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Judicial Watch • 13 9 11 transcript Benghazi Unanswered Questions

13 9 11 transcript Benghazi Unanswered Questions

13 9 11 transcript Benghazi Unanswered Questions

Page 1: 13 9 11 transcript Benghazi Unanswered Questions

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Date Created:April 8, 2014

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TOM FITTON:  Im Tom Fitton.  Im president Judicial Watch.  And welcome our special panel unanswered questions the Benghazi matter.   
Judicial Watch conservative non-partisan educational foundation dedicated transparency, integrity and accountability government, politics, and the law.  Through our educational activities, advocate high standards ethics and morality our nations public life and seek ensure that the political classes not abuse the public trust given them the American people.  Judicial Watch does not endorse oppose candidates for public office.   
Wednesday marks two anniversaries: both the 12th anniversary the 9/11 attacks 2001, and, relatedly, the one-year anniversary the Benghazi terrorist attack that saw the murders four fine Americans  Ambassador Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Specialist Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.  Stevens was the first ambassador killed the line duty since the 1979 shooting Ambassador Adolph Dubs Afghanistan.   
Our esteemed panel provide details the scandal, the Benghazi scandal that has seen unprecedented lying our government about the attack, lying, view, help this presidents reelection campaign the time.   
Joining here  before begin, before get into the discussion the panel, see unprecedented political and public opposition the Syrian intervention, least proposed President Obama.  And, view, its unprecedented because the lack trust this administration Benghazi.  And hope were able discuss that today because, obviously, Syria the cloud hanging over political discussions Washington these days.  And Benghazi cant separated from the debate Syria many ways.  And well talk about that later. 
From Judicial Watchs perspective though, weve seen unprecedented stonewall our nearly two dozen Freedom Information Act requests about Benghazi.  Weve had sue four times for basic information about the Benghazi attack. way example, took six months and federal lawsuit just obtain few State Department photos showing some the aftermath the attack the Benghazi special mission compound.   
And here are, one year after the attack, and theres been zero accountability. military action, drones, arrests. one has been fired from the Obama administration for its lies malfeasance.  
Were lucky joined two individuals who have taken lead roles, thankfully, trying demand accountability Benghazi.   
Representative Frank Wolf senior member the House Appropriations Committee.  Hes chairman the Appropriations Subcommittee that oversees the Justice Department budget, including the FBI.   
Hes the author legislation creating the National Commission Terrorism, also known the Bremer Commission. introduced the legislation September 1998, few weeks after two U.S. embassies Africa were bombed, killing 244 people and injuring more than 5,000. mentioned Osama bin Laden his remarks associated with setting this commission.  And, course, the commission delivered its final report June 2000.   
And, 2014, Wolf has included funding for comprehensive external review the FBIs implementation, FBI related recommendations the 9/11 Commission. its good know that someone paying attention and make sure that years, years later, were finally implementing some the recommendations, least all them, the 9/11 Commission.  And also requires the FBI study the potential for terrorist finance operations, both domestically and abroad, including economic attacks any kind and identify what preparations are place mitigate such attack.   
And, Wolf, youll learn here today, also the author Res. 36, which would create House select committee investigate the Benghazi matter. also, view, has taken the lead this quite literally. July, went the floor the House almost every day ask question the day about what happened Benghazi. were really lucky have him here today update his efforts and raise even more questions. 
And also joining Chris Farrell, whos colleague and director our investigations and research Judicial Watch.  And hes also member, course, our board directors. was distinguished military graduate from Fordham University, with B.A. history, former Army military intelligence officer specializing counter-intel and human intelligence. has pursued additional grad studies and national security studies specializing unconventional warfare and terrorism. served senior staff associate Columbia Universitys National Center for Disaster Preparedness, the Mailman School Public Health. member the Association Former Intel Officers, the American Society Access Professionals, and the International Counterterrorism Officers Association, and constituent member the State Departments Overseas Security Advisory Committee.   
Chris serves Judicial Watchs also main representative the United Nations headquarters New York.  And Chris personally oversaw Judicial Watchs unprecedented investigation the Benghazi matter, and also was the chief author our phenomenal special report it. titled Unanswered Questions and the Quest for Accountability from the Obama Administration. Chris will detail new disclosures that have result our investigations and lawsuits.   
And once Mr. Wolf and once Mr. Farrell make their presentation, well try open the floor questions. with that being said, turn over Congressman Wolf, who  before turn over you, would  want also give you special recognition for your efforts behalf religious liberty. anyone has followed this issue, they should know that Congressman Wolf has been phenomenal leader that regard and has spoken for the voiceless ways that our corrupt Washington culture has simply left behind.  So, personally, really appreciate your work that regard well, Congressman.  That being said, back Benghazi. 
REPRESENTATIVE FRANK WOLF (R-VA):  OK.  Well, thank you very much. appreciate your comments. want thank Judicial Watch for hosting todays event mark the one-year anniversary, and, also think its very appropriate, the anniversary 9/9/11.  There were about 180 some people from district who died the attack the Pentagon.  And think also that will anniversary that will never, ever, ever forget, but this week, the one-year anniversary the terrorist attack against the U.S. Consulate and the CIA annex Benghazi attacks, which were themselves launched the 11th year anniversary 9/11.   
