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Judicial Watch • 12 2 09 transcript 2012 Election Integrity Project

12 2 09 transcript 2012 Election Integrity Project

12 2 09 transcript 2012 Election Integrity Project

Page 1: 12 2 09 transcript 2012 Election Integrity Project

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Date Created:April 8, 2014

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TOM FITTON:  Good morning everyone.  Welcome this Judicial Watch press conference announcing our 2012 Election Integrity Project.  Judicial Watch organization that investigates and fights government corruption.  And were announcing here today the launch our 2012 Election Integrity Project pressure states and localities, through lawsuits necessary, clean voter registration rolls pursuant Section Eight the National Voting Rights Act, which sometimes known the NVRA. Judicial Watch investigation based upon publicly available data shows voter rolls the following states appear contain the names individuals who are ineligible vote: Mississippi, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Florida, Alabama, California, and Colorado.   
The Election Integrity Project will conducted partnership with True Vote and the Election Law Center, both whom are represented here today Catherine Engelbrecht True Vote and Christian Adams the Election Law Center. 
Judicial Watch sent initial warning letters under the law earlier this week election officials Indiana and Ohio well letters inquiry Florida and California officials.  These letters inquiry were designed gain more information about some the problematic voting lists described.  Additional letters are forthcoming.   
According our investigation, there appear more individuals voter registration lists the states Ive named than there are individuals eligible vote, including individuals presumably who are deceased.  Judicial Watchs initial warning letters notified election officials Ohio and Indiana that they are required law maintain accurate lists eligible voters for use conducting elections and that Judicial Watch prepared take legal action election officials fail clean their voting roles. quote from the letters, Allowing the names ineligible voters remain the voting roles harms the integrity the electoral process and undermines voter confidence the integrity the elections. top election officials, your responsibility under federal law conduct program that reasonably ensures that the lists eligible voters are accurate.  However with the November 2012 election the horizon and light the importance Section Eight the National Voting Rights Act ensuring the integrity and the legitimacy the electoral process, must emphasize the importance timeliness.  Accordingly, believe you not intend correct the above identified problems, lawsuit seeking declaratory and injunctive relief may necessary. Judicial Watch makes clear its letters, under Section Eight states must make reasonable effort clean registration rolls.  Section Eight also requires states make available for public inspection all records concerning the implementation programs and activities conducted for the purpose ensuring the accuracy and currency official lists eligible voters.   
Election fraud was significant concern during the 2008 and 2010 election seasons with ACORN Project Vote being linked massive voter registration fraud. total ACORN employees states have been convicted voter registration fraud. documented July 2009 report the House Committee Oversight and Government Reform, 1.3 million registrations Project Vote ACORN submitted the 2008 election cycle, more than one third were invalid.   
Judicial Watch has uncovered documents addition showing than rather than taking action enforce Section Eight the NVRA, the Obama Department Justice now working with the ACORN front Project Vote, Barack Obamas former employer, push for strict enforcement Section Seven the National Voting Rights Act relating the welfare office voter registration obligations.  The purpose this campaign evidently use voter registration laws register greater numbers low-income voters widely considered obviously important voting demographic for the Obama presidential campaign. 
Policy changes prompted stricter enforcement Section Seven, which also known the motor voter bill, have resulted increased incidents voter registration errors.  For example, the Judicial Watch investigation Colorado found that the percentage invalid voter registration forms from Colorado public assistance agencies was four times the national average after Project Vote successfully forced the state implement new policies for increasing the registration public assistance recipients for the 2008 and 2010 election seasons.  This major new emphasis the part Project Vote and its allies the Obama White House and the Holder Justice Department. 
Judicial Watch notes directly its letters that while Attorney General Eric Holder appears intent enforcing Section Seven the NVRA, which will yield, said, increased risk voter fraud, apparently has interest enforcing Section Eight ensure clean elections.   
Again, quote, While you may aware that U.S. Attorney Eric Holder has prioritized enforcement Section Seven the NVRA, which seeks expand opportunities register the vote, the attorney general has not demonstrated any similar interest prioritizing enforcement the list maintenance provisions Section Eight the NVRA.  Nonetheless, Section Eight important counterpart Section Seven.  The two provisions represent carefully crafted compromise the U.S. Congress increase both voter registration and the integrity voter rolls.  You cant massively increasing voter registration and the names voters lists without having rigorous process make sure those names are correctly there. 
