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Duck Dynasty Star Most Entertaining at CPAC


Third Calif. Senator Charged With Multiple Felonies

There appears to be a serious epidemic of corrupt legislators in the nation’s most populous state, with the latest elected thug du jour getting nabbed for operating a creative bribery and mob-style firearm trafficking scheme. Like an entertaining Hollywood movie the story is littered with drama, murder-for-hire, drugs, betrayal and…


Administration promoted Cabinet member’s official trip on which she headlined Obama campaign fundraiser


Convicted State Senator Keeps Pay During Indefinite Leave

Imagine getting convicted for multiple felonies and taking an “indefinite” leave of absence from work with no cut in your lucrative pay or threat of losing your job. This may sound delusional, but it’s the real-life story of a veteran legislator in the nation’s most populous state. His name is…


CPAC Panel: IRS Also Going After Donors of Conservative Groups

The ongoing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal was a big topic on the second day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) outside Washington D.C. and a one-time U.S. Senate candidate offered details of how the tax agency targeted her. Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee in the 2010 special election…


CPAC: McConnell Packs Heat, Trump Says Jimmy Carter is Dead

Texas Senator Ted Cruz kicked off the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with a number of zingers Thursday morning, but they weren’t nearly as entertaining as the Senate Minority Leader packing heat at the annual gathering just outside Washington D.C. Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, took the stage with a…


Arizona Mayor Denies Moment of Silence for Cop Killed in Line of Duty

In a ghastly public act, the mayor of Scottsdale Arizona refused a request for a moment of silence for a police officer killed in the line of duty this week during an afternoon shootout with a fugitive. The unbelievable incident took place during last night’s Scottsdale City Council meeting when…


JW Lawsuit Forces National Archives to Release More Kennedy Docs

Five months after a Judicial Watch lawsuit forced the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to finally start releasing a secret stash of records from Robert F. Kennedy’s tenure as Attorney General, the government agency is making available the last 26 boxes of material. Back in July the NARA, an…


N.Y.’s New Mayor Active Supporter of Brutal Communist Regime

The new mayor of New York City (Bill de Blasio) was an active supporter of a brutal communist regime well known as one of the worst human rights abusers in Latin America, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch. It’s not information likely to be featured in the mainstream media,…


Mayor with Ties to Fla. Gov. Guilty of Corruption

A south Florida mayor with close ties to Governor Rick Scott has pleaded guilty to public corruption for participating in a scheme involving the theft of federal grants earmarked for his tiny working class city. The plot involves a small-town mayor, Manuel Maroño, with big-time political ties to prominent Republicans.…


New CDC Video Lies About Gardasil Side Effects

The U.S. government is promoting a dangerous cervical cancer vaccine linked to thousands of adverse reactions, debilitating side effects and even death with a new video that outrageously claims side effects are limited to “dizziness and stomach aches.” It’s part of the Obama administration’s full-throttle effort to push a controversial—and…


Obamacare Challenge

Judicial Watch is considering litigation challenging President Obama’s rewriting of Obamacare.  Specifically, President Obama has unilaterally rewritten the law to delay the “employer mandate,” which was scheduled to go in effect on January 1, 2014, for at least a year.  At the same time, he did not rewrite the law…


Virginia Governor Embroiled in Major Scandal

If there was a political version of the reality television show America’s Dumbest Criminals, Virginia’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, would probably be a frontrunner for the starring role. In a matter of weeks his multiple transgressions have taken him from a serious GOP White House contender to an embarrassment on the…


Oops! U.S. Mistakenly Destroys Millions in Computers

In yet another example of how government wastes our tax dollars, an agency that most Americans have probably never even heard of “mistakenly” destroyed nearly $3 million in technology because it thought the equipment had been hacked. Turns out it was all a false alarm, the computer network at the…


Race Defense Fails for “Political Piñata” Senator Sentenced to 5 Years

A corrupt politician who desperately played the race card to fend off criminal charges will serve five years in prison for stealing hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars earmarked to fund healthcare for the poor. The one-time majority leader of the New York State Senate, Democrat Pedro Espada Jr., has…


Judicial Watch Files Response in Lawsuit over Cook County, IL, Sherriff’s Refusal to Honor ICE Immigration Detainers

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it filed a response in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, opposing a motion to dismiss the organization’s April lawsuit challenging Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart’s refusal to honor U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immigration detainers or cooperate with ICE in…


Obamacare Sequel? Rush to Push Through Immigration Law

The frantic blitz to push through an immigration reform bill that could reward millions of illegal aliens with amnesty is disturbingly reminiscent of the way Obamacare was rushed in a haste with little scrutiny or adequate deliberation. As a result the president’s healthcare reform law, which created an entitlement that…


Sarah Palin’s Skit Ends CPAC on Fun Note

Sarah Palin brought the house down on the last day of the Conservative Political Action (CPAC) conference near Washington D.C. as she mocked not only President Obama and Democrats in general, but Republicans as well. It was a bipartisan bashing that brought the rowdy crowd to its feet repeatedly. The…


CPAC Benghazi Panel on Heels of In-Depth Judicial Watch Report

The September 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi seemed to be among the more popular topics on the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C., though a number of prominent politicians, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio, also headlined the big event. An afternoon panel featuring a…


Sen. Menendez Helped Revoke U.S. Visa of Pal’s Romantic Nemesis

The New Jersey senator embroiled in a Dominican prostitution scandal abused his power to revoke the U.S. visa of his shady doctor pal’s romantic nemesis, according to a news report in the nation’s largest Spanish-language network. It may sound like a bad telenovela, but it’s the real-life story of a…


Ground Zero Imam Backed By NY Mayor Uses Mosque Money for Lavish Lifestyle

The radical Islamic imam behind the controversial Ground Zero mosque used donations to his nonprofits—created to combat anti-Muslim sentiments in the U.S.—to live the high life with his wife and mistress, according to a lawsuit filed recently in New York court. Feisel Abdul Rauf, head of the American Society for…

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