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Judicial Watch • 09 05 14 Jordan Koskinen letter

09 05 14 Jordan Koskinen letter

09 05 14 Jordan Koskinen letter

Page 1: 09 05 14 Jordan Koskinen letter

Category:IRS Scandal

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Date Created:September 5, 2014

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Tags:Koskinen, mails, Subcommittee, Commissioner, exchange, tigta, jordan, Lerner, letter, IRS

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CONTACT: Darin Miller, 
IRS says 760 unsearched IRS exchange server drives could contain missing Lois Lerner e-mails 
Koskinen testify before Oversight subcommittee 
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Urbana), chairman the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee Economic Growth, Job Creation and Regulatory Affairs, has called IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testify before his subcommittee p.m. Wednesday, September 17. The hearing will held room 2154 the Rayburn House Office Building. letter confirming Commissioner Koskinens upcoming testimony before Rep. Jordans subcommittee, Rep. Jordan notes that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has identified 760 exchange servers from the time period relevant the Oversight Committees investigation into the IRS targeting conservative groups that exist and could contain Lois Lerners missing e-mails. 
This contradicts Commissioner Koskinens sworn testimony before Congress about Ms. Lerners missing e-mails.  
Jordan notes the letter: 
According TIGTA, the IRS did not search these sources for Ms. Lerners e-mails during its process producing documents Congress because the IRS was not aware that the exchange servers even existed. According TIGTA, the IRS was under the mistaken belief that the exchange servers had been destroyed 2012 until TIGTAs review IRS records indicated that the servers had not been destroyed due budgetary constraints. These 760 exchange server tapes could potential source for the destroyed e-mails sent received Ms. Lerner. 
Additionally, TIGTA found that e-mails from eight other individuals may have been lost from the relevant time period. The letter also notes the efforts the watchdog organization Judicial Watch, which recently uncovered that Ms. Lerners blackberry was wiped clean months after Oversight Committee staff questioned her about allegations that the IRS was targeting conservative groups. TIGTA found that additional blackberry was also destroyed. 
Jordan writes: 
Moreover, further information indicates that additional e-mails may have been lost during the relevant period. According TIGTA, custodians  out 118 total  experienced computer issues, and least eight custodians may have lost e-mails during the period under investigation. addition, according declaration filed Judicial Watchs lawsuit, the IRS admitted that wiped clean Ms. Lerners blackberry June 2012  months after Committee staff questioned Ms. Lerner about allegations that the IRS was targeting conservative groups and after Chairman 
Issa and wrote her about these allegations. TIGTA has stated that second blackberry belonging Ms. Lerner was destroyed November 2010. 
Rep. Jordan requested that Commissioner Koskinen come the hearing prepared answer questions related IRS efforts recover Lois Lerners e-mails. read Rep. Jordans complete letter Commissioner Koskinen, click here: 
WHO: Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman, Subcommittee Economic Growth, Job Creation and Regulatory Affairs; John Koskinen, commissioner, IRS 
WHAT: congressional subcommittee hearing IRS efforts recover Lois Lerners missing e-mails 
WHERE: 2154 Rayburn House Office Building 
WHEN: p.m., Wednesday, September