President Obama and the Holder justice department evidently have interest clean elections this year. this responsibility frankly has fallen Judicial Watch.  And given the rampant election fraud that occurred during the last two election cycles, this matter the highest priority head into the 2012 election season. simply impossible have any faith the integrity election where dead people remain the voting rolls.  This recipe for voter fraud and stolen elections. this Judicial Watchs major Election Integrity Project this year. nonpartisan. not designed help candidates any particular party.  Judicial Watch has experience helping ensure the integrity elections. the 2000 election campaign Florida, where you had that dispute over ballots the hanging chads and the Florida election fight, Judicial Watch sought access over the objections the Bush campaign those ballots.  Then drove around Florida counting ballots. know what its like ensure the integrity elections and have history doing whether not Republicans Democrats like it.  And seems that voter integrity, election integrity, voter registration fraud, voter fraud, making sure dead people dont vote nonpartisan issue.  And hope and expect gain support from members both parties this.   
Youll note your press packets that our letters are targeted states that have Republican office holders and Democratic office holders and expect suing they dont comply with the law, even Republican office holders this year make sure theyre doing their job that our elections are safe and free from fraud. will turn now over  before take questions, Im going turn over our partners this project. Christian Adams will coming first. saw firsthand what the Justice Department does and does not lawyer the voting section the United States Department Justice.  And brought wide range election cases protect racial minorities, ranging from vote dilution redistricting lawsuits. also was behind  one the lawyers behind the successful  until the Obama administration came into office  the successful effort hold the new Black Panther accountable for its voter intimidation the polls during the 2008 campaign.  And litigated the successful Voting Rights Act case United States vs. Ike Brown, marking the first use the law protect the discriminated against white minority.  And prior his time the DOJ, served general counsel South Carolinas secretary state and was private practice. cant think anyone else who better expert this.  Hes been secretary state offices. knows what the duties and responsibilities are secretaries states and election officials.  And hes been the prosecution side.  And hes also seen directly the subversion the law the Obama Justice Department and even during the Bush administration career appointees who dont want this part the law enforced.   
And hes author the new and quite successful book, which will hold Im sure for you, Injustice, which going available here CPAC later this event. Ill turn over Christian.  Thank you.  (Applause.) 
CHRISTIAN ADAMS:  Good morning.  Can everybody hear okay?  Excellent.   
Indeed, the book called Injustice and will hold up.  Im signing tomorrow 2:00 p.m. before panel, which everyone should come to. will have Attorney General Meese and George Allen talking about how Obama shredding the constitution. tomorrow 2:00 p.m. 2:50 p.m.  
This great project.  And whats exciting about that theres huge problem.  Eric Holders justice department not willing enforce Section Eight NVRA.  Tom made allusion appears that hes not. cant tell you first hand that hes not because was there when the decision was made not to.   
Ill never forget  and write about the book great detail the book Injustice  meeting November 2009 when Julie Fernandez came the voting section and assembled everybody the room and announced that they would not enforcing this provisional law during the Obama administration.  They plainly said uncertain terms that Section Eight motor voter was not something that they had interest because had nothing with increasing minority turnout. its fallen private parties  and, thankfully, Congress enacted private right action the law that gives private parties the right sue and recover attorneys fees there great price paid for states that are allowing dead wood infest the voter rolls.   
Now, how know that dead wood the voter rolls?  Well, theres two ways.  Number one, you could look the data.  The data places like Mississippi show that some counties, 200 percent eligible voters are registered vote. other counties Mississippi its 125 percent.  Iowa, Texas, counties Texas have more people the rolls than they have registered voters.  This justice department not willing enforce the law because they are ideologically opposed it.   
Take the sworn testimony Christopher Coates, the former voting section chief the voting section during the Bush and the Obama justice departments. write about this great detail book, Injustice.  Mr. Coates testified under oath that recommended Obama political appointees eight separate specific investigations into states that had more people the voter rolls than they had human beings alive eligible vote. wrote this memo, written documentation suggesting that these states simply investigated, not sued, not threatened with lawsuit, simply pick the phone and make phone calls why this situation exists. asked for authority 
open investigation.  The Obama political appointees refused it.  They spiked eight investigations before those investigations even got authority happen. the situation has only gotten worse.  That the voter rolls, the latest data show that theyre just bad now they were 2008.  The only thing thats changed now have justice department ideologically committed enforcing some portions NVRA and not others.  They like the parts that help them.  They dont like the parts that hurt them.   
