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Judicial Watch • 13 12 10 transcript Amnesty Update Panel

13 12 10 transcript Amnesty Update Panel

13 12 10 transcript Amnesty Update Panel

Page 1: 13 12 10 transcript Amnesty Update Panel

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Date Created:April 8, 2014

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TOM FITTON:  OK. everyone could turn their cell phones down vibrate, Id appreciate it.  Im Tom Fitton.  Im president Judicial Watch.  And welcome.  Thank you for those you here today who came out the weather, which everyone watching the Internet supposedly snow storm but the city just wet not much accumulation here.   
But were here today talk about the important issue illegal immigration and efforts address the issue, and, obviously, the establishments efforts address the issue through large-scale amnesty. 
Im Tom Fitton, president Judicial Watch.  And Judicial Watch conservative, non-partisan educational foundation dedicated promoting transparency, accountability and integrity government politics and the law.  Through our educational endeavors, advocate high standards ethics and morality our nations public life and seek ensure that political and judicial officials obey the law and not abuse the powers entrusted them the American people. said, our panel this morning will take look the ongoing battles over our nations immigration laws.   
Because massive resistance local, state and federal politicians, the rule law immigration matters has been severely undermined.  Our border not secure.  Our president wont enforce the law and unilaterally rewriting it.  State and local official openly flout state and federal immigration laws.  And politicians both political parties would reward law-breaking illegal aliens  every last one, not just the hard cases  with legal status and citizenship.   
And whether not establishment Washington wants recognize it, President Obama has caused constitutional crisis his granting what is, effect, amnesty entire categories illegal aliens.   
For instance, after Congress repeatedly and expressly rejected the DREAM Act, President Obama, acting one-man Congress, simply rewrote the immigration laws and granted amnesty the so-called DREAM-ers, those who would have been covered the DREAM Act.  And, more broadly, the Obama administration, despite all the noise you hear the contrary, has stopped deporting illegal aliens who supposedly havent committed any serious crimes.  Now, guarantee you that your definition serious different than the Obama administrations serious. there are folks who have committed crimes beyond violations illegal immigration laws that are being allowed remain the country result Obamas refusal enforce the law and deport them. rather than, course, address this lawlessness, Congress doubling down considering massive immigration amnesty.  Our friends here today will give you 
the dirty details, but suffice say that comprehensive immigration reform immigration Obamacare health care.   
And let talk little bit also about what going the federal and state level.  You know, have litigation California and Illinois, for instance, where those localities and Cook County, specifically, Illinois, are simply refusing comply with ICE-demands for information about aliens that they have arrested ICE can figure out whether not they committed serious crime and ought deported.  You have that massive resistance going on, again, Cook County, Illinois.  And, course, California the home many sanctuary cities.   
And dont know what you all think but cant imagine that theres going any immigration reform, any border security that going worth one whit when you have stop sign the border but welcome signs our major cities illegal alien law breakers.  That another crisis, rule law crisis thats not being addressed certainly the state local level.  Were trying address through litigation.   
But its remarkable that the Justice Department, that would sue those, like Arizona and Alabama, would try support and enforce and further federal objectives this  objectives, obviously, their local citizens having the rule law and laws against legal immigration enforced, the Justice Department would sue them but allow states like California, localities like Obamas hometown, and Cook County flout immigration law and they ignore it, they ignore that law breaking.  Obviously, its partisanship, and, obviously further reveals this administrations naked abuse power when comes enforcing the rule law without regard the political consequences the effect has the political and demographic segments wants encourage the vote for its political allies.   
So, that all being said, theres lot discuss.  And have got three the nations leading experts immigration law enforcement and the politics here today.   
Congressman Steve King was elected Congress 2002 and represents Iowas 4th congressional district.  Now, you know, youre very controversial immigration matters, but have feeling youre going become less controversial two years, when the presidential campaigns heat up.  King member the House Judiciary Committee, where sits the Constitution and Civil Justice Subcommittee and the Immigration and Border Subcommittee. believes the constitution means what says and should read with the intent our founding fathers mind.  You know, its easy for activists come and talk about illegal immigration, but, you know, for politician take the lead, Congressman King has, and the personal attacks suffers result, know were all grateful here.  And know speak for Mark and Rosemary and all the supporters Judicial Watch for your leadership these issues.   
Mark Krikorian, the far end the table, last but almost  not last.  Mark Krikorian has served director the Center for Immigration Studies since 1995.  The center, independent non-partisan research organization Washington, D.C., examines 
and critiques the impact immigration the United States.  CIS pro-immigrant, low-immigration vision which seeks further immigrants but warmer welcome for those  seeks fewer immigrants but warmer welcome for those admitted. was established 1985 respond the need for reliable, fact-based research the immigration area.  And, again, Mark has, through his work CIS and the good people that works there with, really affected the conversation immigration tremendous way, and though his perch, National Review Online, that sensible approach immigration matters, really has kind made easier promote these because his steady and good sense this issue.   
