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Media Blasts Obama: Most Closed, Control Freak Administration


Media Blasts Obama: Most Closed, Control Freak Administration

You know things are really bad when the mainstream press corps trashes the Obama administration—on the record!—for its secrecy, aggressive efforts to control information and hostility towards the media when it exposes information viewed as unfavorable to the president.    This includes an unprecedented number of prosecutions of government sources,…


“Super-Secret” Comm. Works To Reduce Deficit

Typical of the way government functions, the influential congressional committee formed recently to find ways of reducing the nation’s monstrous budget deficit is doing most of its work in secret.Known as the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, the bipartisan panel was concocted to save the country from the dire financial…


Homeland Sec. Blocks Politically Sensitive Public Records

In an act of retaliation, the Obama Administration demoted a senior career employee at the Department of Homeland Security for blowing the whistle on political appointees who illegally interfered with public records requests.This certainly contradicts President Obama’s repeated promise to run the most transparent administration in history. Americans have

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