When was the Justice Department the Bush administration, enforced both provisions the law because thats what lawyers who took oath uphold the law are supposed do. closing, were facing very serious situation this year.  And, thankfully, there couldnt anybody better the task hand than Judicial Watch because theyre like angry bulldog.  When they get involved issue, they win.  And fully suspect that the end this year, they will have achieved score victories across the country make elections more fair, more free, and with greater integrity, despite the fact have attorney general whos unwilling enforce this law.  Thank you very much.  (Applause.) 
MR. FITTON:  Thank you, Christian, very much for those kind words well.  Christian has done much educate the American people.  Hes been one man education machine terms alerting the American people about the corruption the justice department.  This job that Judicial Watch willing but frankly its outrageous that have given the duties and responsibilities the offices the law there the justice department who are supposed upholding the rule law.  
Were pleased joined also Catherine Engelbrecht who president both King Street Patriots, tea party organization its fair say, and True Vote.  Shes from Richmond, Texas, and shes the president high-precision oil field machine shop started 1994 her and her husband Bryan. she has real job addition doing her public policy activism.   
Prior 2008, Catherine had little involvement with the political arena and she what could called life activist with roles wife and mother and founder, board member her church, officer her schools parents teacher organization, city volunteer.  She had plenty focus addition her own business.   
And, obviously, things changed bit with the increased government and outrages that occurred over the last recent years.  And she got involved and got active and started 2009 the King Street Patriots which based the Houston area support and defend American exceptionalism, constitutional governance and civic duty.   
And then from King Street Patriots came the True Vote initiative which citizen-led effort restore honor and integrity our electoral system.  True Vote 
educates voters, researchers the veracity voter registries, trains and mobilizes volunteers that work polling places and advocates for comprehensive election code reform legislation.  And shes wonderful addition the movement for the rule law this country.  And were pleased working with her this project.   
And Ill turn over Catherine Engelbrecht.  (Applause.) 
CATHERINE ENGELBRECHT:  Thanks very much.  Good morning everyone.  Can you hear me?  Yes?   
Tom, were thrilled part this.  Were thrilled here with Tom and Christian and what they have brought this country terms the awareness the problem, the very real problem that face with election integrity this country. Tom said, 2009 our group started effort called True Vote, and was very simply just work our own polls Harris County, the third largest voting bloc the nation, had opportunity see whole range challenges that once got involved with and began doing something about going work the polls, looking our registry, seeing, just Tom says, that there are problems that you can only imagine nightmare would our rolls, because think all think our elections are fair, right? mean, were America.  Everything should like Pixar movie.  Its not the case. any rate, went Harris County, and because what were doing, before long people across the nation knew about us.  And now are working states.  Were supporting hundreds groups, all national call for election integrity. misnomer believe that our government doing what ought ensure the integrity our process. the responsibility, ultimately, the citizens make sure that our elections are kept free and fair.  And monumental undertaking what youre hearing talked about this morning.   
Christian mentioned that one thing has changed since 2008 and thats that Eric Holders justice department not willing uphold Section Eight the National Voter Registration Act.  Something else has changed.  Citizens are now demanding that can rely upon the sanctity our vote.  And whatever that means, whatever that takes, are more than ready walk down that road with him.   
Were thrilled part the project. look forward the results.  And lets hope that for 2012 can rely upon the voice the people being heard through rolls that are clean and votes that are fair.  Thank you much.  (Applause.) 
MR. FITTON:  Now can take few questions. youre member the media, Id appreciate you identify yourself such, otherwise, know all you are here including the attendees from CPAC. welcome you.  And appreciate your input and any questions you may have.  Yes.  Hi.  Gene (sp)  (off mike). want know what would the criteria for choosing the states that you did choose start off  (off mike). 
MR. FITTON:  Well, generally speaking, there are states that contain counties where there are more eligible voters, there are more people the voter registration rolls than they are eligible voters. any county with voter registration over 100 percent eligible voters makes target.  And thats why one the reasons appears these lists.  (Off mike.) 
MR. FITTON:  Oh, Im sorry.  You look Census data.  You look the voter registration data thats turned over the states and the federal government, and you put two and two together and you see the problems.  Its something thats easily done.  And the justice department quite capable doing it. 