And, Rosemary Jenks, last but not least, director government relations for Numbers USA, non-profit, non-partisan organization.  Ms. Jenks has worked immigration issues since 1990.  Prior her work with Numbers USA, she spent two years independent immigration consultant, providing research and legislative analysis immigration reform organizations across the country. recovering lawyer, guess, Mr. Jenks received her J.D. with honors from Harvard Law School and B.A. political science from the Colorado College, and shes member the Virginia State Bar.  And Rosemary and Numbers USA are some the most important organizations you never heard Washington, D.C., and say that with all due respect here, hundreds thousands supporters, some whom are probably watching now, but they are the grassroots army that has done much stop amnesty, Republican amnesty frankly this case and the previous case 2007.  And unsung hero the battle maintain the rule law and represent the voice the majority Washington, which given short thrift the establishments both political parties here, Washington, D.C. that being said, Ill turn over Congressman King and our other panelists.  Theyll giving some remarks and then well have discussion amongst ourselves, and hopefully include you well.   
So, Congressman King, thank you.   
REPRESENTATIVE STEVE KING (R-IA):  Well, thank you, Tom. appreciate you and Judicial Watch pulling this together today.  Its good day have this discussion here Washington where some people have decided there should government shutdown because some snowflakes.  Not enough impediment people who believe the rule law and the constitution and the future, greener destiny the United States America.   
When listened your opening remarks, took some notes here.  And the first words that wrote down were constitutional crisis.  And then wrote whole series things between that.  And then, the last word wrote down was constitutional crisis, not design but because how its triggered thought process.   
And then  but would take this back 1986. was and remain great admirer Ronald Reagan. let down only two times eight years, but 1986, when saw the debate amnesty coming through the Congress, Im thinking, well, cant 
stop the House; cant stop the Senate, but Ronald Reagan will surely veto this amnesty because rewards lawbreakers and erodes the rule law.  And ever should sign it, will very busy for long time restoring the rule law, least with regard immigration.   
And when the news came that Ronald Reagan had decided sign the Amnesty Act, give him credit  least was honest enough call Amnesty. knew what was that was doing.  And the bargain was, that started out 700,000 800,000 people, maybe million people that became over three million people that received amnesty under the act because accelerated border crossings and document fraud and those kind things that know today under immigration  excuse  Reagan was honest about it. said, were going close the border and were going force immigration law all across this land.   
And remember the I-9 forms. was contractor the time for lot years.  And had these little I-9 forms.  When applicant came in, copied the information that they had and weve made them fill out the I-9 form. stapled that information together and put file.  And lived with respect and even slight  might even say some fear that INS agent would show and would have file that was out order, that hadnt properly documented all the applications.  Thats the respect that had for the rule law. grew law enforcement family.  That helped lot. was steeped the constitution and the rule law.  And father was manager Stapleys radio stations, and would open the law and read and tell how thats anchored, and why was valid why might wonder about the constitutionality it.   
But thats 86, and lived through those years.  Those files are still somewhere the King Construction Archives. course, one ever showed look through those files.  And there are lot files out around the country the same way.  But that was respect for the rule law. followed it.  And knew that rewarding people for breaking the law would mean that would have more lawbreakers.   
Since then, Ive interviewed people who were the beneficiaries the 86 Amnesty Act, and they will say almost universally, should also pass amnesty because was good for  theyll say, good for me. was good for family. was beneficiary it, therefore, should good for America theyre the beneficiary. course, never bought that story.   
And moved forward into this era where weve had these intense immigration debates the mid-90s, and the first decade this millennia, and now emerging again.  And the heart this: the rule law.  And you reward lawbreakers, you end with more lawbreakers.  And the equation becomes this: why that Democrats are almost universally for amnesty, because, first all, for lot years, Republican leadership has tried discourage, continue try discourage, active, especially elected Republicans from explaining the political beneficiaries are Democrats.  The polling out 
there shows someplace between two one and even many five one the people who are pressing for amnesty.  Those who are unlawfully present the United States given citizenship will vote for more liberal agenda.  That erodes the rule law further and you wonder why people who would benefited breaking the law would anything except accelerate more lawbreaking benefited them.  Thats big equation this.  Thats why you dont get support the Democrat side.  Theyre the electoral beneficiaries.   
Republicans, somehow, some them stick their fingers their ears the head the sand and they disregard that because they dont want talk about that reality. think should talk about all realities, but me,  the core this the rule law.  And when people break the law come here and reward them with breaking them law, then they think thats all right break another law and another law. breeds disrespect for the law. cannot great nation are going willfully destroy the rule law, especially for political purposes.  Its not for economic purposes.  Thats  that equation far off the scale that cant hardly take seriously.  
