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Turkey’s Islamist Govt. Building Mega Mosque in U.S.

Most Americans probably don’t realize that Turkey’s Islamist government is building a colossal mosque in the United States with the input of several branches of a group known as the parent organization of Hamas and al Qaeda. It’s an alarming story unlikely to receive coverage in the mainstream media, however,…


Top Secret Government Bigger Than Ever

A record number of people—nearly 5 million—are cleared to access classified information and the figure continues to rise, though the U.S. government prefers to keep this information from the public. More than 4.9 million have passed the various background checks and scrutiny to access some of the nation’s most sensitive…


Did Obama DOJ Nix U.S. Weapons Tech Espionage Probe?

It appears that the Obama Justice Department killed—or at the very least intervened in—a potentially explosive espionage investigation involving the illegal transfer of American weapons technology to China and other foreign countries. Those who get their news from the mainstream media would never know it, though the scandalous details have…


Judicial Watch Monitors Terrorism Trials at Gitmo

The terrorism trials at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station in Cuba have proven to be somewhat of a circus with an unknown government agency secretly censoring courtroom proceedings and the mother of a 9/11 victim claiming to be “horrified” at the lack of transparency in the military commission system. Judicial…


JW Special Report: “The Benghazi Attack of September 11, 2012: Analysis and Further Questions”

 Judicial Watch Analysis on Eve of Hillary Clinton Hill Testimony Finds Continued State Department Duplicity, Questions Department Commitment to Protect Security of Overseas Diplomats   (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released “The Benghazi Attack of September 11, 2012: Analysis and Further Questions from a Diplomatic Security Service Regional Security


State Dept.: No Middle Eastern Terrorists In Latin America

Months after the world’s largest Spanish news network revealed that Middle Eastern terrorists infiltrated Latin America to plan an attack against the United States, the Obama Administration has determined that the groups don’t seem to have a presence in the region though there is growing concern. The assessment, made public…


U.S. Study: Terrorists Aren’t “Aggressive Offensive Foe Seeking Domination”

A new government study says Muslim terrorists are widely misunderstood and don’t wish to impose Islam around world as is commonly believed in the west, they simply murder innocent people to defend against foreign attacks by enemies of Islam.  At least that’s what the experts at a public university in…


Obama Administration Closes National Drug Intel Center

Mexican cartel violence is at an all-time high along the increasingly porous southern border yet the Obama Administration has shut down a critical intelligence agency dedicated to identifying, tracking and severing the nexus between drug trafficking and terrorism. It’s a senseless move, which is why it was done very quietly.…


Sandy Berger Hid Stolen Terror Info In Trash

Scandalous new details of how Bill Clinton’s national security advisor schemed to remove highly classified terrorism documents from the National Archives paint the picture of a desperate man who tried to bully a trash collector into helping him commit the crime. Sandy Berger took the sensitive documents in 2003 as…

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