MR. ADAMS:  Well, they  can everyone hear me?  Yes.  EAC, the Election Assistance Commission, the zombie federal agency, collects data and the data are collected after each congressional action.  And you could see how many people are registered vote because the states and the counties are telling them this how many people are registered vote.  And then you simply take the Census data and you compare the two, come with list counties that have more than 100 percent eligible voters registered vote.  Its very simply.  Its also public record. 
MR. FITTON:  Yes.  Right here. came little bit late.  You mentioned  (off mike).  Could you maybe give some examples some things that are happening  (off mike)? 
MS. ENGELBRECHT: clear, live Richmond, but the problems that were just referring actually were Harris County. saw everything that covers the full spectrum election, what consider election integrity problems from not nearly enough people working the polls and people that were there werent properly trained the operation the polls. saw virtue that lack awareness problems that led anything from questionable voting practices what would consider outright election fraud, people who would come and say they didnt know who vote for and then you would see the election judge take them the voting booth and vote for them.   
That instance was the first foray for into working this larger context True Vote.  When saw the problems the polls, wondered, well, how much more there?  How much more there this process that should look at?   
And then began looking voter registration applications, how names get into the registry.  Then looked the registry itself.  And there without question, Tom and Christian have just said, this all public record.  But, apparently, nobody adding up.  And what have seen now that were becoming more involved outside just Texas but across the country, you look the rolls Ohio and Florida and Wisconsin, its wild.  Its all there online.  Check out.  You wont believe it. 
MR. FITTON:  Yes.  Hi.  Im interested your take possible involvement the old concept  number jurisdictions there are rumors require voters have identification order vote. hear opponents often say that concept that solution search problem.  What your take all that? 
MR. ADAMS:  Thats very good talking point that theyve distributed around the country solution search problem.  Thats take that.  But dont think were here talk about voter unless you want to.   
MR. FITTON:  Well, just one point.  The administrations attack voter laws, the administrations attack states force them register more voters than might otherwise appropriate given all the facts and circumstances and concerns about fraud and the processes there and the refusal enforce Section Eight, thats political decision help the reelection President Obama opposed enforce the rule law without respect political impacts. 
MR. ADAMS:  Yes, look, theres pattern thats developed  opposition voter ID, aggressive enforcement Section Seven motor voter, including the use people wearing wires that are going into state election offices, justice department officials are wearing clandestine recording devices enforcing that aggressively.  And then enforcing Section Eight.  You could see which way the wind blows when comes these individual decisions.   
MR. FITTON:  You know, all need hear that Project Vote and ACORN are meeting with the justice department and meeting with the White House.  These groups are like having mafia running the FBI have them involved motor voter and voter registration issues.  They have access the highest levels our government and they are arms the Obama campaign and allies, and really distorting the rule law. 
MR. ADAMS:  Let add what Tom just said.  Let finish what said.  Theyre meeting with the White House about these policies, about what the voting section the justice department should do, not just general meetings.  These are meetings with Project Vote and ACORN with White House officials urge them get the voting section DOJ rights work file Section Seven lawsuits.  Its not just how you meetings.  Its policy meetings. 
MR. FITTON:  And the e-mails uncovered show they are actually recommending people work there. know whos making the decisions the justice department this administration.  Any other questions?  Yes.  These voter rolls  why the problem there?  The incompetence ideological reasons?  Why are there  (off mike)? 
MR. FITTON:  Well, you know, guess can speculate what the reasons are.  Our concern that there are problems and steps need taken fix them.  Now, individual states and counties where the problems exist, there may fixable and easy solutions it.  Others they may not care about enforcing law all.  And, you know, the government after all. may just government bungling and incompetence, but theyve been unnoticed for long time.  Christian has previously been active this area.  They know what the law is, the secretaries states do.  Theyre very acutely aware it.  But guess they dont have worry about the justice department breathing down their necks this theyre not interested enforcing the law. 
MR. ADAMS:  And, Michael, some its little  its mix both. know theres some counties Mississippi that personally litigated case where incompetence, incompetence like youve never seen.  But the same time, the people who run the show realize this good thing.  Were not going clean our voter rolls because allows certain things. allows get absentee ballots out people who dont exist.  And you have this toxic blending incompetence and ideological views and thats led corruption voter rolls lot places the country. 
MR. FITTON:  Catherine, what has been the response officials when youve highlighted your colleagues and activists True Vote have highlighted problems them?  Have they been responsive? 
