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Obama Gives Poor Free Internet After U.N. Says It’s A Basic Human Right

Following a laughable United Nations declaration that high-speed internet access is a basic human right, the Obama Administration is investing north of $400 million to expand broadband into poor, rural areas of the U.S. The president has long asserted that broadband access is essential for communities to compete on a…

DHS Launches Obama’s Amnesty Plan

The Obama amnesty plan officially begins this week, according to a mainstream newspaper that obtained internal Homeland Security documents outlining “sweeping changes” in immigration enforcement that will halt the deportation of illegal aliens with no criminal records. Much has been reported about the administration’s intention to implement a stealth

TSA Plagued With “Bureaucratic Morass And Mismanagement”

The multi-billion-dollar federal agency created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to protect the nation’s transportation system is inept, bloated and has failed miserably to fulfill its mission despite being generously funded by the government, according to a new congressional report. This is hardly earth-shattering news about the Transportation Security

DOD Global Warming Intel Unit Could Be In The Works

Although the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) already has a special center dedicated to global warming, a new government report claims the nation’s intelligence community needs yet another taxpayer-funded entity to better determine the impact of climate change on national security. This is no joke, though it may sound like one.…

Obamacare: Community Groups Get $1 Bil For Ideas To Serve Needy

A controversial Medicare and Medicaid Innovation center created by Obamacare will give “community-based organizations” and other qualified groups $1 billion to devise “compelling new ideas” to deliver better services to those “with the highest health care needs.” The allocation is the perfect complement to the tens of millions of dollars…

Human Health Be Damned; U.S. May Ban Chimp Research

Although millions of human lives are at stake, the Obama Administration is on the verge of caving into the demands of leftist animal rights groups by putting chimpanzees on the U.S. government’s endangered species list. This would ban the sort of biomedical research that has helped produce life-saving vaccines for…

Senators Tell DHS To Stop Ignoring Illegal Alien Sanctuaries

While the Justice Department focuses on taking action against state laws to combat illegal immigration, a group of U.S. Senators is asking the Obama Administration to stop ignoring local ordinances that undermine federal laws by offering undocumented aliens sanctuary. In battling local immigration control measures nationwide, the DOJ has claimed…

$8.8 Mil To Train Underserved Hispanics For USDA Careers

The federal agency that’s spending huge sums to recruit more food-stamp recipients, transform the inner city diet and track what minority kids eat for lunch is investing millions to train “underserved” Hispanic students to someday work for it. It’s part of the Obama Administration’s ongoing effort to help minorities advance…

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