 But think Robert Rector, the Heritage Foundation put out really good study and you know its good study when they didnt attack the study.  They just attacked Robert Rector.  And has been unassailable for decades here this city with the careful work that has done. should  saw what the president did with the DREAM Act.  That brings about constitutional crisis.  But should think about what amnesty is.  And Ive defined number years ago. grant amnesty pardon immigration lawbreakers and reward them with the objective their crime.  And whatever they broke the law for  dont know what that motive is.  Maybe was citizenship.  Maybe was job.  Maybe was live the shadows maybe was live here the United States encumbered.  Maybe was that they could send money back their home country.  Maybe was with their family.  But whatever was, whatever their objective is, the advocates amnesty are seeking grant them their objective.  
And isnt just amnesty for someone whom, say, might and rob bank, because granting them amnesty would  when they get out the street with the loot, you would say them, Im going give you amnesty; now youre not going able rob the bank anymore.  But this giving them the loot too.  You get rob the bank and keep the money.  Thats what amnesty really is.  Its pardon them for the crime and reward them with the objective it.  And breaks down our culture and our civilization. should also think that  some will say well, the objective their crime maybe technically isnt right because percent overstayed their visas and thats civil rather than criminal, but theyre working the United States, theyre most likely guilty document fraud  thats criminal. they came here work and overstayed their visa and theyre actually working, chances are theyve also committed the criminal act 
document fraud, which, thats ever happened you, youll take very personally when that takes place.   
The Gang Eights decision over the Senate  vast overreach what should doing.  And will take this back the politics all this. looked into this upcoming session Congress that were  were year into now  and people came me, and said, sign onto this bill that bill; can get border security bill; can get internal enforcement bill; can get some kind guest worker bill that doesnt grant amnesty  none those bills should move anywhere this Congress because, each case, its piece legislation that one who advocates for it, from our side this perspective, can paint the picture how border security bill guest worker bill that doesnt grant amnesty could  could get the presidents desk for signature without also having amnesty part it. would become vehicle for the Senate slap their language and then push back the House conference report that all Democrats would vote for and dozen two Republicans would vote it. would the presidents desk. cannot accomplish anything constructive from rule law perspective restoring the pillars American exceptionalism, which the rule law important one, send anything this presidents desk.  You cannot trust this president. has proven over and over again.  Even the leftists, the left the leftists cannot look you the eye and say, the president told you the truth.  That doesnt exist any longer the understanding this president.  Hes always been unreliable. mean, hasnt kept his word many times over, especially with regard immigration, but Obamacare seals the deal that.   
But would add that March 28th, 2011, the president, not very far from here, gave speech high school Washington, D.C., and said, you want establish the DREAM Act executive order.  And know that youre good students and youve been studying the constitution and you know that there are three branches government, the executive, the legislative  should say, the legislative, executive and judicial branch, the order that they appear the constitution  and said its the Article One executive  legislative branch that writes the laws. dont have the authority that president. job enforce the judicial branchs job than just define what the law means. made that pledge, that oath, March 28th, 2011.  Not much later, signed the DACA language that tears the constitution asunder, and usurps the legislative authority Congress, and sets the DREAM Act establishing entire classes people, and then declaring, well, no; its prosecutorial discretion.  And you read the memos, Janet Napolitano has there multiple times. one those memos, believe its seven references on individual basis only, individual basis only, which pretty good key really isnt individual basis only. establishing class people which makes unconstitutional declare prosecutorial discretion that kind language.  Then you see now replete through many other aspects government. isnt only immigration anymore.  Were constitutional crisis.   
And Im interested hear what friend and colleagues have say.  And appreciate all your leadership the topic. 
MR. FITTON:  Thank you, Congressman.  Rosemary Jenks. 
ROSEMARY JENKS: actually learned couple interesting statistics recently.  The first that all the women jail and prison the United States, about two-thirds them have children under the age 18.  About percent all the men prison, jail the United States have children under the age 18. question is: when the last time anyone here saw protest because our prisons and jails are separating American parents from their children when their American parents jail?  Anyone?  Has anyone ever seen such protest? certainly havent.  And yet, every day, the newspapers, the media, the mainstream media bombards with stories about how mean and vicious are because separate immigrant parents who have broken the law from their children.   
Why there different standard?  America was based  was built equality under the law, equal protection the law. why different for Americans and legal immigrants versus illegal immigrants?  How does that make sense?  Why are supposed more compassionate, more forgiving, more blind illegal immigrant parents than legal immigrants citizens? dont understand that.  And think need ask ourselves that. think Congressman King explained pretty clearly and rightly why that are, again, dealing with amnesty, the question amnesty the United States right now. think can expect that, you know, the Democrat Party will always supportive amnesty.  After they get the next amnesty, they will start pushing for another one because they have intention actually stopping illegal immigration because needs more voters.  Its very simple equation.   
But, for Republicans, sure that there are some Republicans Congress who are foolish enough still believe that, passing amnesty, they can appear more compassionate; they can appear out pander Democrats, which, course, all know that Republicans will never out pander Democrats. least hope not because they then wont Republicans anymore.  But dont think that explains the Republican push for amnesty. think what explains the Republican push for amnesty and think what explains Speaker Boehner hiring Rebecca Talent immigration policy for him draw big business, money.  Its about the money.  You know, Washington, its clich   
MR. FITTON:  Whos Rebecca Tallent? 
