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Oops; U.S. “Overpaid” $14 Bil In Jobless Benefits


Oops; U.S. “Overpaid” $14 Bil In Jobless Benefits

Following various reports of jailed convicts and illegal immigrants receiving unemployment checks from U.S. taxpayers, the Obama Administration is admitting that in fiscal year 2011 the government “overpaid” around $14 billion in benefits. That’s a chunk of change for a nation suffering through a painful debt crisis that’s topped $15…


$17 Mil For “High-Risk” Adults’ “Meaningful Job Training”

Weeks after handing out nearly $76 million to help low-income juvenile delinquents find work, Obama’s Labor Department is dedicating an additional $17 million to provide “high-risk” adults with “meaningful job training.”The first allotment covered underage criminals and the second applies to adults, ages 18 to 24. The goal is to “support underserved…


$76 Mil To Give Poor Juvenile Delinquents Second Chance

With no end in site to the nation’s record-high unemployment rate, Obama’s Labor Department is spending nearly $76 million to give low-income juvenile delinquents a “second chance” by helping them get high school diplomas and jobs.The generous allocation of taxpayer funds to save poor dropouts with criminal records was announced…

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