Judicial Watch has done such important work along with number other groups Ive had the privilege working with advance the investigation into the Benghazi attacks.   
Frankly, these outside groups are doing the work that Congress has failed  has failed uncover what really happened that night.  That why Ive been pushing for House select committee for the last months dedicate the time and resources robust congressional investigation.   
Over the course the three weeks leading the August recess, went down the House for nearly every day raise series questions that remain unanswered despite nearly year siloed investigation five separate House committees.  These (12th floor statements are available website 
When you look the list unanswered questions, startling how little, how little progress has been made this investigation over the last past year. also demonstrates the failure the Congress fulfill its oversight responsibilities.   
Some may ask why the continued focus Benghazi year later, especially when there are many new issues facing the new Congress. believe there are three key reasons continue push for select committee hold public hearings, issue subpoenas, and report the truth about what happened the American people.   
The first our obligation the families those killed and seriously wounded survivors who fought alongside Woods and Glen Doherty save many American 
lives that night. grave injustice was committed against them when the determination was made not send any aid assistance over eight-hour period fighting.  That injustice only magnified when the sacrifice not acknowledged and the story not told. date, only know the name one these brave survivors, Diplomatic Security Agent Dave Ubben, who has spent the last year  and still there  last year undergoing multiple surgeries Walter Reed Bethesda Hospital.  But not alone.  Others were wounded.  The story how handful brave Americans fought off hundreds armed terrorists has yet fully come out. not owe these men credit them for their heroic acts?   
The second reason Benghazi embodies, embodies why the American people are losing confidence the government, both the executive branchs failure assist those under fire that night well the legislative branchs failure obtain answers hold individuals accountable. 
Third that increasingly apparent the U.S. acts Benghazi since 2011 have had strong connection with U.S. policy toward assisting the Syrian rebels.  Many these rebels are now (undoubtedly Qaeda connected affiliates, including those that may have participated the attack the consulate and the CIA annex Benghazi. light the evidence that has emerged following attacks, firmly believe that whatever the State Department and CIA were doing Benghazi had direct connection U.S. policy Syria, policy that date has not been fully revealed the American people or, quite frankly, Congress.   
While troubling isolation, all the more important light the presidents request Congress this week authorize military intervention Syria.  How can this conversation advance responsible manner without clarity about what transpired that night Benghazi?   
Two weeks ago, respected national security reporter Bill Gertz wrote Washington Free Beacon that, quote, U.S. intelligence agencies earlier this month uncovered new evidence that Qaeda linked terrorists Benghazi are training foreign jihadists fight with Syrias Islamist rebels, according U.S. officials.  Ansar al-Sharia, the Qaeda linked militia that U.S. officials said orchestrated the September attacks the U.S. diplomatic compound and the CIA facility Benghazi, running several training camps for jihadists Benghazi and nearby Darnah, another port city further east, officials said, end quote.   
The article went say, quote, At the time their arrest, the Tunisians stated that they were trained small arms use and they were their way join Syrian rebels traveling first Benghazi, then Istanbul and overland across Turkey into northern Syria. also noted that, quote, U.S. intelligence agencies believe Libya has produced more jihadist rebels for the Syrian conflict than any other outside nation.   
Continue quote: Some percent foreign jihadists Syria came from Libya and several hundred are currently the country.  Continue quote: Over 100 Libyans were reported killed Syria fighting for such rebel groups the al-Nusra front, the Islamic State Iraq and Levant, Umma Brigade, the Ahrar al-Sham, al-Nusra offshoot.   
U.S. involvement weapons collection Benghazi goes back even further. 
The National Journal reported back 2011 that, quote, The U.S. planning ramp spending help Libyas interim government secure and destroy the shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles and weapons looted from Gaddafis stockpiles. senior State Department official said Clinton will tell Libyan leaders that the U.S. contribution these efforts will million (dollars), end quote.  The same article noted that, quote, The U.S. has already spent six million (dollars) its unconventional weapons disposal efforts, sending quick reaction force weapon experts Libya October 2011. particularly noteworthy that during the same time period the U.S. was engaged collecting weapons Libya, respected national security reporter Mark Hosenball, August 1st 2012, wrote, quote, that President Barack Obama signed secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government.  U.S. sources familiar with the matter said Obamas order approved earlier this year, and known intelligence finding, broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies provide support that could help the rebels oust Assad, end quote.   
The article goes say, the White House for now apparently stopping short giving the rebels lethal weapons even some U.S. allies just that.  And precisely when Obama signed the secret intelligence authorization, action not previously reported, could not determined.   
However, Hosenball also reports that following information: A U.S. government source acknowledged that under provisions the presidential finding, the United States was collaborating with secret command center operated Turkey and its allies.   
And NBC say, quote, The shoulder-fired missiles, also known MANPADs, have been delivered the rebels via Turkey, end quote. possible that the presidents intelligence finding included authorization for the weapons collected Libya transferred Syrian rebels?  Was the CIA annex Benghazi being used facilitate these transfers? believe theres now enough evidence suggesting this, that demands clear explanation.   
Last month, the Washington Examiner Susan Crabtree reported comments made attorney for one the Benghazi whistleblowers, suggesting that many 
400 surface-to-air missiles were stolen terrorists the attack the U.S. facilities Benghazi last year.   