MS. JENKS:  Sorry.  Rebecca Tallent former Jim Colby, then John McCain staffer.  She helped write the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill 2007.  Then she went 
the Bipartisan Policy Center, where she worked with Haley Barbour and others immigration working group.  And, course, they came out with recommendations that were pretty much exactly line with the Senate amnesty bill.  Big surprise. John Boehner has just hired her not judiciary committee work, which, you know, the speaker has someone judiciary committee work. hired her specifically for immigration policy. thats pretty clear sign.  Now, her ties are directly the business community.  This about money.  Its about cheap labor.  Its about bigger profits for big business.   
And think that  you know, youve got folks like Mark Zuckerberg going around Republican members Congress and telling them, will come into your district and spend money getting you reelected you give this bill.  You know, always kind thought that was kind you know, quid pro quo kind thing, but, apparently, Im wrong.  Harvard didnt teach lot.  (Laughs.) the problem is, course, that the American people who have interest the rule law, who have interest jobs America, who have interest tax cuts instead tax increases, who have interest reducing entitlement spending instead increasing it, who have interest adequate health care  which theyre not going get anytime soon  they dont have huge money like Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, and the Chamber Commerce, theyre left fend for themselves, except for Numbers USA.  And, the way, Tom, just have brag little bit. just went over two million activists Numbers USA. 
MR. FITTON:  Thats fantastic. 
MS. JENKS:  So, America.  But, you know, are vastly outgunned, out moneyed the big business crowd, organized religion, and on.  But this comes down basic principles America, American exceptionalism. the first duty the United States government, our representatives, who elected, look out for our interests say, no, you know what?  You ahead and look out for the interests people who have either broken the law come here people who are not even here yet, because the Senate bill would not just grant amnesty all the illegal aliens who are here. would also double legal immigration, double the number guest workers coming take American jobs. have, right now, the lowest labor force participation rate that have had since women started entering the labor force the 1970s. have unemployment point something percent, 7.2 percent. not have labor shortage this country. have job shortage. need insist that our representatives Congress address the issues that affect because have right insist that.   
The other thing want say that group  after the DACA memo was announced Secretary Napolitano, then Secretary Napolitano, group ICE agents filed lawsuit federal court, Texas.  The judge has just recently dismissed that suit technicality.  Basically, found that because labor law, that doesnt have jurisdiction hear.  However, said one his rulings that the Department Homeland Security does not have the authority violate the law they are doing under DACA.  DHS directly violating the law under DACA.  They are ordering ICE agents break the law that Congress wrote.  And yet, thats been completely ignored this administration, and  later, couple steps just recently, now know that families military folks serving the military and veterans who are here illegally will allowed stay.  They will actually given permanent residence after year parole.  And the other category basically all family members visa overstay  visa overstayers who have family members who are citizens lawful permanent residents.   
And lets think about that. its better, its under the law, apparently, its more you lied when you came here tourist visa and just overstayed than you broke the law entering the country illegally across the border?  How does that work?  Anyway.  This administration that blatantly violating the law, violating the constitution.   
And Ill tell you, the president the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Union, Chris Crane, told last week that, basically, the only people that ICE actually able deport now are violent convicted criminals  rapists, murders  otherwise  and thats only they are notified the locality that someone like that prison jail.  Theyre not going after anyone.  Theyre not tracking down anyone.  Theyre not looking for anyone.  Theyre simply being notified about people prisons.  Those are the people who are being deported, the people who are reflected these, you know, 1,100 deportations every day, oh, gosh, were horrible.  Yeah.  Theyre criminals.   
Anyway, Ill leave there. 
MR. FITTON:  Thank you, Rosemary.  Mark Krikorian. 
MARK KRIKORIAN:  Thank you, Tom, and thank you, Congressman, Rosemary, for your comments. just wanted take the opportunity get somebody take bet that Ive been trying publicize.  All year Ive been telling every report talk to, said, will buy you lunch the president has bill his desk the end 2013 that signs.  People say, well, dont know. dont know. looks like its going Labor Day.  Theres going amnesty pass.  Nobody took it. its not the end the year yet but its  think all can agree its not going happen the end this year. Im starting early.  Im trying take bets now that the president not going have bill his desk sign the end 2014.  Already one the pro-amnesty advocates took and said, won, hed bring million people with him for lunch.  But said, no, Im not buying them lunch.  But its because Im not going have   
MR. FITTON:  You can pay the office. 
MR. KRIKORIAN:  Im not going have pay that one anyway. the  and think the reason this the case, the reason this not going succeed, despite the unbelievable amounts money that have been spent  since the failure the last amnesty, $1.5 billion has been spent lobbying for the next amnesty, $1.5 billion the last six years.  But its still not going work.   
