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Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Has Valid SS, Driver’s License


Senate Hearing To Protect Muslim Civil Rights

In “response to the spike in anti-Muslim bigotry,” the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has quietly scheduled a special hearing for early next week to better protect Muslim civil rights in America. Organized by Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin, who chairs the judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights, the event will mark…


DOJ Combats Discriminatory Workplace Tests

The Obama appointee who lied under oath to cover up the Black Panther scandal and sued public colleges for requiring job applicants to prove legal residency announced the administration’s commitment to eliminating tests that discriminate against minorities in the workplace.Known as “disparate impact,” the racial discrimination created by written exams…


Obama wants it both ways on Sunshine Week


PROMISES, PROMISES: Little transparency progress


U.S. To Give Arab-Based Renewable Energy Agency $5 Mil

As if wasting exorbitant amounts of money to support the corrupt United Nations wasn’t bad enough, President Obama has joined a new Arab-based “international organization” dedicated to promoting renewable energy worldwide.That means U.S. taxpayers will supply a big chunk of the group’s funding in addition to the billions of dollars that already…


Police Ordered To Stop “Incidental Immigration Enforcement”

The leftist civil rights group that serves as a de facto branch of Obama’s Justice Department is ordering California law enforcement agencies to stop arresting illegal immigrants and ignore federal detainers usually placed on those with criminal convictions or deportation orders.In an a brazen directive to local authorities throughout California, the state with


Addicts To Shoot Up, Compliments Of Uncle Sam

For the first time in more than two decades federal tax dollars will be spent on intravenous needle exchanges for drug addicts because the Obama Administration has creatively designated them as treatment programs that qualify for substance abuse prevention grants.In 2009 the president led the effort to lift the longtime…


Secrecy Rule Used To Cover Up Govt. Wrongdoing

The most transparent administration in history is abusing a secrecy privilege to cover up embarrassing details of how the U.S. government got duped into wasting $20 million on bogus intelligence technology from a bankrupt computer programmer with a gambling addiction.Rather than dedicate resources to recovering lost funds or punishing the scam artist…


Obama’s Czars In Trouble

President Obama’s unconstitutional czar-fest may come to a screeching halt now that the U.S. House has voted to block funding for the officials—many of them radical leftists—he assigned to run government without congressional approval.In all, the president has appointed 41 czars who have enormous power to regulate and control the…


Obama Donor Brought U.S. Embassy To “State Of Dysfunction”

An Obama fundraiser awarded a cushy European ambassadorship after bundling more than half a million dollars for his presidential campaign ran her U.S. embassy like a hostile dictator, spent government funds on booze and bullied staff.Here comes the good part. State Department leadership (that includes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton)…


The Ellen DeGeneres Interview That Will Haunt President Obama …


Obama administration’s revolving door


National Security Threatened By Global Warming Diseases

Less than a year after a U.S. government report claimed global warming causes mental illness and cancer, intelligence and health officials assert that it will also create a national security threat by spreading disease among people and animals.This extremely “worrisome” consequence of climate change has been ignored for more than a decade…


Measuring “Grumpiness” May Avert Another WikiLeaks

In the aftermath of the WikiLeaks scandal, the Obama Administration plans to implement strict security rules requiring government agencies to use psychiatrists and sociologists to measure “relative happiness as a means to gauge trustworthiness” in federal employees and “despondence and grumpiness as a means to gauge waning trustworthiness.”Furthermore, agencies


Yemen Rents Out U.S. Military Aid For Profit

While millions in U.S. military aid continue pouring into Yemen, the Middle Eastern haven for Islamic militants profits from Uncle Sam’s generosity by renting out servicemen and patrol boats to lucrative operations that provide security for commercial ships.As part of a regional counter terrorism effort, the Obama Administration has deluged Yemen with hundreds of

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