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Secret Money Ethical In Texas Politics

Public officials in one of the nation’s largest states can legally accept unlimited gifts and cash without disclosing amounts, according to a new ethics commission guideline. Though it may seem like a joke, the Texas Ethics Commission affirmed this week that officials can indeed accept gifts and money from donors…

Illegal Alien Indicted In Terrorist Plot

Proving that the illegal immigration battle is not a racist anti-Hispanic crusade but rather a national security issue, a Pakistani man living in the U.S. illegally has been indicted for aiding the Taliban and training with firearms for jihad against Americans. Like several of the September 11 hijackers, the Pakistani…

U.S. Citizenship Without Background Check

The government agency responsible for granting immigrants permission to live in the United States legally has lost thousands of crucial alien background files used to determine eligibility as well as deportation. The Alien files (also known as A-files) are a key to approving an immigrant’s U.S. citizenship yet the United…

Alcee Hastings Dumped by Pelosi

Despite his last-ditch public relations campaign, Alcee Hastings will not be the next chairman of the Select Permanent Committee on Intelligence. Facing stiff public opposition due to his ethical transgressions, the Florida Democratic congressman was unceremoniously dumped by Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi yesterday. Hastings released the following statement after a

Illegal Immigration Linked To Crime

The first prominent Hispanic to publicly speak out against illegal immigration is among the country’s leading gang experts with decades of evidence that illegal immigration is strongly associated with crime, violent gangs and drugs. Richard Valdemar, a retired sergeant with the Lost Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who specialized in

Dozens Convicted In Massachusetts Scheme

More than 25 public employees have so far been convicted in the lengthy federal corruption probe of a Massachusetts city and investigators expect many more, including that of an influential former councilman charged with fraud, witness tampering, tax evasion an obstruction of justice. The six-year federal investigation has focused mainly…

US Mint Appeases Atheists

The mandatory “In God We Trust” that must appear on all United States currency has been excluded from the face of a new U.S. dollar in an effort to appease atheists who have legally fought to eliminate the word God from public life, including the Pledge of Allegiance. The United…

Whistle Blowers Recover Billions For Taxpayers

Private contractors annually defraud the federal government out of billions of dollars and whistleblowers are the key to recovering much of the money with a record $3.1 billion reclaimed from corrupt businesses last year alone. Most of the money was recovered from hospitals or other health care providers that fraudulently…

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