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12 Indicted In Penn. Public Corruption Ring

A dozen Pennsylvania Democrats, including prominent lawmakers and their top aides, have been criminally charged for illegally using millions of taxpayer dollars to underwrite political campaigns. State prosecutors filed theft, conflict of interest and conspiracy charges this week after a grand jury found that legislative employees received taxpayer-funded bonuses

Democrat Votes For Sale In Alabama

Three Alabama counties are under federal investigation for voter fraud amid reports of citizens openly selling votes, casting multiple ballots and exchanging votes for a load of gravel in the recent primary election. Last month Alabama’s secretary of state launched a probe into one county (Lowndes) after reports surfaced that…

Democratic Party Bails Out Corrupt Senator

Rather than use funds for their intended purpose of electing members to the legislature, California’s Democratic Party has instead spent nearly half a million dollars (and counting?) to defend a corrupt veteran lawmaker with a history of serious ethics violations. Even loyal party insiders have expressed outrage that the party…

Pentagon Inspector General Cut To Part-Time

The new official in charge of investigating fraud and corruption at a major government agency rocked by huge contract scandals and negligence will do the job only part time, even though it clearly merits full-time attention. The Pentagon’s new inspector general, responsible for investigating waste, fraud and abuse at the…

Some States End Illegal Immigrant Tuition Break

Although ten states still grant illegal immigrants discounted public college tuition at U.S. taxpayer expense, many are beginning to reverse the outrageous and controversial policy which costs millions of dollars annually. In the last few years four states—Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Oklahoma—have created much-needed policies to refuse in-state college

Congress Gets Worst Rating Ever

Amid unprecedented amounts of legal scandals and corruption probes, congressional approval has fallen to single digits for the first time in history, according to a national poll released this week. Earlier this year a separate poll revealed that a 14% confidence rating in the nation’s federal lawmaking bodies was the…

Jailed Senator Tried For Corruption Again

A Tennessee state senator already serving a five-year prison sentence for bribery is being tried this week on separate corruption charges involving “consulting fees” he got from firms that he helped get lucrative state contracts as a legislator. Disgraced Senator John Ford was paid nearly $2 million in consulting fees…

City Shields Illegal Immigrant Criminals From Feds

A well-known sanctuary city in California has for years protected illegal immigrant criminals from federal authorities by spending millions of taxpayer dollars to escort them back to their home country or house them in unlocked group homes that they easily escape from. For more than a generation San Francisco officials…

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