And the reason this: its not that there is, you know, broad and intense and implacable opposition the public any form amnesty.  Frankly, lot the public opinion polling this is, you know  mean, its often rigged, the language massaged, but does tell you something think, that much the public would willing along with some kind amnesty they thought was the last amnesty.  Thats the key issue.  Honestly  mean, Im the limp-wristed panty waste here. could even along with amnesty were the last amnesty.  Its wrong lot ways for the reasons the congressman spelled out.  Its hugely expensive.  Its just  its very unpalatable thing.  But way kind clearing the decks and starting fresh, which was the rationale the 86 amnesty, you can make least theoretical case for it.  
The problem nobody believes that tomorrows immigration laws will enforced any better than yesterdays work.  Thats the key issue, its the trust gap.  Nineteen eighty-six was the first time wed done that.  And  mean, was  dont even know where was then. dont think was even the United States when the bill was signed. was abroad after graduate school.  But had been here, you know, might have said, OK, well, might worth try.   
But realized that doesnt work that way. the old saying goes  Chekov Star Trek think was the one who said this saying, fool once, shame you, but fool twice, shame me.  And that basic trust gap the problem.  And that trust gap would exist pretty much regardless, whoever was the president. existed when Bush was the president and tried this.  But this president has taken that trust gap and turned into the trust Grand Canyon.   
Theres this idea the White House that the key issue press release about how many people they deport, that that somehow will cover the trust gap, that will demonstrate this administrations commitment enforcing the law.  So, you know, sense, all the squealing the advocacy groups about, wow, theres too many deportations, and theyre nearing the two million mark and all kinds stuff like this, you know, didnt know better, think the White House scripted all this stuff and they had meeting with Cecilia Munoz, and she said, OK, now you say this Tuesday about how bad are, and then Wednesday, youll say about how bad are, and that will show those troglodyte, bitter-clinging Republicans that really are tough immigration.   
But, you know, theres whole bunch reasons thats phony.  First all, the numbers are cooked. mean, they are deporting significant number people. mean, its not like none this happening, but the numbers are massaged all kinds dishonest way. just had extensive report this colleague, Jessica 
Vaughan  its our website  where people who are inclined can donate the center theyd like to, but you dont have read the report.  And she explains all kinds detail basically how the administration fudging these numbers, cooking the books make look like theyre deporting more people than they are.  And, fact, you know, basically what amounts the White House Press Office said, look, this the press release were releasing.  You guys make sure that the numbers somehow match up, what were releasing and its going out tomorrow. mean, this  they cooked these books such way make the numbers look bigger.  Thats number one.   
But number two deportation only one piece immigration enforcement.  You know, work side enforcement, anything, least important, not more important, making sure that its hard for illegals get job and kind live functional, normal life the United States.  Well, this administration has all but stopped work side enforcement.   
They have been doing some audits where they into office, and they say, show your personal records, and then they check the personnel information people who are employed there and see theres any illegals not.  But they make sure they never arrest anybody.  And, you know, thats useful tool but its only one small tool.   
Another thing, this key issue that actually Senator Rubio brought lot, was this issue visa overstays.  Rosemary mentioned.  Close  something, percent, maybe even more the illegal population came legally.  They told the visa officer, yes, sir, definitely will back when Im done visiting Disneyland.  And they didnt.  They just lied straight out our visa officials and just didnt leave. still dont have any good way knowing, you know, comprehensive way whether somebody has left not.  Heck, dont even send postcard people who have overstayed by, say, two weeks month, and theres record their having left.  You know, postcard that just says, hey, you know, you havent left, you know, youre overdue; you want get the heck out before something happens you. would have enormous effect even just that, just the evidence that somebody watching and paying attention. dont even that, let alone something thats been required now for years, which electronic exit tracking system. when foreign visitors come in, actually better job than used making sure kind know whos coming in, which nice.  But still dont really have proper system match departures. have something.  Its not very good; its not comprehensive; and its not biometric.  Its not based facial recognition scans fingerprints anything make sure that its the same person leaving coming in.   
How can even consider the idea amnesty until something like that already place, and yet, Napolitano, when she was secretary said, well, any kind biometric exit tracking, its dubious use; theres other things can do.   
Again, reinforcing this trust gap  nobody believes these guys have any commitment enforcing the law after amnesty.  And were just going end 
back here with another million, million illegal aliens.  And these same guys, who probably will keep their jobs, will say, well, you know, have legalize these people because dont want split families, blah, blah, blah. seems that trust gap key weakness the other side.   
The other point wanted make Rosemary talked about this briefly that this bill really has two parts: one the amnesty, legalizing all the illegal aliens who are here, but the other huge increases future immigration, doubling immigration, doubling guest workers.  Theres necessary reason those have connected.  There are two reason theyre connected, neither one which, frankly, strikes particularly defensible, which why these people down the mall, you know, fasting where they skip lunch, and then, you know, fasting for families whatever is, they dont talk about fasting order double immigration.  Theyre talking about fasting just for the amnesty.   
