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Homeland Sec. Blocks Politically Sensitive Public Records

In an act of retaliation, the Obama Administration demoted a senior career employee at the Department of Homeland Security for blowing the whistle on political appointees who illegally interfered with public records requests.This certainly contradicts President Obama’s repeated promise to run the most transparent administration in history. Americans have

More Taxpayer Benefits For Illegal Immigrants’ Education

A state that has long awarded illegal immigrants with discounted tuition at public colleges and universities wants to take it a step further by also giving them millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded scholarships and financial aid.Under a measure that’s quickly making its way through California’s legislature, illegal immigrants will have access…

County Faces Suit For Removing Muslim’s Scarf In Jail

In yet another case of political correctness run amok, a federal appellate court hasruled that a Muslim woman convicted of welfare fraud can sue a U.S. county for making her remove her religious headscarf in a holding cell.The case had previously been dismissed by two separate federal courts in California, but the woman’s legal…

DOJ Combats Discriminatory Workplace Tests

The Obama appointee who lied under oath to cover up the Black Panther scandal and sued public colleges for requiring job applicants to prove legal residency announced the administration’s commitment to eliminating tests that discriminate against minorities in the workplace.Known as “disparate impact,” the racial discrimination created by written exams…

Publicly Funded La Raza Group Expands

The influential Mexican La Raza group that’s received millions of federal tax dollars to promote its leftist, open-borders agenda has added several new branches to its growing network of community organizations dedicated to serving Latinos.Among them is yet another public “charter” school that pushes a radical Chicano movement, known as…

TLC For Criminals Will Bring “Racial Reconciliation”

To create “racial reconciliation,” the city that protected an illegal immigrant child rapist who massacred three youths is offering its most violent criminals therapy, education and jobs in lieu of prison.Known as “hug-a-thug,” the goal is to rehab vicious gangbangers with tender loving care rather than the harsh punishment that they probably…

Sheriff With CAIR Ties Defends Muslims At Hearing

The only law enforcement official to testify at today’s congressional hearing on Muslim radicalization is tight with an Islamic group that raises money for Hamas and was a co-conspirator in a federal terror-finance trial.Predictably, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca advocated on behalf of Muslims at the highly-publicized hearing, conducted…

States Keep Giving Illegal Aliens Driver’s Licenses

The last two states to offer illegal immigrants driver’s licenses rejected measures this week to reverse the practice, even though it violates a federal identification law enacted to protect national security after the 2001 terrorist attacks.Legislators in Washington State and New Mexico defeated bills that would have done away with their longtime policy of

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