Crabtree also noted that although State Department Spokesman Marie Harf, comment the matter the stolen weapons, quote, Harf said the U.S. has devoted 400 million (dollars) assist the government Libya securing and disabling stockpiles at-risk conventional weapons and ammunition, end quote. think most everyone would agree that 400 million (dollars) sizeable amount money. the senior member the House Appropriation Committee who served the subcommittee that funds the State Department and other foreign assistance programs, sent letter today both the president and secretary state asking the following questions: one, what the total amount appropriated funding spent weapons collection, transfer and destruction since 2011?  Under what authority was this funding used?   
Two, did the State Department and/or the CIA award contracts any U.S. foreign contractor for assistance with the collection, storage, transportation removal the collected weapons? so, what are the names the contractors?  And what the total value the contract?   
Three, did the U.S. work with any foreign government agencies collecting and disposing these weapons? so, what foreign government agencies were involved?  And what was their role the collection process?   
Four, were the collected weapons ever held stored either the U.S. consulate CIA annex Benghazi during the collection process?   
Five, did the collected weapons remain warehouses Libya were they transferred the U.S. another country for disposal? so, whose custody were the weapons ultimately transferred for storage destruction?   
Six, how does the State Department confirm the destruction these collected weapons? certification provided the department?   
And, seven, more importantly, any point time, were these collected weapons transferred Syria and were ever obtained opposition fighters including jihadist fighters?   
When Dan and were out the region, were  February, went Egypt and Lebanon. went down into Beqaa Valley. had number Syrians come out Damascus and tell the story the jihadists, and some the stories.  So, you know, any point, were these collected weapons transferred Syria and were ever obtained opposition fighters, including the jihadists?   
Questions about these weapons are especially timely light Wall Street Journal article, October 25th, further detailing covert U.S. cooperation with Saudi Arabia arm Syrian rebels.   
According the article, quote, Not everyone the Obama administration comfortable with U.S. partnership with the Saudis Syria.  Some officials said they fear carries the same risk spinning out control earlier project which Prince Bandar  who incidentally used live congressional district  was involved the 1980s CIA program secretly financing the Contras Nicaragua against leftist government.  The covert program led criminal convictions for U.S. operatives and international rebukes.  Quote, This program has the potential badly, one former official said, citing the risk weapons will end the hands violent anti-Western extremists.   
And keep mind, you read the book The Looming Tower, points out that the Saudis funded all the Madrasas the Afghan-Pakistan border that actually led 9/11.  And you know who was involved 9/11, the overwhelming majority were the Saudi. would not trust Price Bandar and the Saudis with regard this. 
This article notes that the program was begun amid 2012, and was prior the Benghazi attack former CIA Director David Petraeus and has been continued his successor, John Brennan.   
Were these rebels being armed with weapons collected Benghazi?  Again, theres reason believe this may the case and clear explanation warranted.  Thats why Im calling for the Congress hold public hearing with both former Director Petraeus and current Director Brennan determine what was going the CIA annex Benghazi and what role played the collection and disbursement weapons collected Libya, specifically with the focus trying understand how the annex may have supported CIA efforts arm and train Syrian rebels.   
This hearing would preferably held select committee, but theres reason the House Intelligence Committee cannot hold public hearing  and its not public, forget about it; its not public, forget about  with these two men immediately.   
Given the pending request for authorization use military force Syria, more important than ever that the Congress understand U.S. support and assistance the Syrian rebels.  And were the groups responsible for the Americans deaths Benghazi may have been the same benefitting from U.S. assistance Syria?   
Before Congress can make informed decision about military intervention Syria, Benghazi should more fully understood the two are intimately related and may have direct bearing U.S. national security.   
Unfortunately, transparency has not been the order the day.  The Obama administration has reportedly applied tremendous pressure silence those survivors along with others who witnessed what happened that night Benghazi. many you know, August 1st, CNN reported that, quote, The CIA involved what one source calls unprecedented attempt keep the spy agency Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.   
Since January, some CIA operatives involved the agencys mission Libya have been subjected frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations according source with deep inside knowledge the agencys working.  The goal the questioning, according sources, find out anyone talking the media Congress. being described pure intimidation with the threat that any unauthorized CIA employee who leaks information could face the end his her career.   
Additionally, according trusted source thats contacted office, many not all the survivors the Benghazi attack, along with others the Department Defense and CIA, has been asked directed sign additional non-disclosure agreements about their involvement the Benghazi attacks.  Some these, quote, new NDAs  they call them  Ive been told were signed recently this summer.   
Fox News subsequently confirmed that these reports  August 2nd article stating, quote, Fox News has learned that least five CIA employees were forced sign additional non-disclosure agreements this past spring the wake the Benghazi attacks.  These employees had already signed such agreements before the attack, but were made sign new agreements aimed discouraging survivors from leaking their stories the media anyone else.   
Given the tremendous pressure being brought keep these people silent, one must ask: what the administration afraid of?  What will the survivors disclosure the American people given the opportunity speak?   
