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$90 Mil Later U.S. Failed to Build Enough Housing in Haiti


Tony Rodham’s Ties Invite Scrutiny for Hillary and Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s younger brother, Tony Rodham, maintains numerous business connections that raise eyebrows when it comes to the question of whether Clinton has used her position to benefit herself and her family. The New York Times dives deeper into this important issue.


$90 Mil Later U.S. Failed to Build Enough Housing in Haiti

More than four years after an earthquake devastated Haiti, the U.S. government’s costly initiative to build housing on the poverty-stricken Caribbean island has failed miserably even though tens of millions of American taxpayer dollars have been spent on the effort. Fraud and corruption in the largely U.S.-funded Haiti recovery effort…


Clintons Pushed Most Wasteful of U.S.-Funded Haiti Projects

Roughly half of the $1.14 billion that the U.S. government allocated to help Haiti recover from the 2010 earthquake has gone to wasteful projects with the single largest chunk—$170.3 million—going to a failed port and power plant adventure heavily promoted by Bill Clinton and the State Department under the leadership…

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