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Judicial Watch • JW President Tom Fitton Discusses the IRS “Lost” Emails Investigation

JW President Tom Fitton Discusses the IRS “Lost” Emails Investigation

JW President Tom Fitton Discusses the IRS “Lost” Emails Investigation

Judicial Watch

JW President Tom Fitton believes that top IRS officials, including IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, may be in legal peril due to their undisclosed knowledge of IRS hard drive destruction.

“It’s that refusal to tell Congress in a timely way about the loss of evidence that raises all sorts of legal questions, both criminal and civil, about the obstruction of the Congressional investigation and the failure to provide information to a subpoena that puts people like the IRS Commissioner and other officials who knew about this document destruction and loss at risk legally.”

However, Fitton is not convinced that the congressional investigation will yield answers given the IRS’s “contempt” for the congressional process since its commencement.

“Unless you have an independent criminal inquiry…we’re not going to get answers to this. I don’t trust the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel. There is no way Eric Holder wants to do this – he is as politicized an Attorney General as anyone we have ever seen in that office.”

Fitton highlights the importance of independent investigations, pointing out that it was most likely because of JW’s underlying FOIA litigation that, back in February, the IRS “discovered” that the emails had been “lost” in the first place.

As Democrats play the defense of their administration and Republicans seek out answers, deadlock is inevitable unless Congress changes its investigation proceedings.

“Congress has shown itself time and time again unable to get the truth from this administration – that’s why you need independent investigations, a special counsel, and a different approach from Congress in terms of its own investigations.”

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