These are two very different agenda items, and the rationale for connecting them, there are two them: one  and neither one them good.  One, the principled rationale, the way you make sure dont have illegal immigration the future let everybody who wants come in.  And so, definition, theres illegal immigration because anybody wants come here, whos not terrorist rapist, gets come in; presto, theres illegal immigration. thats the rationale, sort the principled rationale, something that the lobbyists who  business people who push this seldom make explicit because the reaction will laughter the part most people.   
But the other political rationale for their connection that its the only way keep this coalition together, that business really is, Rosemary said, whats driving this thing. mean, all the histrionic, you know, kids singing Christmas carols Speaker Boehner and all that stuff, thats all window dressing. has  theres juice legislative sort force any that stuff.  Its giant bags money from business lobbyists that make this happen.  And the business groups couldnt give rats patootie about the amnesty part.  What they want doubling immigration.  And only keeping those two disparate pieces this bill together can they basically keep business line.   
And seems thats the other big weakness legislative sense that making clear that all these sob stories relating amnesty dont have anything with arguably the most important part the bill, which the huge increases legal immigration. other words, theyre using these little kids order not pass amnesty really but order massively increase the number low-skilled workers keep wages down. because those  mean, for those reasons, those two main weaknesses, seems me, this not going anywhere. please, anybody who wants make lunch bet, our website.  You cant contact there, and give your name and address, and well  Ill have you buy lunch next December when this basically doesnt anywhere, ultimately doesnt end the presidents desk.  Thanks. 
MR. FITTON:  Thank you, Mark.  You know, the concern is, folks out there have context, that the Republicans the House wont initially pass comprehensive immigration bill but pass something short that, more modest piece legislation.  And then its kicked into conference with the Senate, were through another vehicle, and comes back under the comprehensive rubric, and the House was asked vote that.  And minority Republicans with the Democratic majority then passes immigration reform amnesty.   
Where stand that?  You know, you read stories now and again, well, every other day, amnesty alive; amnesty dead; amnesty alive, amnesty dead. this still something need concerned about?  You know, heard Marks point view.  Id like the congressmans and Rosemarys too.  Rosemary, how many offices you visit day  cant even imagine  the Hill you both probably have good feel about where its going maybe not; youre just nervous. 
MS. JENKS:  Well, would say that, unfortunately, most visits arent like visits with this man.  But, actually, dont visit him anymore because dont really need to.   
You know, heres the problem.  Reid  Im sorry  Reid, Boehner, Reid, Boehner  this issue really, Boehner says hes not going conference with the Senate amnesty bill.  Great.  Perfect.  You know, asked him that. lets say the Republicans decide through with their piecemeal approach. the goal pander Hispanics for votes, which think actually Boehners and Cantors goal, unfortunately, then what they start out with?  What bill?  They cant start with any the five bills that have come out committee because theres three enforcement bills, (agriculture bill and high-skilled bill.  Those arent really pandering bills. what they would have start with Cantors KIDS Act some version that. they start with that  thats amnesty.  Thats the Republican version the DREAM Act, supposedly, that nobody has seen.   
But  thats starting out with amnesty. they send that over the Senate.  You know, think Reid would take it. think passes the Senate.  Why not?  Then Obama gets his amnesty.  Then they just use that expand.  Its not like, you know, President Obama constricted the law.   
But, otherwise, they start with any the bills the House that have already come out committee, they send over Harry Reid.  Harry Reid cannot bring any those bills. cant, for example, bring high-skill bill for separate vote because that pulls the tech companies out the debate the amnesty. breaks the coalition. you cant that.  So, basically, any other option for House Republicans dead the 
water.  So, you know, why it? mean, theres path right now good immigration bill.   
REP. KING: would say that, the beginning this Congress, was encouraged support some this legislation some the top people our leadership.  And just posed the question, paint for how this legislation gets the presidents desk for signature.  Take down through that.  Youre asking support it. you thought this through, this idea step-by-step approach coupled with the border security piece, which originated with the Gang Eights bill, the way, all those pieces that are there, said, take down through this path and show how this thing ends and tell what your strategy is. your strategy isnt just stand and crush the Gang Eights bill, which what House Republicans should have done, that should have been our standard for the Republican conference was the Gang Eights bill massive amnesty.  Its not just massive amnesty. immediate perpetual and retroactive amnesty.  Think about what that means.   
And what said  reasoned out from having read the bill, and says, anybody that came America and got here before December 31st, 2011, and didnt commit felony those three mysterious misdemeanors, gets stay.  Other than that, those people that scare the administration for political reasons, not for physical reasons, because has his Secret Service, they get stay.  Anybody that was deported for any those reasons that would exempt under the Gang Eights bill gets invitation come back the United States, really didnt mean it.  Thats that clause.  And its silent anybody that comes America after December 31st, 2011.   
Well, weve got the implied amnesty that hangs over our head from 1986. the implied amnesty that would hang over our head after Gang Eights bill not just silent.  Its huge decibels of, come America; America will never enforce law against you unless you commit felony scare them some other way.  Thats what were dealing with.   
