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GSA Official in Las Vegas Conf. Scandal Finally Gets Charged


Fed Agency Blows $793k on Promo Items

In a shameful example of how government squanders your tax dollars, a federal law enforcement agency blew hundreds of thousands of dollars on promotional items like neckties, scarves and lapel pins displaying its official seal. This inconceivable waste involves the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), the Arlington Virginia-based law enforcement agency…


U.S. Intel Chief Says Shutdown Puts Nation, Spies in Danger

Did anyone take the nation’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) seriously when he told Congress this week that the government shutdown will put the country in danger, cause “insidious” damage and risk spy missions? What about the part where he said financial stress—presumably created by not getting paid—could make his…


U.S. Pays $1.5 Mil to Help Brazilian Women Quit Smoking

A Brazilian-born researcher who runs minority health programs at a public university in Alabama has convinced the U.S. government to give her $1.5 million to help women quit smoking in her native country. A noble cause indeed, but likely not on the high list of the American taxpayers funding the…


SCOTUS to Review Anti-Prostitution Law in AIDS Funding

Does the U.S. government have the right to set conditions—say, requiring recipients of public funds to denounce prostitution and sex trafficking—before it gives money to groups that combat sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS? The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide the issue later this year, but the question is…


“Inaccurate Calculations” Blamed For Waste In Rural Housing Program

While the Obama Administration celebrates the accomplishments of yet another bloated government program—this one providing low-income populations with taxpayer-funded housing—a federal audit exposes the darker side of the costly welfare endeavor. Known as Rural Housing Service (RHS), the program is responsible for providing safe, sanitary and affordable housing


Fraud-Infested Welfare Program Gets Another $1.7 Bil

In a perplexing waste of taxpayer funds, the Obama Administration has injected $1.7 billion into a fraud-infested welfare program rife with corruption that’s routinely exposed in congressional probes and the media. Even for an administration that specializes in doling out record amounts of public assistance, it’s a senseless allocation that…


$2.2 Mil To Enhance Integrity, Delivery Of Food Vouchers

In its quest to eradicate “food insecure households,” the Obama Administration is spending more than $2 million on a dubious “behavioral economics” research program that will help the government better serve those on public assistance. The goal is to maximize efficiency in the government’s food voucher system and enhance “nutrition…


U.S. Spends $10.7 Mil To Train “Low Literacy” Latinos

With no end in sight to the devastating unemployment rate, the nation’s Department of Labor (DOL) is dedicating nearly $11 million to foreign-language programs that help workers with “low literacy or limited English proficiency.”It marks the latest of many wasteful DOL initiatives aimed at helping Latinos (the feds’ code for…


$4 Mil To House 12 Homeless People

In an example of how government at every level wastes tax dollars, one U.S. county is spending around $4 million in combined federal and local funds to house a dozen homeless people in an affluent community.That translates into more than $330,000 per person, which means that Uncle Sam might as…


Food Stamps Become Lucrative Biz

A government entitlement program heavily promoted by the Obama Administration to eradicate “food insecure households” is doling out so much money that a growing number of private businesses are competing for a piece of the lucrative pie.At stake are nearly $65 billion distributed annually to food-stamp recipients by the U.S.…

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