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Rep. Jefferson’s Lobbyist Brother Indicted

Keeping with a family tradition of starring in public corruption schemes, the brother of a Louisiana congressman charged with taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes has himself been indicted for bribery, money laundering and obstruction of justice. Congressman William Jefferson must be proud that his big brother is…

Jail For Corrupt U.N. Chief

The United Nations chief who openly accepted cash, real estate, wild parties and hookers as bribes has been sentenced to eight years in prison. The corrupt diplomat (Sanjaya Bahel of India) wielded incredible power as the world body’s chief of Commodity Procurement Section because he was responsible for awarding billions…

Vendors Say Clinton Is A Deadbeat

Although Hillary Clinton has millions in the bank, she has for months stiffed hundreds of small vendors who are owed tens of thousands of dollars for work on her presidential campaign. Two Ohio businesses that are owed more than $25,000 for staging campaign events are warning those who plan to…

Puerto Rico’s Gov. Indicted

A three-year federal investigation has culminated with the indictment of Puerto Rico’s governor, and members of his campaign finance committee, for fraud, conspiracy and filing false tax returns. In a 27-count indictment federal prosecutors lay out Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila’s corrupt tenure, which includes a sophisticated scheme to collect illegal…

Triple-Dipping Public Employees In Fla.

While many states have laws prohibiting elected officials and public employees from returning to government work while drawing taxpayer-financed pensions, an epidemic of it exists in Florida where taxpayers are financing the lucrative salaries and multiple pensions of more than a thousand public servants. Known as double and triple-dipping the practice…

Hussein Used Spy To Pay For Democrats’ Iraq Trip

Iraq’s deceased dictator, Saddam Hussein, paid for three Democratic members of Congress to visit his country right before the U.S.-led invasion and the trip was arranged through a federally indicted Iraqi spy who operates an Islamic charity in Michigan. The three House members—Jim McDermott of Washington, David Bonoir of Michigan…

Maryland Lawmaker Defends Obama’s Racist Pastor

A veteran Maryland legislator who is also a Baptist pastor defended the hateful, racist and inflammatory tirades delivered by Barack Obama’s longtime spiritual advisor during his own weekend sermon. Democrat Emmett Burns, who represents Baltimore County in the state House, even invited the media to hear him advocate for Obama’s…

U.S. Passports Made Overseas

The U.S. government prioritizes cost savings over national security by outsourcing the manufacturing of electronic passports to overseas companies, including one in southeastern Asia that has been infiltrated by communist espionage. An alarming investigative series published by a Washington newspaper reveals how the government compromises the crown jewel of

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