Now, its not hard against the Gang Eights bill the way Ive described it, accurately, illegitimately, and can defend all this with the language the bill.  Instead the Republican conference stepping up, and saying, this our stand, you have tried tear immigration law asunder the Senate and will oppose with every fiber our political being.  Thats what should have heard from the speaker, from the leader, from the whip, from the committee chairs right down the line.  But what instead got was, here step-by-step approach thats well thought out and well reasoned, and were smart enough configure this thing way that were going end with good result.   
Well, Ill say this: there may one other person the United States Congress that sat more immigration hearings, red more testimony, read more reports and analyzed this more.  There may one, but dont think there are two.  But none those people that were configuring this step-by-step approach came for anything except vote after they had decided they were going try move this legislation through the 
Judiciary Committee.  Now, thats not  thats not the kind approach you want you want end. heres  dont know what end with but the hiring Becky Tallent ominous signal.  Its not just random hiring somebody that knows something about immigration.  That tells you that the things that theyve been staging and the words that have been carefully parsed, such the speaker, wont  lets see  wont conference the Gang Eights bill.  Well, that doesnt really get you very far.  Thats nice.  But doesnt get you very far.   
Any kind conference, any kind bill that comes out the House Representatives turns into confereceable (ph) vehicle and the confereceable vehicle could come back with, and would, with parts the Gang Eights bill, probably not all the Gang Eights bill but the speaker makes decision drop that and vote, hasnt held the Hastert rule several times this last year. this little promise, carefully listen the words, write them down, back your legal dictionary, your other dictionary, find way.  There must loophole. dont have confidence that theyre going anything except set the stage run things us.  And they with this, yet released, Eric Cantor DREAM Act for kids bill  isnt curious that they havent filed bill yet?  They want  that wants  theyre designing that ambush bill too. dont trust this agenda. think the agenda comes sometimes  lets see.  Today the  this the 9th December.  This day that the primary challengers, the primary candidates the Texas primary for Congress have qualify for the ballot.  Whatever that first Tuesday March, the 3rd the 4th the primary date Texas.  Texas large Republican delegation. think theyre waiting more their immigration amnesty agenda after the primary Texas, think something comes us, Mark, March, late March, April, but probably not  can get our way through March, April, and May, see the 4th July, then dont think you have worry about buying dinner.  But Im not betting because Im working your side. 
MR. KRIKORIAN:  OK.  Good. actually  Tom, had couple  just thought this. think its definitely useful remain paranoid all times.  And youll never disappointed.   
But would actually  you know, Rosemary made the point that the House did pass this high-tech visa bill, which think lousy bill, but that may, the Senate  couldnt vote because then, you know, the tech company  theyve gotten what they wanted they leave.  You know, they dont have put their shoulder the wheel and pony the money pass the rest the bill.    
But actually think that applies even something like the KIDS Act, which the DREAM sort of, DREAM-ish (sp) Act, amnestying  theyre not kids.  Theyre amnestying adults but who came here kids supposedly.  Because  because dont 
see how Harry Reid can even bring that for vote this point because that would  from his perspective, would let Republicans off the hook.  Republicans will able say, well, look, you know, took care the most sympathetic group illegal immigrants, and this isnt about getting, you know, immigrant votes.  This about, you know, soccer moms, were, you know, show the Republicans are OK, and theyre not nasty, and they dont hate foreigners.  And Reid bringing some version the DREAM Act for vote would be, opinion, kind gift Republicans whatever  regardless the value the policy itself. dont even see that happening. dont see any bill that the Senate  that Harry Reid could bring for vote, unless actually conspired with Speaker Boehner present and move over there actual package, which was basically just the Gang Eight bill, and then theyd vote the pieces and send back.  Thats what the president says hes with. dont know. dont see happening. mean, this why Im  you know, Im reiterating lunch bet.  Its not dinner.  Lunch cheaper.  But lunch bet that the end next year, there may something happening.  The House may pass something, who knows what?  But theres nothing going the presidents desk for him sign. 
MR. FITTON:  You know, constitutional republic, least our constitutional republic, have way figuring out what the consensus the American people.  Its called the federal code, the U.S. Code. have consensus immigration.  Its called the U.S. Code and the laws against illegally remaining here.  But the president has torn that with the acquiescence Congress. me, the big threat  you know, legislation just legislation.  You know, least its the law.  But its the lawlessness associated with the enforcement that chief concern.  And the left laying the groundwork for massive facto amnesty; the president doing effect now but putting official stamp approval it, Congress doesnt anything.  Congress finally had hearing last week that talked about, among other things, the presidents lawlessness amnesty. me, the crisis the failure the executive.  And started not with Obama but with previous presidents, including President Bush, enforce the rule law immigration.  So, point out, could pass amnesty.  And our concern about the rule law immigration still going remain because what you about the immigrant who crosses the border illegally the day after amnesty granted?  Obviously, theres not going political will enforce the constitutional rule law there.   
How begin kind change the conversation because that what need talking about.  Obviously, you know, your job make sure bad things dont pass, Rosemary.  But, Congressman  weve got vindicate the constitutional system here.  Were losing  were losing our constitutional right govern ourselves 
allowing this president and previous presidents unilaterally rewrite the law without sanction. 
