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Weekly Update: Another Clinton Cover-Up


Weekly Update: Another Clinton Cover-Up

Judicial Watch Sues for Coup Documents Hillary Clinton has Russia Collusion Problem DC Mayor Gives Open Borders Group 100,000 Tax Dollars Judicial Watch Stands Up for the Cross in the Supreme Court Judicial Watch Sues for Coup Documents Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, fired after being…


Clinton Foundation Firestorm

Judicial Watch Uncovers Clinton Emails With Pay to Play Revelations Stealing Elections? The New York ‘Whitewater’   Judicial Watch Uncovers Clinton Emails With Pay to Play Revelations Remember how Hillary Clinton repeatedly assured us all that she had turned over all work-related emails?  And that she avoided any conflicts of…


Voter ID and the Real Threat to Democracy

From The Wall Street Journal: The Supreme Court concluded in 2008that voter ID is constitutional and doesn’t impose an unreasonable burden on voters. But the recent decisions of three federal courts


State of North Carolina, et al. v League of Women Voters of North Carolina, et al.

On February 2, 2015, Judicial Watch joined with the Allied Educational Foundation (AEF) to file an amicus curiae brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in opposition to a lower court ruling preventing North Carolina’s implementation of its election integrity reform law.


Breitbart, Judicial Watch Voter Survey: 76% of Election Day Voters Support State Laws Requiring Voter ID

92% Concerned over Government Corruption – 89% oppose current Obamacare law (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch and today released the results of a joint election night survey of voters conducted by The Polling Company Inc. The poll reflects the responses of 806 actual 2014 voters. Highlights include: A large…


Clinton Judge Rules Voter ID Law Discriminates Against Poor, Minorities

In a ruling that will likely have a national impact on future elections a Clinton-appointed federal judge has struck down Wisconsin’s photo identification law because he believes it discriminates against poor and minority voters. How exactly? Under the law minorities “must pay the cost, in the form of time or…


Appeals Court Win for Wisconsin Voter ID Law

In a blow to the Obama administration’s effort to block voter identification laws, a state appellate court has ruled that Wisconsin’s voter ID measure is constitutional and therefore can be used as a tool to eliminate election fraud. The decision, from the 4th District Court of Appeals, reverses a lower…


Court Orders Feds to Pay State’s Legal Fees in Frivolous Voter ID Case

As if it weren’t bad enough that states are wasting millions to defend voter identification measures against frivolous federal lawsuits, the feds are being punished for filing the extraneous suits and have been ordered to pay one state’s legal costs. The story comes out of South Carolina, one of more…


9th Circuit Upholds Voter ID Law

In a much-needed victory for voter identification laws, a famously liberal federal appellate court has upheld a state measure requiring citizens to show a photo ID before casting a ballot in an election. The voter ID issue is getting hotter and hotter as the presidential election approaches. More than two…


Texas Sues DOJ Over Voter ID Law

Texas is suing the Department of Justice (DOJ) in federal court for blocking the implementation of a state voter identification law—passed to deter and detect election fraud—the Obama Administration claims discriminates against minorities. The Texas Legislature passed the measure in 2011 and six months ago it was submitted to the…


Judicial Watch Attorney to Testify Before Pennsylvania House Committee on Immigration Enforcement Legislative Package

“As a whole, these legislative initiatives mirror federal objectives and further a legitimate state goal.” Contact Information: Press Office 202-646-5172, ext 305 Washington, DC — August 30, 2011 Today, August 30, 2011, Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha will testify before the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee on the “National

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