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Senate Report: U.S. Blows $30 Bil on Wasteful Projects in 2013


State Gives 10-Yr-Olds Free Birth Control Implants

Children as young as 10 years old are receiving taxpayer-funded birth control in Washington State, according to public records obtained by Judicial Watch from the agency that provides medical coverage for the poor. JW filed a public records request with the Washington Health Care Authority after reading a disturbing article…


$600 Mil in Obamacare Deals Plagued With Fraud, Negligence

Months after Judicial Watch exposed massive security risks with the government’s website, a federal audit reveals that the public employees responsible for overseeing the disastrous Obamacare site were not properly trained, failed to keep adequate records and stood by as delays mounted to millions over the original contract costs.…


Judicial Watch Appeals to Halt D.C. Monies being Spent on Congress’ Participation on the D.C. Small Business Health Benefit Exchange

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed its opening brief on appeal in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, challenging the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange’s expenditure of municipal funds on the Small Business Exchange to allow Congress, congressional staffers and their dependents to participate…


Blockbuster Court Action on Clinton Email

Blockbuster Court Action in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Obama Administration Uses Tax Dollars to Pay Race-Baiting “Comedian” to Attack White People Judicial Watch Continues Legal Fight to Halt Congress’s Obamacare Fraud Blockbuster Court Action in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Your Judicial Watch had a remarkably successful week, finally breaking


CAWG Leads Coalition Calling for Ethics Inquiry over Questionable Obamacare Enrollments

The signatories* of the organizations listed below respectfully request that the Senate Select Committee on Ethics investigate the senators and/or staff members that may have broken laws and committed fraud to enable senators, Senate staffers, and their families to purchase health insurance on the District of Columbia’s Small Business Exchange.


Vitter Legislation Would End Congress’ Obamacare Exemption

Senator David Vitter, following Judicial Watch’s lead, is still pushing for common sense in the House of Representatives and Senate. He recently introduced legislation that would require the president, vice president, political appointees, and members of Congress to purchase health insurance through the exchanges established by Obamacare. Vitter’s


Judge Questions Govt. Delays in Attkisson v. HHS

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson shares the most recent developments in her lawsuit seeking documents from the Department of Health and Human Services related to the website. In a recent court hearing, the judge handling the case declared the speed of the government’s response in providing documents “unacceptable.”


Complaint: Congressional Staffers Committed Fraud When Applying for Obamacare

Judicial Watch is one of several conservative organizations that have filed a joint complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics challenging Congress’ use of the Small Business Exchange to qualify for taxpayer subsidies for medical insurance. Judicial Watch obtained documents including applications completed by congressional staff which fraudulently


Does Congress write our laws or not?

It seems that the idea of the separation of powers is a foreign concept to many in the federal government. The King v. Burwell debate is an undeniable example.


Judicial Watch Statement on Supreme Court’s Ruling in King v. Burwell

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling today in King v. Burwell, in which it held that the federal government was authorized to provide subsidies for individuals whose states did not establish healthcare exchanges under the terms of…


Vast data warehouse raises privacy concerns

Obamacare is in the news yet again. This time, the warehouse that stores individuals’ private personal and health information for up to 10 years is the subject of interest.


The Truth about Benghazi

Judicial Watch Unravels Benghazi Scandal with New Documents Mexican Government Helicopter Crosses Into U.S. and Attacks Border Agents Obamacare Lawlessness to the Supreme Court? Judicial Watch Unravels Benghazi Scandal with New Documents Judicial Watch has blown open the Benghazi scandal yet again. We forced the release of new smoking-gun documents…


Treasury Rule Allows Taxpayer Subsidized Health Insurance For Illegal Immigrants

Apparently passing Obamacare to find out what was in it wasn’t enough. Now the IRS is re-writing the law to allow illegal immigrants to receive healthcare benefits from the law.


Judicial Watch Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Kawa Orthodontics’ Challenge to Obama’s Illegal Employer Mandate Delay

 Alleges Harm from Obama’s Violation of Obamacare Law with Employer Mandate Delay (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on May 14, 2015, it filed a petition for a writ of certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of Kawa Orthodontics, a Florida business that alleges that the Obama administration’s 2013…


Congress’s Bipartisan Obamacare Fraud

Phil Kerpen writes about Sen. David Vitter’s (R-LA) efforts to bring transparency and accountability to a scandal very few are talking about — Congress’ efforts to qualify as a “small business” under Obamacare rules and thus avoid some of the law’s drawbacks.


GOP senator wants to subpoena D.C. health care exchange

It was recently discovered that Congress had used the D.C. healthcare exchange to purchase coverage with the help of subsidies reserved for small businesses. Congress employs more than 16,000 people, yet somehow managed to receive the subsidy, and Sen. David Vitter is seeking answers as to why.


Our ObamaCare challenge: Congress, heal thyself

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) recently collaborated to expose corruption within Congress regarding Obamacare, in an effort to bring transparency to those who approved the legislation in the first place.


Obama Lawyers Afraid to Go to Court on Email Scandal

Obama Lawyers Afraid to Go to Court on Email Scandal Obamacare Docs: Obama White House Violates Your Privacy? Obama Lawyers Afraid to Go to Court on Email Scandal The Obama administration’s fraud, misconduct and misrepresentation on the Hillary Clinton email scandal continues in federal court. Crafty, corrupt politicians realize that transparency…


Obamacare Website Still Insecure, Subject to Attacks

More than a year after egregious security failures in the government’s healthcare website were exposed in congressional hearings, data remains compromised and the ill-fated site is still subject to cyberattacks and vulnerable to massive identity theft. In fact, just this week Judicial Watch obtained documents from the government that show…


House Officials Not Impressed With Vitter’s Obamacare Probe

A recent taxpayer lawsuit led by the watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained the congressional applications for the healthcare exchanges. In the applications, the House and Senate claimed to have fewer than 50 employees and were also classified as “state/local government.” Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has argued that Congress should not be allowed to enroll in the

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