REP. KING: think, Tom, think that started the hearing last week the Judiciary Committee rather significant way when had three good lawyers and least two good  Ill say three constitutional scholars the table that their testimony was excellent.  And had been accumulating list these constitutional violations the president along the way.  And picked another six eight more violations that testimony. were pouring that all together the process drafting resolution identify, Ill call them constitutional transgressions.   
But because  the president can find his constitutional violations immigration and then the sympathy that, the people that have this broad agenda that Marks talked about, from big business down the political agenda Democrats, for example, might lose that debate this country because the sympathy factor thats also added lot Christian groups who misread the scripture.  And Im happy take that debate with anyone those folks, including Richard Land.   
But, you know, aside from that, weve seen instead that theyve crossed into multiple different areas with their unconstitutional activity.  Obamacare has been unconstitutionally amended multiple times.  The president suspended Child Left Behind, not agenda that particularly care for but suspended unconstitutionally.  And also the welfare work component, TANF, temporary assistance needy families  the only component the different means tested welfare programs that requires work  and was written carefully prevent the president from being able suspend the work component it; suspended anyway. you can and and with this president.   
The broader the (skits ?), the more focus bring from the Judiciary Committee, the more bring the public dialogue, the more people are going understand that this president who has set himself one man rule, and, some point, that realization sets in.  Probably when you sign for Obamacare, will settle in.  And, that point, the revulsion should spill out the same way exists within the people this table today. 
MR. FITTON:  Rosemary and Mark, doesnt that really  this issue were talking about, make it, the end, politically impossible for Republicans honestly sign any immigration law change with this presidency? 
MS. JENKS: certainly should. absolutely should. mean, wouldnt amazing thing see the Republican  unified Republican conference  and think you should take this your next meeting  stand up, and say, you know what?  President Obama, you want immigration reform, enforce the law.  You enforce current laws, all them, and well start talking about immigration reform, but want see the laws enforced. mean, would just amazing thing, and would perfectly justifiable, rational thing for Republicans do, say, you know what? have sympathy too, but guess what?  Were not giving you more laws until you show that you actually know what law and what your responsibility is. 
MR. FITTON:  Mark. 
MR. KRIKORIAN:  Yeah. agree.  And think its just the congressman said, its problem beyond just immigration. think thats the case  mean, think its problem, broader problem within Congress.  Congress seems content with abdicating its responsibilities its Article One role the constitution. mean, its  you know, the congressmans resolution opposing DACA, the DACA thing, took one year after the beginning DACA passed.  That should have been passed the day the president announced his illegal amnesty.  And shouldnt have been based the substance his decision. other words, should have been clear that even you thought the DREAM Act was good idea, that you were opposed this illegal means implementing it.   
And the fact that took year for Congress act, and, even worse, the fact that Democrats Congress seem with kind  you know  mean, put frankly, kind Chavez style government, where you have, you know, elected, legitimately elected president who then rules decree until his term up.  Thats not constitutional government.   
And think  mean, the Democrats are going chagrined theres ever Republican president, because fear that this going set precedents, and that youre going have future Republican president, and hes going have his staff that want get there, agendas implemented, they should, and theyre going say, look, cant have this unilateral disarmament.  Look what Obama did. need use that precedent.   
And, mean, think this way beyond immigration. mean, this really does  dont want sound apocalyptic here, but, mean, were moving into the later chapters Edward Gibbons book with this kind behavior where the Roman Senate, wrote one point  forget the exact quote, Ive used blog posts  but the Roman Senate became, you know, beautiful artifact that none paid any attention Capitol Hill.  Well, mean, thats kind what Congress seems content with. long they keep the jobs, and they keep getting reelected, and they have their gym, its for the president whatever the heck wants.  This fundamental regime change thats happening kind without anybody noticing.   
MR. FITTON: remember during the Bush administration, they had some raids. think Iowa workforce  workplace enforcement, very controversial and public the time.  And meeting  had meeting ICE, and law enforcement official said the pushback got wasnt from anyone significance other than the White House.  That was during the Bush administration. you can imagine what the attitude towards enforcement during this administration.  And shows you where, least from the 
point view those the Republican side, who want immigration amnesty with supposed enforcement attached, where their hearts really are. thought would have time for questions but really dont.  But appreciate your coming here, and visiting with us, and the excellent presentations here.  These folks really know what theyre talking about really appreciate their time.  Thank you.  (Applause.)   
Congressman King, youre available the Internet, guess? 
REP. KING:  That,, depending. 
MR. FITTON:  Even better.  And, Rosemary Jenks,  And for Mark Krikorian.  And you can read Mark the National Review Online website well.  And, obviously, Judicial Watch will have this video and all our myriad materials illegal immigration litigation related enforcement legal immigration.  Its always available our Internet site   
Thank you again for coming this afternoon this morning.  Thank you.  (Applause.)