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Judicial Watch • 1340 State 2 33 2012 2 copy

1340 State 2 33 2012 2 copy

1340 State 2 33 2012 2 copy

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Date Created:March 28, 2012

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United States Department State 
Washington, 20520 
MAR 2012 

Mr. John Althen 425 Third Street, Suite 800 
Washington, 20024 
RE: FOIA Case# 201104567 
ICE FOIA Case# 2012FOIA3472 
Dear Mr. Althen: 
Further reference made your June 2011, Freedom Information Act request the Department State behalf your client Tiffany Hartley. previous correspondence advised you that portions document number 018 had been referred another federal agency. The review this document the 
U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has now been completed. 
ICE has withheld portions this document based the provisions USC 552 )(6), )(7)(C), and )(7)(E). explanation exemptions enclosed. 
Under ICE regulations, you may appeal any denial information within days the date this letter writing to: U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement, 
Office Principal Legal Advisor, U.S. Department Homeland Security, 500 12th Street, SW, Stop 5009, Washington 20536-5009 following the procedure outlined the DHS regulations C.F.R.  5.9. Your envelope and letter should marked "FOIA Appeal." Copies the FOIA and DHS regulations are available you have questions regarding any State Department aspect this case, you should contact the Office Information Programs and Services (A/GIS/IPS), Department State, SA-2, Washington, 20522-8100. any communication, please refer the request number. 

William Terrini Deputy Executive Director Brueau Diplomatic Security 
Enclosures: Explanation Exemptions Document 
Sent: Sun Oct 12:03:59 2010 Subject: RE: CDG Intel Working Group Oct Good Morning, ABC News published article identifying two suspects the Hartey murder Falcon L.-lkP. SJsrects we;e mentioned Pedro Saldivar Farias and Jose Manuel Sc:ildiva; rarins. Email Mills, Patrick 
From: Hester, Stephen [St;;:>"ien..H-;ster@usdc; :;iov Sent: Sunday, Octobe 111, :n10 11:5E' To: Sarkin, Michael Sa"l-:'1ez, uel;i'1'">):: Mill. 1-'a1r;cK:; Cc: Mitchem. Carlos Heflin, Donald 
Subject: Re: CDG Intel Working Group Oct 
From: Barkin, Michae:  
To: Hester, Stephen Sanchez, Delfino Mills, Patrick  Cc: Mltchern, Carlos Heflin, Donald  
Sent: Sun Oct 12:49:55 2010 
Subject: RE: COG Intel Working Group Oct 
CCD shows 10-year BBC/laser visa was issued Nuevo Laredo 2001 Juan Pedro Saldivar Farias (DOB 09/1/1983). Also same day, issuance visa Sandra Edith Saldivar Farias (DOB 08/14/1981 (Presumably sister). She reapplied for visa Matamoros 2006, claiming that the visa had been lost, and was denied 214(b). other Saldivar Farias's with nationality fVIEX are listed CCD. 
From: Hester, Stephen [] 
Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2010 11: 
To: Sanchez, Delfino Mills, Patrick Barkin, Michael Cc: tchem, Carlos 
Subject: Fw: CDG Intel Working Group Oct 
Maybe got his visa from your consulate. forwarding tnis RSO. 
The information has been passed FBI Laredo this morning with his full info including his address MX. 
(b)(G}. (b)t7)l: 
CSP Intelligence Officer 
U.S. Customs and Border Protection 
Laredo Field Office 
Brownsville Office 956) 546 (h)(fil. (b){7)c 
Cell (956) 4eg Fax# 956 574 
(h)(/Je (b)l1l). (h)( ')i; 111is sounds good. 
roup uper:v1sor 
lmm19rat1on Customs Enforcement Brownsville, Texas 
.,,.,"' "''''l'lr:   

b)(6). (b)(7)c 
Tt1ank you all for the quick response participate this mornings meeting. 
Thanl< vou. 
(b)(6), (b)(7)c 
U.S. lmm1grat1on and Customs Enforcement Assistant Special Agent Charge 
Brownsv.ille Texas 
(956) 542 956 592.