MS. ENGELBRECHT: some cases theyve been very responsive and its been very refreshing. other cases, its theyve never received word from anything.  Christian can attest the fact that 2010 sent letters the Department Justice based some things that found our own rolls and never received response any kind.   
But, Michael, Id like back just real quick and address why that the rolls are like they are because there are all kinds think reasons that can look from institutional perspective why our government being allowed this.  But think also speaks the fact that citizens  not assign this priority. just make the assumption that vote everything works its way out.   
And the problem that face cannot overstated.  This not something that can taken lightly.  This  everything else youre going hear talked about this entire weekend presupposes that this works, what were talking about. paramount importance.  And think  really thank God for Judicial Watch stepping the plate because needs done. 
MR. FITTON:  When you think about it, affects not only federal elections, but affects potentially state and local elections well. everyone ought have interest this.  Yes, the back, sir.  (Off mike)  Secretary Thomas Jefferson.  Shouldnt  (off mike)  legislative branch judicial branch  (off mike)?  Most dont think the vote that have  (off mike)  and grand jury.  And  (off mike)  still have the right  (off mike)  government officers, government services who are not doing their duty.  And some these laws where they had voting shall say  (off mike)  was theyre not being enforced the Department Justice, wouldnt not wise also have the aspect True Vote the  (off mike)  grand juries bring charges against voting officers who are not doing their job.   
MR. FITTON:  Well, this  dont  Im not position dispute anything you said but specifically though this question federal law and private parties having the right enforce this federal voting law through private rights action federal court.  And, generally, the concept citizen Grand Juries, the extent they exist the state level usually relates state law.  But thats non-lawyer response.  Next question.  Any other questions?  Yes.  Right here.  Isnt there law the books already that states have purge their own rolls and  (off mike)? 
MR. FITTON:  Well, this the purpose our press conference, reporting out those   
MR. ADAMS: came late. 
MR. FITTON:  Oh, Im sorry.  (Off mike.) 
MR. FITTON:  Thats fine.  Its called Section Eight the National Voting Rights Act requires states make reasonable efforts make sure their rolls are being  are cleaned up.  And theyre not being cleaned up, you can certain circumstances sue enforce the law.  And weve sent warning letters two states. expect send additional warning letters. have concerns about other states and sought more information from.  And plan, they dont comply with the law, can, plan sue enforce that Section Eight the National Voting Rights Act, section the law that the justice department does not want enforce for reasons stated.  (Off mike.) 
MR. FITTON:  Which two states?  Well, sent letters inquiry California and Florida and sent letters  demand letters, which are more severe, warning them lawsuit they dont comply and follow the law Ohio and Indiana.  Yes, John (sp).  What standard accuracy are expecting?  What standard accuracy? 
MR. FITTON:  Well, were using Census data.  Were using their own reporting the federal government, the Election Assistance Center. were expecting them look the numbers that the Census has, the federal government has, look the numbers theyve presented the government and when theres problem and theres indication problem, they need make sure.  You know, arguably, when you have voter registration plus percent the eligible population, you know, there could indication problem. this point though, were sticking the issue anyone with over 100 percent, which obvious indication problem.  But isnt  arent they very raw those numbers?  Those are just   
MR. ADAMS:  No.  Theyre totally point.  The Census data down  (inaudible).  The voter reg numbers are down  (inaudible).  Theres ambiguity about county reg numbers.  Theyre not raw.  Theyre  the county themselves say heres how many people are our rolls, end story.   
MR. FITTON:  Yes.  Theres going question about what the numbers are.  Its question what theyre doing maintain the voting rolls.  And thats where the legal fight and hopefully the discussion first can take place.  Were hopeful that some these states respond positively and take some adequate steps what the law requires.  And that would great victory for us.  But they dont, Judicial Watch does have the capability and willingness sue court.  Okay. unless there are any other questions   
MR. ADAMS:  Theres one more. 
MR. FITTON:  One more.  Yes.  Did you have question?  No?  Yes.  One more for you.  Moving forward from here, what will the best way track information the responses that youll hopefully get from the states? your websites directly  (inaudible)? 
MR. FITTON:  Well, sure. mean, initially, obviously, True Vote its and, and will have most the legal documents they come in.  And well pursuing that. 
Now, your way out have press packets which have copies the letters Ive referenced and the press release referenced well.  And obviously were around CPAC you have more information contact your offices otherwise.  But thank you for joining today and well see you the rest CPAC.  (Applause.)