Shortly after delivered series floor statements raising unanswered questions about Benghazi, office received call from man saying knew CIA employee who has retained legal counsel because hes refused sign additional NDA regarding  non-disclosure agreement regarding the September 11, 2012, events Benghazi. called the law firm, spoke with the CIA employees attorney who confirmed that her client having issue with the agency and the firm trying address it. offered help.  They said they were going work through the process.  But based past experience with the CIA, course, headquartered congressional district, and number CIA people church neighborhood, not all confident that these efforts will successful. 
Finally, the eve the one-year anniversary the attacks, Id like comment the state the FBI investigation. very telling that despite the full resources for 
the U.S. intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies, have yet locate and apprehend and bring justice any the suspected terrorists. the chairman the Appropriation Subcommittee that funds the FBI from 2001 2006, and, again, since 2011, have been one the bureaus strongest supporters Congress.  However, Im deeply disappointed both the bureaus failure make progress and the manner which this investigation has been used cover excuse the Obama administration officials refuse comment what happened that night.   
Even the beginning  and wont get into the classified what they said  the first one had every question wed to, Hillary would say, the others would say, really cannot comment because the bureau, and the bureau guys the end, actively investigating.  This active investigation.  So, therefore, cannot comment.   
Consider that May, the Associated Press reported that, quote, The U.S. has identified five men who might responsible for the attack the diplomatic mission Benghazi, Libya, last year and has enough evidence justify seizing them military force suspected terrorists, officials say.  But there isnt enough proof try them U.S. civilian court the Obama administrations prefers.  The men remain large while the FBI gathers evidence.  That was May.   
The failure detain these suspects year later and nearly five months after they were supposedly identified represents stunning abdication responsibility the part this administration.  When will the FBI able gather enough evidence use civilian trial against them theyre denied access countries because the administration refuses use the tools American diplomacy bring pressure bear these countries?   
Any crime scene which law enforcement officials are denied for day, much less week, must consider compromised.  And took number days before the bureau got in.  And weve seen the story CNN and others talking some these people well before the bureau got the scene.   
Theres one very telling example the administrations failure bring diplomatic pressure countries support the FBI investigation.   
Last fall, Tunisians obtained the first suspect the Benghazi terror attack  Ali Harzi, H-A-R-Z-I  after was deported from Turkey the weeks following the attack.  Tunisia, despite being the beneficiary more than $300 million U.S. foreign aid  theyre actually called Millennium Challenge Country, meaning theyre better than most.  Theyre sort better, and, because that, theyre going get more aid and more assistance.  Theyve refused allow the FBI access the suspect for nearly five weeks. was only after congressional threats cut off the aid that the government Tunisia reconsidered its position.   
Ultimately, the FBI interrogation team returned  after being the ground for five weeks left  returned Tunisia and was allowed just three hours interview Harzi with his lawyer and Tunisian judge present.  Not long after the FBI interview, Harzi was inexplicably released the Tunisian authorities and his release was celebrated Ansar al-Sharia terrorists.  You can online.  You can see it.  Theyre celebrating.  Theyre hugging and embracing  hes out, hes out.   
Consider there for moment the Tunisian government kept the FBI interrogation team waiting the ground for weeks before the team ultimately left the country.  Only under threat from certain members the U.S. Congress did Tunisia allow the FBI team return interview the suspect for mere three hours.  Then, when the terrorists were released, there was celebration, which think shameful.   
Because Tunisian obstruction the FBI investigation request, the House took the first step July send signal Tunisia and other countries harboring the terrorists responsible for the death four Americans Benghazi when the State Department operation appropriation bill carried language cutting aid Tunisia.   
This important  and also, was  Dan and were Egypt February. brought letter give Morsi, and asking Morsi make available the FBI  there was legal attach the scene  man who was involved the attack with information. date, they have not allowed interview him.  And, course, weve given Egypt $71 billion since the Camp David Accords.   
This important and overdue step, overdue because the Obama administration could have long ago suspended terminated its payments Tunisia other countries that failed cooperate with the FBI this investigation.   
Additionally, theres the larger question whether even appropriate, enough evidence gathered, bring the terrorists the U.S. for civilian trial.  Benghazi was battlefield, not crime scene.  And America lost.  Those responsible should face justice enemy combatants and not common criminals.   
Keep mind, Anwar al-Awlaki, who had  was mosque when used congressional district, Falls Church, now adjoining mine, was American citizen, went American college, you will, the taxpayer money. was killed drone Yemen well his son, and yet, these guys who know have done this, nothing happens. closing, just last week, had the opportunity speak with survivor  was last Tuesday  the Benghazi attack. wanted the opportunity thank him for his service and get better sense the pressure that has been brought against the survivors.  They live fear.  Theyre afraid come forward.  Theyre afraid have (the name ?).  Thats why you have have public hearings and subpoenas, way protect the people who come forward.   
Because the full story about what happened that night has not been made public, people like those who were the scene there, who spoke with, who fought valiantly throughout the night save scores American lives, are not receiving the recognition  theyre not receiving the recognition that their country owes them.  Instead, their government intimidating them into silence for reasons that Congress failing fully investigate.  And think these men deserve better.   
The lack answered despite year investigation five House committees inexcusable. has been nearly six months since the, quote, interim progress report the five committee investigations was released.  Will there ever final report?  And so, will answer the questions and others have raised?  Will subpoenas ever issued survivors and others the chain command determine why assistance was sent Benghazi?  Will ever learn the truth about whether weapons collected Libya ultimately ended the hands the Syrian rebels?  After year the current approach, think all know the answer.  The answer no.   
That why the speaker should use this anniversary the Benghazi attacks and the impending vote the U.S. use force Syria change course and create House select committee which can long last hold public hearings and issue subpoenas get the bottom this. the only way the American people will ever learn the truth and the only way the survivors will ever receive the recognition they deserve for their heroic efforts that  bill create this subcommittee  now have 170 cosponsors: six joined August, two called today. have three-quarters the House, Republicans, super majority the majority. has been endorsed family members the Benghazi victims, the retired Special Operations community, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, which represents the diplomatic security agents who were present Benghazi that night, well the editorial page the Wall Street Journal among many other endorsements. dont know any other bill that has such strong support from the House majority but still opposed the House leadership. have doubt that this bill came the floor, would receive near unanimous support from Republicans, and, eventually, number Democrats would support too.  This bipartisan. puts everything the table.  They can all pick and choose who they subpoena.   
The question before today whether the speaker will seize the opportunity after year failed stalled committee investigations change course and create this select committee ensure that the American people learn the truth.   
And, again, want thank Judicial Watch for putting this on. 
MR. FITTON:  Thank you.  Thank you, Congressman Wolf, for your sobering report.  And were going discuss this further.   
First, Ill turn over though Chris Farrell, who, said, expert terrorism, has been studying, obviously, for years.  Here Judicial Watch hes focused the Beslan attacks.  Hes consulted with various agencies.  And talk about whistleblowers  this the guy that whistleblowers talk to, one the folks, when they call Judicial Watch. knows more than can tell about.   
But know lot result Chris efforts and the diligence his investigative team.  And, obviously, the support our litigation team because, sometimes, find with the Obama administration  well, frankly, with any government administration, presidential administration that you have sue get access basic information about what your governments to.  Its just the nature the beast.   
That being said, Ill turn over Chris Farrell. 
CHRISTOPHER FARRELL:  Thank you, Tom.  And thank you, Mr. Wolf. appreciate your comments.   
Today, finalized report the anniversary the Benghazi attack, and its titled Unanswered Questions the Quest for Accountability from the Obama Administration.  This report first was published, the first version this report, January this year.  And the first part the report, stands today, maintains that initial reporting and then weve supplemented it.   
Before get into the detail though, want acknowledge and thank, Tom just did, our investigators, namely Sean Dunagan and Kate Bailey for their assistance doing this report, our attorneys here Judicial Watch, and all our staff really who make this kind work and this kind reporting possible, because, without them, doesnt happen, frankly. our new report recaps the analysis done recently retired diplomatic security service officer named Ray Fournier and his commentary that gave us.  That report that produced January this year was based upon Mr. Fournier  based upon Rays analysis.  And his knowledge the diplomatic security service, what was going the State Department was very fresh. only retired December. had weeks-old knowledge process, procedures, standards, routines, all the mechanics what goes the State Department.   
That initial report produced January goes through the Accountability Review Board that that the State Department established and really kind takes apart. disassembled the ARB reporting that Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen did, and provides some very pointed questions, pointed fact that you and review the report today, none those questions have been answered, not one.   
Were months down the road from that initial report January.  Weve had five six congressional committees conduct investigations and they still havent answered the questions from January. important document because takes apart the ARB and does from the standpoint professional diplomatic security service officer who had served RSO, regional security officer, embassies  five different embassies around the world. this guy who did for living. knows what speaks.  And his analysis and commentary very important.   
Ill tell you that that  that report, when issued January, had distributed over 100,000 copies that report, enormously popular with Judicial Watch members and with other organizations that really had interest in, you know, what does real professional say?  Whats insiders review what the ARB did didnt do?   
Part two, which what published today, what finalized today  and part two our report goes through few different areas.  Ill just touch them briefly. 
The first about really whats deliberate campaign lies the Obama administration concerning the YouTube video.  Theres other way describe the administrations position concerning representations made Ambassador Rice and others about this ridiculous YouTube excuse.  There were painful, excruciating explanations provided the administration with contradictions, and reversals, and finger pointing.  And was really shameful, really shameful performance.  And, course, eventually, they were forced admit that, yes, actually was terrorism. wasnt inspired YouTube.   
That entire story collapsed.  The scary thing though collapsed without consequence, without consequence.  The administration essentially walked away from that string lies that ran from September 12th, actually even the 11th, but the 12th principally, all the way through September 28th.  The president the United States stood front the U.N. General Assembly September 26th and repeated the same lie about the YouTube video.  Nobody bats eye.  Nobody cares.  Its extraordinary.   
Along those lines really lack accountability, which the second section the report.  You know, the four officials who were suspended from the State Department just three weeks ago were reappointed now Secretary Kerry. the four officials who were kind hung out dry and pointed and said, you guys did wrong, you didnt your job, you didnt prepare, you didnt follow through, you didnt respond, those four officials have spent essentially the last year paid administrative leave.  That doesnt sound like much consequence, much punishment any sort censure, does it? those folks, thanks Secretary Kerry have all been  have been reappointed and theyre back the job.  Again, accountability, none.   
Weve done detailed chronology  Id say exhaustive chronology.  Weve gone into number different resources, news sites and other information sites, and really called out and compiled the most comprehensive chronology that know concerning Benghazi, both before, during and after the attack. also made sure include details that various news agencies prefer airbrush out the story.   
For example  Im not picking one particular news network  but you and look that particular chronology, youll see that the word martyrs sometimes erased from 17th February Martyrs Brigade.  That organization, the 17th February Martyrs Brigade was the subcontractor British firm called  cant think the firm right now  nonetheless, British firm who conducted the security for our   
MR. FITTON:  Blue Mountain. 
MR. FARRELL:  Blue Mountain.  Thats correct.  Blue Mountain group.  Blue Mountain group British firm who subcontracted 17th February Martyrs Brigade.  Folks dont realize, dont appreciate that those guards our embassy the special mission camp out Benghazi were unarmed.  People would think that guards would have armed, particularly that environment, protecting special mission compound. requirement the contract that they unarmed due cultural sensitivity the area.  Its pretty remarkable stuff. weve included details, like the use the word martyrs, where its appropriate, and have not airbrushed out details like that.   
And then theres whole section loose ends and answered questions.  And the problem there is, where you stop? commented Tom via e-mail couple days ago, said, could just keep going, but certain point, have just kind draw the line and say, enough enough. highlighted some unanswered questions, things like the only person thats been arrested concerning this entire event Benghazi the poor slob who made the video that went YouTube, that kind sloppy spoof video that made fun Mohammed, the controversial video that everyone kept pointing to.  The only person jail him, none the terrorists, none the folks involved failing protect our citizens, just the guy who made the video.  Thats quite telling, think.   
Media members have been able grab and interview Khattala, one the guys who was pointed being instrumental leading the attack the consulate. took three weeks for the FBI get into the country.  Why?  Colonel Bristol, United State Marine Corps officer assigned Stuttgart, Germany, rapid reaction special operations force theater respond these sorts things, wasnt made available for weeks.  Suddenly, was made available.  But when was, was only classified hearings.  Im sure has something say. public comment.   
And then, really, the big question.  Why was Ambassador Stevens even there?  What was doing Benghazi?  Why that day?  Why that time?  What purpose?   
The next section our report entitled What Difference Does Make, infamously asked then Secretary Clinton, extraordinarily arrogant thing for her say front Congress, front the Senators who were questioning her, and really shameful cowering. dont know the man personally, but Senator Johnson just was beaten into submission.  She barked and bellowed about how  what difference does 
make.  And Senator Johnson simply backed down.  You didnt hear anybody follow up. one said, well, does make difference, and, yes, she will answer the question.  There was follow-up.  Senators act like whipped puppies.  Its extraordinary.  Theres accountability. this shameful cowering  mean, heres perspective. you ask what difference does make, then also ask, Congressman Wolf just talked about, why are people signing non-disclosure agreements and being polygraphed?  What difference does make?  OK.  Well, then why the NDAs and why the polygraphs?  Align those two thoughts.  You cant. there are some questions that make difference.  Congressman Wolfs questions are excellent.  Weve included them our report well.  Theres five congressional committees.  All have failed, essentially.  Theyve all done their little bit and asked their string questions, but theyre essentially disjointed and uncoordinated their inquiries.  And theres problem that once the press conferences and the television sound bites are over, the American public left with little meaningful follow through.  And single select committee, Congressman Wolf has suggested, with the power subpoena and the ability take sworn depositions, would make quite difference.   
Im going close with those comments, just reminding folks that its your obligation citizens, its our obligation Judicial Watch really demand accountability, and persistent, and never forget.  And you those three things, might eventually get answer.  Thank you. 
MR. FITTON:  Thank you, Chris Farrell.  You know, just provide additional context, the president was running for reelection with the campaign slogan, Joe Biden famously said, bin Laden dead, alive.  And there was this attack Benghazi.  They knew immediately was Qaeda elements, yet they repeatedly lied, Ambassador Rice did famously all five television Sunday talk shows shortly thereafter.  Hillary Clinton lied.  Mr. Obama lied omission and misdirection, all protect their presidential campaign from having deal with Qaeda attack the middle the campaign. have the lies being one scandal, and then, retrospect, see the lack preparation and the concern about lack security Benghazi that should have been there that wasnt, and the run around that was done set compound that did not have the proper security. know that was scandal well.  And its still open question whether theres adequate security other similar situated compounds where the State Department the CIA U.S. representatives are conducting business dangerous places.   
And, course, theres the aftermath Benghazi, what happened the hours after the attack?  Why wasnt there support?  Why after almost nearly full day were our CIA men held out dry that separate attack that took place after the attack the 
initial consulate?  You have remember there were hours and hours that passed before the second wave attacks.  And force was brought bear anything substantive protect those men.  And those lies certainly, least the second set lies, the two Navy SEALs, dont think how you come  can draw any conclusion other than they could have least been saved but for military action that had been launched immediately the president.   
But none those questions have been answered.  None those questions have been answered.  And Congressman Wolf and Judicial Watch, and know theres coalition other groups who are working with, are demanding answers.  And this something where the leadership out touch, both the press leadership, the media leadership, our political leadership.  But the grassroots wants answers.   
Joining today  who wanted join today was Charles Woods, who was the father Navy SEAL Woods who was killed Benghazi that day.  And asked read the following statement: Its been almost year since son, Woods, sacrificed his life defending Americans the Benghazi consulate.  After one year, still not have the answers.   
For that reason, the father Navy SEAL who loved and died for America, support Congressman Frank Wolfs resolution have bipartisan committee and will use subpoena powers and whistleblower protection.   
Over 160 patriotic congressmen have signed their names encouraging Speaker Boehner form this committee.  The only person blocking formation this committee John Boehner, who has the authority sit this committee today.  Now the time for the public strongly encourage Speaker John Boehner the right thing and authorize the bipartisan committee made both Republicans and Democrats.  And the statement signs, Sincerely, Charles Woods, father Navy SEAL Woods.   
And, with that, Ill turn over  will segue into question for you, Congressman Wolf.  Why the House leadership opposed this? dont understand what skin they have the game here.  One speculation that some the leadership would have been briefed what was going Benghazi and theyre not terribly interested exposing what was going either because they know what went and they dont want cause any more trouble than its been caused result the attack. 
REP. WOLF: dont know the answer the question.  The speaker has said that believes that should regular order, and reached certain point that that didnt work, would look this.  Clearly, think have reached point because none the questions that you have asked, others have asked, and none the families are satisfied, and think have get select committee will never know. will have failed. will have failed our watch.   
But dont know.  You know, think Mr. Boehner good man.  Im not one  dont after, dont criticize people personally, you know, but dont know the answer.  
But now think have reached the threshold now based what the speaker had told that now time have select committee.   
There are  there are many things  mean, there  gentleman called our office today.  Dan spoke him.  Hes been touch.  Hes touch with lot the people. tells that the Navy SEAL said there that they got the call  the first call came and they were told stand down the CIA station chief.  And had they gone the first call, they believe they would have saved the ambassador and Sean Smith.  They got second call and they were told stand down.  And they did stand down.  They got third call go, and they said, were going go.  And they went.  But they believe had they gone the first time  also, nobodys asking that question.   
The plane were told that picked the wounded was not American plane. was Libyan plane.  Somebody said may even have been Libyan plane. was commandeered, but here are your wounded, Ubbens been out there for year now and dont even send plane for them.  And then, the plane that picked the CIA employees that were the tarmac, hours after the fighting, was also Libyan plane. was not American plane.   
You have Incirlik.  You have the base Turkey.  You have the one  yeah, Italy.  You have the team that was Croatia.  And even, you noticed, General Ham  and Im disappointed General Ham.  General Ham, who people say was removed from AFRICOM, was the  (inaudible)  the whole night, and said  and said this gathering Aspen, where you had pay $1,200 ticket get in, said, well, thought maybe had hostage rescue situation hands, so, therefore, didnt send somebody.  The hostage situation Iran went for 400 days.  And the attack the annex hadnt even begun but didnt even send American plane take the wounded out.  But why, dont know.   
But Im hopeful that Mr. Boehner, having had the opportunity out among the American people over the August break, will say, think weve now reached the threshold. now time for select committee. 
MR. FITTON:  This question for both you.  Are your surprised  guess Im not surprised, but isnt interesting how the opposition the Syria intervention, mean, view, the subtext Libya, and Benghazi, and more Benghazis.  And, yet, theres little public discussion least the public debate about this part, barring, frankly, your talk today where you made some news that regard. me, this unprecedented opposition  military action  proposed U.S. president.  This  Im not aware any significant opposition the type attack thats being prepared being offered here.  Theres precedent for the opposition, view.  Yet, Benghazi and Libya, the reason  for this unprecedented opposition Benghazi and Libya. you think thats the case overstating the relationship?   
REP. WOLF: think thats portion the case.  Its not the complete case. think theres certain war weariness.  Theres certain  remember, Iraq, were told the head the CIA that was slam dunk. were also told  you know, remember Colin Powell testified the U.N.   
But think the Benghazi, the lack reaction Benghazi, where four Americans were killed  General Boykin, who you may have had over  General Boykin, who approached early the select committee, who was commander forces Mogadishu, Black Hawk down  youve seen the movie Black Hawk Down  said this violated the ethos the American military leave anyone behind. actually said that they took casualties Mogadishu waiting bring bodies back, people who had already been killed, but one would left behind. think there direct causal connection the reluctance the Congress see because the whole failure the administration come forward the Benghazi thing.  And the contrast is, here you had four Americans killed, several seriously wounded, others wounded not seriously but still wounded.   
The contrast Hillary Clinton now getting $250,000 speech.  Leon Panetta has signed million book deal.  Susan Rice, who national security adviser, who, you said, went five shows and said was the video  and its the point, the only guy who goes jail the guy who made  now the national security adviser whos coming advise the Congress the whole Syria thing.  So, yeah, think there connection. 
MR. FITTON:  Well, and the Benghazi movie starring Hillary Clinton thats going come out Im sure eventually, Chris, are they going talk about the Syria connection and what your research shows may have been going there? 
MR. FARRELL: think the underlying story really that this the Obama administrations failed sort knockoff version Iran-Contra.  And, Mr. Wolf alluded earlier, what you have arm smuggling operation out Libya going into arm  and this the sentence they dont want hear television  the Obama administration arming Qaeda, and thats whats occurring Libyan freighters docking Turkish ports and transshipping arms into Syria.   
And, one way another, theyre arming various groups, some whom are either Qaeda Qaeda affiliated.  And theyve done this very creative way, just like Iran-Contra was done very creatively, where then, national security counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, now CIA director, was making creative use Title and Title use JSOC, the Joint Special Operations Command, and its affiliated intelligence support activities really run gun running operation.   
And however creative and full initiative that may have been and very carefully skirting congressional oversight, the chickens have come home for roots and these efforts after bad guys Libya and get guns back and then kind recycle them over 
Syria literally blew their face.  And order kind paste over this all and keep moving and change the subject, you very desperately need and attack Syria some capacity because changes the channel and shifts the conversation.   
But take amplifying what Mr. Wolf said earlier, and its Libyan-based gun running operation that has gone array and had all sorts unintended consequences.  And, course, only know fraction the story, right?  Theres whole other sort alternative universe out there guys the intelligence and military worlds doing good things that they should do.  And thats kind the problem that create.   
Weve got very brave, very smart guys the intelligence world, the armed forces, who ask nearly impossible things  and, sometimes, the impossible well  and their answer nine times out is, yes, sir.  And they it, which pretty amazing.  And, for the most part, the American public doesnt know about it, but every once while, get see little fissure seam split.  And think thats what weve seen here.  And then, you start pulling the string and gets politically embarrassing.  And then, various characters run for the tall grass.  And Hillary Clinton gets paid, you know, speaking fees, and people are left hospitals heal.  Those are sort the consequences, lot them unintended, but thats what happens. 
MR. FITTON:  Well, dont think have enough time give any questions fair  fair response Ill  Congressman, Ill let you close out.  And can you give any timeline upcoming dates and action items need concerned about move here?  Obviously, the Benghazi week, the anniversary week  you know, being subsumed many ways other events, but that always happens.  Theres always something competing with important issues and that these are issues that think ought important the news. what are the things need looking for?  What timeframes are talking about, and some next action steps? 
REP. WOLF:  Well, were going continue dear colleague letters.  There are some other things that are pending that were not saying until find out, where, find things out,  think have probably set record for dear colleagues the House. think were making some people mad actually. 
MR. FITTON:  Dear colleague letters are   
REP. WOLF:  Dear colleague letters are letters you send other members asking them cosponsor the bill and telling them, just telling them something.  Weve had call from couple saying  you know, Mr. Wolf, youre sending too many dear colleague letters out, you know.  But this truth and think want  were going continue that.   
And groups like yours and others have really  you know, you all have really done the heavy lift because hadnt been for the grassroots contacting members, lot members would not on.  Theyre busy.  Theyre doing other things. added two today  three. added three, three today.  So, you know, theyre coming back and they hear and all.  And there  were not going stop.  Im going keep doing this and doing this until this Congress, you know, runs out steam and denies picks up.   
Ive also said that Im not interested serving select committee.  You know, Im not trying to, you know, something.  Ill part it, would hope.  And Im happy Darrell Issa the chairman it, Mike Rogers the chairman,  dont have any favorites.  Theyre all good people.  Theyre all friends.   
But think you need  and one you said it, you need unified coordinated effort.  And failure have that, because the administration can tell this committee one thing, this committee another thing and  you know, you have have one staff director and you also  you have prep for the hearings that they were asking these hearings and they avoid it, you cant have five minute clock say, five minutes, its going end.  Then you have able come back again with question and come back again.  And then, failed, you can come in, and whereby the members are briefed and really coordinated.  They have the questions and theyre able follow up. having select committee, youre not limited these five minutes.  Issa served committee that the member used bring little five-minute hourglass.  And theyd like this hearing, and they would like this.  Well, the witness will look the hourglass and know, keep talking and take you your five minutes, its over.   And you cant have five minutes. may take half hour bear in.   
And some members will specify what took place the annex.  Others will take what took place the consulate.  Others will take what weapons, where are they? there isnt any deadline.  Were just going continue push.   
And for all you, Judicial Watch and others, and all who have been helpful, very, very grateful because think you have made the difference. 
MR. FITTON:  Well, thank you. appreciate your leadership. those you the Internet and here, obviously, key step would encourage your member Congress support Congressman Wolfs efforts.  Its Res. 36, right? 
REP. WOLF:  Right.  Correct. 
MR. FITTON:  And theres another  there discharge petition associated with it? 
REP. WOLF:  There is, but the discharge petition not going  appreciate your reference, but theres been history members not signing petitions. why want all the way back three when are 171 now?  
MR. FITTON: the bill, the basic bill. 
REP. WOLF:  Thats it.  And get 200, can  mean, Mr. Boehner will have say, think this idea that has come. 
MR. FITTON:  Its like the rain.  You cant anything about it.  Its going happen.  Right.   
Well, thank you again, Congressman Wolf for your leadership this important issue and thank you, Chris Farrell Judicial Watch.  And thank you all who are attending and the Internet.   
And well keeping you updated the Benghazi scandal events warrant.  You can learn more about Frank Wolfs efforts his website 
REP. WOLF:  Wolf dot.  Dot Wolf.  Yes. 
MR. FITTON:  And Judicial Watch  Thank you very much again for your time this afternoon. 
REP. WOLF:  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)  Thank you.