findings. A preview of the finished document was released in June and the finished product is jolting enough to merit a congressional investigation.

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