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Casa de Maryland

Casa de Maryland

JUNE 13, 2012

Judicial Watch has filed a  Freedom of Information Act request that seeks records related to the Secretary of Labor’s visit to a training center for illegal aliens.  The training center, called Casa de Maryland, is funded in partnership with the Prince George’s and Montgomery County Community Colleges.

During her visit to Casa de Maryland, Secretary Hilda Solis urged graduates of the center’s workforce training program to report their employers for wage and hour violations regardless of the workers’ immigration status. “[Barack Obama] knows very well that it is very important to preserve the rights of the Hispanic community and of other communities, in any area where they are working,” she was quoted as saying.  “The federal laws are very clear and protect all workers equally, whether or not they have papers.”

Judicial Watch has sued the colleges on behalf of taxpayers challenging the policy of granting illegal aliens in-state tuition.

Judicial Watch has also fought Casa de Maryland’s attempts to pass a DREAM Act specific to Maryland:

Judicial Watch also closed down a similar center for day laborers in Herndon, Virginia: