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U.S. Gives Africa $36.5 Mil to Train More Doctors at U.N.’s Request


U.S. set to slash funds to Dictators-R-Us

From One News Now: According to Foreign Policy magazine, the Trump administration has told the State Department to slash more than 50 percent of the U.S. funding to United Nations programs.   The U.S. spends approximately $10 billion annually on the U.N. which often takes adversarial positions to U.S. interests.


U.S. Gives Africa $36.5 Mil to Train More Doctors at U.N.’s Request

Like a good lap dog, the U.S. is dedicating $36.5 million to help Africa train doctors because the famously corrupt United Nations determined that the continent has a terrible shortage of medical personnel and faculty. That means Uncle Sam must come to the rescue. The latest Africa allocation is in…


JW Exposes Clinton Misconduct in Court

Clinton Email Scandal Breaking News Judicial Watch Forces Obama Administration to Admit To Misconduct in Email Scandal Obama’s Hawaii Blow-Out Clinton Email Scandal Breaking News Nothing to see here but wedding plans, family vacations and yoga routines. That’s the malarkey that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters during…


Obama Gives $3 Bil to U.N. Climate Fund Run by Communist, Terrorist Nations

President Obama has committed a mind-boggling $3 billion to a new United Nations Green Climate Fund run by officials from Communist nations, a country that appears on the State Department’s list of terrorism-sponsors and an Arab oil-industry chief. As if it weren’t bad enough that our commander-in-chief is giving away…


U.S. Buries Coal, Fracking Positives in Report to U.N.

Buried deep in a State Department report that discloses the U.S. has spent billions to combat climate change in developing countries are surprisingly honest assessments of coal and fracking, both high on the Obama administration’s hit list. Once Americans get through the shock of their government blowing $7.5 billion to…


U.S. Joins More Dictators on U.N. Human Rights Council

While the United States pours billions of dollars annually into the famously corrupt United Nations, the world body’s laughable Human Rights Council welcomes even more of the globe’s violators to its list of disgraceful members. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. For years the U.S. boycotted the…


U.N. Human Rights Council to Add Genocidal Warlord

Funded primarily with U.S. tax dollars, the famously corrupt United Nations has hit a new low, awarding a genocidal warlord indicted by an international court for crimes against humanity a seat on its laughable human rights council. The worst part is that this madness is funded by Americans to the…


$20 Mil For African Green Energy Venture

The U.S. economy remains in shambles and a relentless unemployment crisis grips the nation yet the Obama Administration is giving away $20 million for an innovative green energy venture in Africa. The allocation comes less than two years after the administration dedicated $50 million to replace “inefficient cook stoves” contributing…


Congress May Finally Cut U.N. Funding

It seemed as if the day would never come, but U.S. lawmakers are finally working to slash the billions of taxpayer dollars sent annually to the famously corrupt and severely managed United Nations.As the U.N.’s top donor, Uncle Sam has for years provided a huge chunk of its operating budget and funded…

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